Acrylic glass

Acrylic glass

Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish®


PVC foamboard

PVC foamboard



Artist canvas

artist canvas

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Alternatively, we also provide a direct-upload function. 

*£15 welcome voucher for wall decors. Valid till 30/04/2017. Minimum order value £30. Shipping costs are not included. Not to be combined with any other special offers or vouchers. Redeemable only once.

Always the right choice: select one of our popular sizes or try out a custom size

Wandbilder in individuellen Abmessungen

The exact size you need

Saal Digital provides now more individuality for wall decors. In addition to the wide selection of standard sizes, it is now possible to adjust the size (length and width) of your acrylic, Alu-Dibond, Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish, PVC foamboard print as well as GalleryPrint exactly according to your needs.

Custom sizes for wall decors

Here is an overview of the minimium and maximum sizes of each wall decor:

  • Alu-Dibond: 10 x 15 cm to 110 x 240 cm
  • Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish®: 10 x 15 cm to 110 x 200 cm
  • Acrylic glass: 10 x 15 cm to 50 x 100 cm
  • PVC foamboard: 10 x 15 cm to 110 x 240 cm
  • GalleryPrint: 10 x 15 cm to 100 x 200 cm

An overview of all wall decors

  Alu-Dibond Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish PVC Foamboard Acrylic Glass GalleryPrint Artist Canvas
Sizes in cm 10 x 15 to 110 x 240 10 x 15 to 110 x 200 10 x 15 to 110 x 240 10 x 15 to 50 x 100 10 x 15 to 100 x 200 20 x 30 to 120 x 120
Prices without wall mounting Starting at £6.95 Starting at £7.95 Starting at £5.95 Starting at £9.95 Starting at £12.95 Starting at £19.00
Type of wall mounting Standard mounting, aluminium profile subframe and stand-offs available i Standard mounting, aluminium profile subframe and stand-offs available i Standard mounting, aluminium profile subframe and stand-offs available i Standard mounting, aluminium profile subframe and stand-offs available i Standard mounting, aluminium profile subframe and stand-offs available i -
Thickness / Depth 3 mm 3 mm 5 mm, 10 mm 5 mm, 10 mm 5 mm 20 mm
Custom size -
Welcome voucher i
Ordering process Software, Online Software, Online Software, Online Software, Online Software, Online Software, Online
Design possibilities Yes, Software Yes, Software Yes, Software Yes, Software Yes, Software Yes, Software
Suited for indoors
Suited for outdoors i
Suited for humid environment
Washable - - i
Weather resistant - - -
UV resistant
Bend strength
Printing process UV direct printing UV direct printing UV direct printing UV direct printing UV direct printing High-end Latex printing
ICC profile ?
Included in sample set i i
Turnaround i 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days
Shipping costs £5.95/£9.95 £5.95/£9.95 £5.95/£9.95 £5.95/£9.95 £5.95/£9.95 £5.95/£9.95

Different mounting solutions for your wall decors

Aluminum Sub frame

Aluminium Subframe

The aluminium subframe is pre-fixed on the back of the wall decor. With about 1 cm space to the wall, it seems that the wall decoration is floating in the air.

  • Not visible from the front
  • Available for all sizes
  • For indoor use only
  • Pre-mounted on wall decors
  • Nails or screws for hanging are not included
  • Further Details and Assembly
Standard mounting

Standard mounting

Our standard mounting can be easily attached to the back of the wall decorations.

  • not visible from the front
  • standard mounting including spacers
  • for indoor use only
  • available only for specific wall decoration formats
  • Further Details and Assembly


The corresponding pilot holes are already included so that the screws are only attached to the picture by you

  • The standoffs are not pre-mounted.
  • The heads of the standoffs are visible from the front.
  • Available for select sizes
  • Further Details and Assembly

Sample set for wall decors

Sample set - wall decors

Discover the different materials available for wall decors by ordering a sample set for £15. Together with the sample set, you will also receive a £15 voucher, which can be redeemed for your next order. In this way, the sample set is actually for free.

