Manual sorting

Manual sorting

This option is ideal for situations where you have already photographed participants without QR code cards. If you choose this option, you must have taken care of the GDPR before the photo shoot and can then set key images and activate automatic sorting. You must then manually grant each customer access to the gallery so that they can access the gallery.

Manual sorting option

1. General Data Protection Regulation

It is important to us that you have taken care of the GDPR. Therefore, you must confirm that you have obtained the GDPR from all participants before you can use this option. Please confirm this by clicking Continue.

2. Create Groups

If you start with this option, you will have an empty photo job and will need to create groups first. To create a group, enter the desired group name in the New group field and click add. You can add as many groups as you need.

Groups created

3. Upload images

Enter the Group Gallery by clicking on its name or the wrench icon. Once in the Group Gallery, upload the images that correspond to the group. To add a photo, click on the add blue button in the top left corner, select Add images and choose the location where the photos are stored. Please make sure that all of each participant’s photos are uploaded together to avoid mixing up the photos.

Images uploaded

4. Sort

For the sorting to work correctly, you must mark each first image from the new shoot as a key image in the first step.

You always select the first image from a new setup, e.g. a new participant. You can select multiple images via Select multiple. Detailed information about the selected image will appear in the right column, along with the Mark as key image button. Click this button to designate the selected image as the key image. When sorting automatically, all photos following the key image will be included in the same gallery. It’s crucial to ensure that all subsequent photos belong to the same participant.

Image selected to be key image

Once all the key images have been set for each participant in the group, click on the Start sorting automatically button in the top left corner. This will automatically sort the photos into galleries based on the set key images, including any photos uploaded after the key image.

Images sorted

5. Settings and Check

Keep in mind that all galleries created within a group inherit settings from the Photo Job, which can be found in the General menu of the Photo Job. For more information read the General menu article.

It’s recommended to review the appearance and content of each gallery to ensure they meet your expectations. If necessary, you can make adjustments such as moving images between galleries, uploading additional photos, or making changes to the gallery content. See the Photo Job — Workflow guide article for more information.

6. Contact customers

Once the galleries have been created, you’ll need to contact customers and provide them with the gallery link. You can easily do this by downloading the Cards with Images from the QR Codes menu. This will generate a PDF with QR codes for each gallery, along with sample photos and a link. For more information read the QR Codes article.