Online Registration

Online Registration

This option streamlines the creation of contacts/participants through a user-friendly online registration form. You can select this option when setting up your Photo Job and click Continue.

Online Photo Job selector

1. Create groups

A menu for creating groups (e.g. classes) will appear. Enter the group names in the Group name box. To add more groups, click Add, which will generate another Group name box. Groups can be deleted by selecting the bin icon. At least one group is required to create a Photo Job. Once done, click Continue.

Group creation

2. Configure online registration

Next, configure the online registration settings as follows:
Online registration deadline: Set the deadline for registration.
Open registration page: Open the registration page for review.
Copy registration link: Copy the link to the registration page for distribution or review.

Settings for online registration

Optionally, you can create an information sheet to promote the photo shoot day. This will include a QR for easy access for participants to register, as well as the link. It will also contain personal information about you that is already in your profile. You can also personalise it:
Title: Name of your photo shoot.
Description: You can include important details such as the date of the event.
Download (PDF): Download the registration information sheet for printing and distribution.

Information sheet PDF

Type of photos: By ticking the appropriate box, you can enable different types of photos for participants to choose. This allows each participant to decide before the photo session what kind of photos should be taken of them.

Once the settings are completed, click on Continue.

3. Check Photo Job

School photo job menu

The Photo Job created will open as configured. If you wish, you can create a new group by entering the name in the New group box at the top and clicking the Add button. You can change the Photo Job settings in the right column under the General menu. For more information read the General menu article.

4. Registration

Participants must register for the photo shoot before the day of the shoot. You will need to ensure that they have access to the online registration link. You can find this within the Photo job settings.
The registration page will collect personal information about each contact, such as name, email and phone. They will then need to enter the participant’s name and select the group or class they belong to. Each contact can have more than one participant by clicking on Add another participant. This can be very useful for school photo shoots, for example, where parents can register more than one child if necessary. Each participant must select the type of photos activated in the settings, such as group photos.


Online registration includes a privacy and data protection agreement that contacts must agree to before registering. Once complete, they will need to click on Register now. A confirmation message will appear informing the contact that registration has been successful and that they will be notified when the images are available.

Registration confirmed

The contact is automatically created and accessible in the Photo Job with the corresponding group. You can access the contacts created in the Photo Job by clicking on the Customer button in the right menu. For more information read the Customer menu article.

Registered participants can be accessed by clicking on the Participants button. For more information read the Participants menu article.

Photo job published with contacts

5. Photo shooting day

On the day of the photo shoot, you will already have a registration of all participants. An individual gallery has already been created for each participant. For the photo shoot, you can now print out the QR codes or take them with you on your smartphone and first photograph the QR code and then the corresponding participant. After the photo shoot, you can upload all the photos including the QR codes and they will be automatically sorted into the correct galleries.
To download the QR card for the photo shoot, click on the QR codes button on the right-hand side. For more information read the QR Codes menu article.

6. After photo shooting day

Once the photo shooting day is over, all you need to do is upload each participant’s QR code photo along with the selected photos you want to share/sell. For more information on the next steps and features, please read the Workflow — Step-by-step guide article.