Brushed Metal Print

Brushed Metal Print

Brushed Metal Print

Technical specifications and product features

  • Surface: silver brushed Metal surface, material shimmers in bright areas of the pictures.
  • Material: Brushed Aluminium composite panel
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Side view: Black core
  • Weight: 3.82 kg/m²
  • Suitable for damp rooms and high temperatures: Yes
  • Suitable for the outdoors: Yes (temperature stability -50 to 80 °C)
  • Weather resistant: Yes
  • Durability: Min. 2 years (temperatures between -25 and 110 °C)
  • Fire Protection Class: B2 (flammable at a normal level) classified according to DIN 4102
  • Production process: UV direct printing

Brushed surface

The Brushed Metal Print has a horizontally brushed surface. No white is used in the printing process, so that the silver surface shines through in all parts of the image that have either no colour or a very light colour. The silver surface will be relatively clearly visible in bright areas up to a white tone of approx. R 240 / G 240 / B 240. The more colour is applied, the more the effect fades slightly. The colour is noticed from about 3-5%, and printing is possible starting from 1%.

ICC Profile

  • Colour space: CMYK
  • Preserve CMYK Numbers: Deactivate
  • Rendering Intent: Relative colorimetric
  • Black Point Compensation: Activate
  • Simulate Paper Colour: Deactivate
  • Download ICC Profile

Cleaning Advice

You can use a damp or dry microfiber cloth to clean this surface. Please, apply minimal pressure in order to avoid scratches.

Available in the following products

This product is available for Wall Art, Photo Plaques and Professional Line Photo Books.

Discover the surface in our product video