Photo Job – Workflow guide

Photo Job – Workflow guide

Once a Photo Jobs is created and configured, you need to follow these steps to ensure an optimal workflow:

1. Online registration

You can activate Online Registration to allow participants to easily register online before the photo shoot. This will automatically collect all their contact details. See the Online Registration article article for more information.

2. Print the QR Codes

To take advantage of automatic sorting and create all your galleries at once with a single click, download and print the QR codes. Access them within the Photo Job by clicking on the QR codes button in the right column. For more information, see the QR Codes article.

3. Photo shoot

If participants are not yet registered, provide them with a QR card, either printed or digital, so they can access their gallery later by scanning the QR code or following the link provided. Remember that consent from the participant or legal contact is required before the photo shoot. Therefore, non-registered participants will need to sign them. Blank QR cards include a consent form for each participant to sign.
At the start of the photoshoot, make sure to photograph each QR code first, followed by pictures of the corresponding person, to ensure automatic sorting when uploading.

4. Upload

Once the photos have been taken, the next step is to upload them to each group within the Photo Job. Note than, when a group is created in a Photo Job, an empty gallery is automatically created. There are two ways to access this gallery:
1.From the Galleries menu: All your galleries are listed here. Each group gallery is labelled with the name of the Photo Job, followed by the name of the group.
2.From the Photo Jobs menu: Click on the group name or the wrench icon to open the corresponding empty gallery.
Empty gallery

To upload images you can either click on the + Add button and Add images, click on the Add images button in the middle of the gallery or drag and drop the photos directly there. Note that you must first upload the QR code, followed by the photos associated with that specific QR code, in order to use the automatic sorting. QR codes are automatically detected for sorting purposes and are not visible to end users in the published gallery.
Note that if a QR code has already been generated for the common galleries, the tab with the corresponding empty common gallery will appear. Common galleries that already have a QR Code can also be automatically sorted by uploading the QR Code image first, followed by the photos to be included in that shared gallery.

Gallery with photos unsorted

5. Sort

Once the images have been uploaded, you'll notice a Start sorting automatically button in the top left corner. Clicking this will automatically sort the photos into galleries for each QR code generated, including within each gallery any photos taken after the QR photo.

Gallery with photos sorted

Assign QR code manually

If a QR Code is not detected automatically, you can assign it manually. Select the image you want to detect as a QR Code and click the Assign QR code to image button in the right column. This will bring up a menu where you can enter the QR Code to be associated. Once entered, click the OK button. The QR code will now be associated with the selected image.

Unsorted images

If an image hasn't been automatically sorted, you can manually add it to a created gallery. Select the image to display the functions in the right column. Click the Move to button and select the destination gallery where you'd like to place the image.

Image functions

6. Photo Job review

After uploading photos and creating galleries, it is recommended to review the gallery appearance and content to ensure everything is as desired.
You can access each gallery's shared link by clicking on the Open button in the top right hand corner of any gallery listed in the group gallery, or within an individual gallery in the right column.

Style and appearance

The Style and appearance of all galleries within a Photo Job are configured in the Photo job settings. This can be found in the General menu of the photo job. See the General menu article for more information.

Photo Job menu

Modify gallery photos

Once a gallery has been created, you have the flexibility to upload more photos, delete existing ones or rearrange their order.
Access the gallery by clicking on the Edit button to the right. Within the gallery, you can add more images by selecting the add button at the top left.
When you select a photo within the gallery, various options will appear in the right column, including Delete, Move to or Copy. See the Image settings section for more information.

Move a gallery

It is possible to move a gallery from one group to another within the same Photo Job. To do this, access the gallery you wish to move. In the right column you will find a Move gallery button. Click on it to display a menu with all the groups already created in the same Photo Job. Select the destination group you want to move and click the Move gallery button.

Delete a group or Gallery

You can delete a gallery or group by clicking on the Photo job settings of the specific gallery or group you wish to delete and clicking on the bin button in the top right corner. Please note that this will permanently remove all uploaded data and once deleted cannot be recovered.

7. Publish and sell

When setting up the Photo Job, you have the option of specifying a publishing date and selecting a price list for all groups and galleries associated with it. Galleries within the Photo Job are automatically published based on the configured date and price list. See the Photo Jobs — Setup and overview article for more information.
If these settings need to be adjusted or were not initially configured, you can change them in the Photo job settings section within the General. See the General menu article for more information.
Galleries will automatically stop publishing on the specified end date. However, if you wish to manually unpublish them, click the Stop publishing button in the right column of the published gallery.
Note that all galleries within the Photo Job will be affected.

Individual gallery settings

If you want individual settings for a particular gallery or group, you can deactivate the inherited settings.
Access the desired group or gallery and click the Group settings button. Deselect the Inherit photo job settings button to display all options. Select the desired one for the specific gallery/group and save the changes. Note that Style and appearance is always inherited from the parent Photo Job.

Inherit Photo Job settings deactivated

8. Archive

Once the Photo Job is complete and the galleries are no longer published, you can archive them by clicking on the Archive. This means that all galleries within the Photo Job will no longer be available to customers. However, any groups and galleries created will still be stored in your account. You can unarchive them by selecting the Photo Job and clicking the Reactivate button in the right column.