CSV Import

CSV Import

This feature proves useful when you already have a CSV file containing participant details. It allows you to import all contacts directly into the system, organizing them within their respective groups.

CSV Import option

1. GDPR confirmation

It is important to us that you have taken care of the GDPR. Therefore, you must confirm that you have obtained the GDPR from all participants before you can use this option. Please confirm this by clicking Continue.

2. Import CSV

Upon selecting this option, an empty table appears with columns representing the data that can be imported. In the top right corner, you’ll find:
Clear list: Deletes all the data entered.
Upload CSV file: Allows you to select the CSV file containing all the participant data to be imported.
Download sample files: Download a sample CSV file for reference, showing the order in which data should be entered.

Once your CSV file is ready, click on Upload CSV file and select the file. The table will automatically be filled in with the information. You can change or add information by clicking on the wrench icon on each row.

Table with information added

After ensuring all details are accurate, click on the Import participants button at the bottom right.

3. Check Photo Job

The Photo Job will open with the groups automatically created, including all the participants within each group.

Photo Job created with CSV import

You can add a new group by entering its name in the New group box at the top and clicking the Add button.

The right column shows all the menus within the Photo Job. By default, the General menu appears, allowing you to adjust the Photo Job settings. For more details, see the General menu article.

4. Photo Shooting

On the day of the photo shoot, you will have already registered all the participants. For the photo shoot, you can now print out the QR codes with contacts or take them with you on your smartphone.
To allow automatic sorting you must first take a photo to the QR code and then the corresponding participant.

To download the QR card for the photo shoot, click on the QR codes button on the right-hand side. For more information read the QR Codes article.

After photographing the participant, you will need to hand the QR Card to them to allow access to their gallery once it is created.

5. After the photo shooting day

After the shoot day, you will need to upload each participant’s QR code photo along with the selected photos you wish to share or sell. For more information on the next steps and features, please read the Workflow — Step-by-step guide article.


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