E-mail workflow

Email workflow

It is possible to create email workflows that automatically send the emails / content you want to the customer. We have pre-built email templates that you can use, or you can create your own email workflows.

You can use these to send an email on various triggers, such as when the gallery is published, announcing a promotion, or sending a reminder before a gallery is archived or a promotion ends.

This should help keep your customers informed and also motivate you to make more sales.

Use an e-mail workflow template

Email workflow menu

To create a new email workflow, open the Email workflow within the Sales Panel. A template is available for you to use. Clicking on it will display the emails within that workflow.

Template workflow

To create a new workflow using this as a template, click on the Duplicate button in the right column. You’ll then need to give the duplicate a new title and click on Continue. A copy of the template, including the emails, will then appear in the Email Workflow menu, where you can edit the email to suit your needs.

Create an e-mail workflow

To create a new workflow, click the Add button from the Email Workflow menu and enter a Title for your new email workflow, which will only be visible to you. When you are finished, click Continue. A new blank Email Workflow menu will appear. A column on the right displays information about the last save date and functions such as Delete and Rename.

Empty email workflow

Create an Email inside a workflow

Once in an email workflow, click on Add to create and configure your email.

Trigger: Choose what event will trigger the email. Options are:

  • Start selling date, emails are sent based on the gallery’s start selling date.
  • End selling date, emails will be sent based on the gallery’s end selling date.
  • After registration, an email will be sent immediately after the customer has registered. (it depends on how you configure it)
  • After an order, emails will be triggered when an order is placed according to the rule and days set.
  • Added a product to the shopping basket, emails will be triggered when a product is added to the shopping basket, according to the defined rules and days set.
  • Promotion expires, email will be sent based on the expiry date of the promotion.

Rule: Decide when to send the email in relation to the trigger. You can choose from Instant, Days before or Days after.
Days: Specify the number of days that the rule will apply. For example, if the trigger is Start Selling, the rule is Days after and you enter 3 days, the email will be sent 3 days after the start of the sale.
Send time: Specify the sending time of the email.

Filter receiver: Here you can choose between:

  • All to send the email to all your customers regardless of their order.
  • Ordered to send the email only to customers who have placed an order.
  • Not Ordered to send the email to customers who haven’t placed an order yet.

Subject: Enter the subject of your email.
Message: Create the body of your email. You can customize the text style, add paragraphs, links and images as required.
Send test e-mail: Before finalizing, send a test email to check the look and feel and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the result meets your expectations.
Email workflow sample

Once configured, click Save. Your new email will appear in the email workflow menu you have created, showing the main rules for a quick overview. You can add as many emails as you need.

School email workflow

If you need to make changes to the email, click the wrench icon to open the Edit Email menu. From here you can also delete the email by clicking the bin button in the top right-hand corner.

Use email workflow

To activate an email workflow in a Gallery or QR Gallery, go to the Galleries menu and access the Gallery Settings of the desired Gallery.

Gallery settings

Within the Gallery Settings, locate and select your preferred workflow from the Email Workflow box. Click Save to save your changes. As a result, clients will automatically receive the template email from the selected workflow according to the set configuration.