Setup and overview

Photo Jobs — Setup and overview

Photo Jobs streamlines the merging of multiple photo shoots, such as photographing different classes in a school, while offering the flexibility to adjust settings and track statistics across these assignments. It simplifies the entire process by offering customisable tools to tailor each workflow to specific needs, all conveniently accessible in one place, ensuring easy tracking of each session, regardless of subject.

For photographers, it automates many time-consuming tasks such as registering, uploading and organising photos, and sending emails and notifications. This automation frees up their time so they can focus on capturing the perfect moment.

For customers, it offers instant access to photos with a quick scan of a QR code or link, providing added control and security. Customers get exclusive access to their own galleries and can further protect their images with password protection.

Photo Jobs can be accessed from the Sales panel. To add a Photo Job, simply click on the Add button. A menu will appear for you to enter the necessary information as follows:

New photo job menu

Title: Enter the name of your photo job. This is for internal use only and will not be shown to your clients.
Photography type: Select the type of photoshoot.
Date of photo shoot: Enter the date of the photoshoot.
Start publishing: Specify when you want to start selling your photos.
End publishing: Specify when you would like to stop selling the photos.
Price list: Choose the price list to apply to the galleries within this Photo Job.
Optional: Price list for group photos: If needed, select a different price list to be applied to group photos when applicable.
Promotion: Optionally set a promotion for the photo job. See the Promotions article for more information.
E-mail workflow: Select an email workflow that you’ve previously set up in the Sales Panel. See the Email Workflow article for more information.

Once you have filled in all the necessary details, click on Continue to proceed.

New photo job options

A menu will appear, offering various options to proceed with your Photo job:
Use online registration: Participants can automatically register via an online form before the photo shoot. This includes signing the data protection and privacy agreement. QR cards are automatically created for each registered participant. For more information read the Online Registration article.
QR code blank cards: QR cards will be generated for each participant, containing a privacy agreement that participants will need to sign before the photo shoot. You will need to print these QR cards, photograph them with the participants and upload them to automatically sort the images and create individual galleries for each participant. For more information read the QR code Blank Cards article.
Import via CSV: If you already have an attendee list, you can import a CSV file to automatically create galleries for each participant. Note that GDPR compliance must be handled manually for each participant. For more information read the Import via CSV article.
Use manual sorting: The entire process is done manually without QR cards. GDPR compliance for each participant will also need to be managed manually. For more information read the Manual Sorting article.

Once you have chosen your preferred option and completed the necessary steps, the Photo Job created will appear in the menu alongside your other photo jobs. This gives you a quick overview of all your photo jobs in a table format with relevant information.

Photo Job menu

You can use the search box at the top right to find a photo job by name. Clicking on any photo job within the tab or clicking on the wrench icon will open it, allowing you to manage and check all its details.

Inside Photo Job

In the right column, you will find several buttons to manage various aspects within each Photo Job, as follows:

General: This section allows you to access and manage all the settings and groups created in the Photo Job. For more information read the General menu article.
Customers: Allows you to manage and review the contacts associated with the Photo Job. For more information read the Customer menu article.
Participants: This section contains all the information about the people to be photographed. For more information read the Participants article.
Orders: Here you will find all the orders placed within the photo job. For more information read the Orders article.
QR codes: This menu provides access to the download of the QR cards for the different galleries associated with the photo job. For more information read the QR Codes article.

Galleries and Photo Jobs

Once a Photo job is configured and groups are created, a corresponding gallery is automatically created in the Gallery menu. This gallery will always be linked to the respective group and photo job. You can access the gallery either from the Gallery menu or directly from the Photo job by selecting the appropriate group.For more information, see the Workflow — Step-by-step guide article.