Customer menu

Customer menu

Here you will find a curated list of all customers who have registered in any of the groups within the Photo Job. To access this menu, click on the Customer button located in the right column within a Photo Job. Detailed information is displayed in a table as follows:

Customer Menu within Photo Job

Date: Displays the date the customer registered.
Full name: Displays the full name entered by the customer.
Participant: Indicates the name of the participant associated with the customer.
Gallery: Indicates the group to which the customer has registered, which is linked to a gallery. Clicking on this will open the relevant gallery.
Galleries (QR code): Shows the individual QR gallery associated with the customer. Clicking opens the individual gallery.
E-mail: Displays the customer's email address.
Type: Displays the type of registration.
ZIP code: Displays the postcode entered by the customer.
City: Displays the customer's city, if specified by the customer.
On the right column you will find the functions as follows:
Download CSV file: Allows you to download a CSV file containing all the registered contacts.
Clicking on the wrench icon brings up a menu with all the contact information about the customer. Here you can modify it, add additional information, and add the customer to a contact group if you wish.

Customer Contact information

Group Customer menu

When accessing the Customer Menu from within a group inside a Photo Job, the information displayed will be slightly different, focusing only on that specific group. In this case, the Participant, Galleries (QR code), E-mail and Type fields will not be displayed. Instead, additional information and functions will be available:
Contact group: Displays the contact group to which the customer belongs, if any.
Total: Displays the total amount spent by the customer.
Clicking on the wrench icon will open the gallery related to the customer.

Customer Menu within a Group

On the right column you will also find additional funcitons:
Attach to contact group: Allows you to add the contacts to an existing group.
Create contact group: Allows you to add the contact to a new contact group.