What are the ICC profiles?

An ICC profile (International Color Consortium) ensures uniform and comparable colour profiles. The ICC profile is device-independent and at Saal Digital, we work with ICC compliant colour management. Embed colour profiles in your files are recognised and considered during the printing or developing process.

ICC profiles available for download

Our ICC profile is intended exclusively for screen proofing in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Under no circumstances should the profile be embedded in the file. There are separate ICC profiles for each material or finish. In the following table you will find the specifications as well as the corresponding download files.

Information on ICC Profile Configuration

Soft proofing in Photoshop
Soft proofing in Lightroom

ICC profilesColor spacePreserve CMYK NumbersPreserve RGB NumbersRendering IntentBlack Point CompensationSimulate Paper Color
PhotobooksPhotobook_glossyRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Photobook_matteRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Photobook_HighEnd_print_matteCMYKdeactivate-Relative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Photobooks Professional LineAcrylic glassCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Photobook_glossyRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Photobook_matteRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Photobook_HighEnd_print_matteCMYKdeactivate-Relative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Portfolio AlbumArt LineCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Photo prints, stickers, Portfolio AlbumGlossy_Matte_Silk/PortraitRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivateactivate
SoftTouch matteCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivateactivate
Art LineCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Photo BricksPhoto BricksCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
PostersPoster_glossyRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Poster_matteRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Poster_silkRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
FineArt posters and FineArt printsFineArt_BarytaRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
FineArt_PhotoRagRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
FineArt German EtchingRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Monthly, birthday and table calendarsCalendar photo paper glossyRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Calendar matte photo paperRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Calendar Portrait/Silk photo paperRGB-deactivateRelative colormetricactivatedeactivate
Calendars art printCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Calendars six-colour printingCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Cards, mini leporellos and business cardsPaper_classicCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Photo booklets, photo flips, flyersSaalDigital_premium paperCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Wall decors and photo plaquesAcrylic glassCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Metal Print / Metallic FrameCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Brushed Metal PrintCMYKdeactivate-Relative colormetricactivatedeactivate
PVC foamboardCMYKdeactivate-Perceptualactivatedeactivate
Photo canvasCMYKdeactivate-Relative colormetricactivatedeactivate
 Download all profiles

Easily manage the colours

Colour management

Saal Digital works with ICC-compatible colour management. No changes or unwished optimization will be done to your files.In this way, the images will be printed exactly the way you want. Here you can find more informations.

In order to achieve the best printing result, we recommend calibrating your monitor.

Colour management set-up

Please make sure that there is enough light in the room. The brightness and colour temperature should be kept constant and reproducible if possible. Ideally, it should be a glare-free and shuttered room, not affected by the changing daylight.

Monitor set-up

  • Brightness: 90 - 120 cd/qm
  • Colour temperature: 5,000 Kelvin (D50)
  • Gamma value: 2.2

The monitor must be calibrated in order to display the right colours and brightness.

Monitor calibration with colourimeter

High-level professional colour management is not possible without the right hardware. Depending on the choice of provider and budget, there are plenty of options available. Some providers offer a colour measurement device with additional software with which you can create an ICC profile of your monitor. Such a device can be a good alternative to a new and expensive monitor.

Advantages of colour management

Print previews are optimised with the help of your preset monitor and our colour management — “What you see is what you get”. Ideally, this combination works so well that you will notice almost no difference between the display on the monitor and the actual photo product.

What can Saal Digital do for you?

Through repeated daily calibration, we assure that the profiled machines work within a small tolerance. The condition of the photochemical process will be checked daily in order to compensate for fluctuations before the photo quality is affected.

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