Order sample set now!

Compare the differences of the materials as well as the printing quality in order to find out the best one for your photos. The following samples in the size of 10 x 10 cm are included:

  • Alu-Dibond 3 mm
  • Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish 3 mm
  • PVC foamboard 5 mm
  • Acrylic glass 5 mm
  • Artist canvas
  • GalleryPrint glossy and matte

Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction with our products and service is the key component of our mission statement.

Therefore we guarantee:

  • high-quality photo products
  • ready for delivery in 1-2 working days as a rule
  • secure payment with PayPal or credit card
  • without detours, directly from Saal Digital
  • all photo products without logos

If you are not satisfied with the photobook, it is our pleasure to help you solve the problem. We will do our best to find a satisfactory solution that meets your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat.

Customer Reviews

DARREN on 27.04.2017
I am so very pleased with my Canvas. This is a very important photo to me, and when I ordered it I was a bit apprehensive. Well I needn't have been, the quality of the canvas is 100%, really clear and crisp. The delivery time was very quick and in fact arrived 2 days before the estimated delivery date. I will definitely use Saal-Digital when ordering my next canvas. A very happy customer indeed. Thank you
Customer review from 27.04.2017
I love taking photos and when my friend forwarded me details of saal-digital looking for people for a product trial I jumped at the chance. I was chosen to trial a product and was sent a £50 voucher towards the cost of wall art-instead of having one picture done, I went for 3. It was easy, the hard part was choosing the photos! I downloaded the free software, uploaded my photos and waited excitedly. When they arrived a few days later I was not disappointed, my photos look beautiful. The quality is superb and I am more than happy with the results. Thank you for the opportunity to trial your Company, I will definitely use you again and I will recommend your Company to my friends and family
Ray on 26.04.2017
I am an amateur photographer.... But beginning to gain in confidence... I have a photo book and a brushed aluminium large black and white from you guys. Both are of excellent quality and hopefully soon I will be ordering stuff for clients from you. I am chuffed to bits.... Everyone without exception be it at home, evening class or work has been do impressed by your quality products.
Newmage on 25.04.2017
I have no doubt in your ability to produced excellent print. I was highly impressed with my first phonebook and I am sure this will come out well too. Will always use your services. Thank you for the free voucher.
cheryl on 24.04.2017
Review taken from my Facebook page @cherylforemanphotography Super excited! i have just opened a package that came today...i have been looking forward to receiving it. I had the opportunity to review a wall art canvas print from I was a little sceptical but I have to say, from uploading my image to receiving the finished piece of art I am very impressed. I have used other professional online printing companies and have been satisfied with the service and product, however the quality of both product and service from Saal Digital was outstanding. The software was very easy to use and I was kept up to date with the progress of my print via email. When i opened the package today I was very pleased with my canvas. I will definitely be using Saal again and I am confident to recommend and use this printing company for my photography clients.
Customer review from 24.04.2017
I received my new print on PVC foamboard. Having used Saal before I was expecting the best quality and am pleased to say I was not disappointed. The clarity and colour are superb. The software as always is straightforward to use, from deciding the type of project, to uploading images and customizing the layout. Definitely recommended.
Matthew on 24.04.2017
I am absolutely amazed with the quality of the finished product and the speed and ease of use of the software. The colours are bright and the finish makes them really pop. The image is sharp and has all the details. I will be using Saal digital again
Customer review from 24.04.2017
I trust saal-digital to deliver a quality print as before. I have it used it before and no doubt, I will continue to use it. Very impressed with all my orders so far. Thank you.
Steve on 21.04.2017
Couldn't be happier with my photo, and the brushed metal finish compliments my subject so well. Big thanks folk.
Customer review from 20.04.2017
I received my Alu-Dibond 40 x 50 print quickly and it was well packaged and the quality of the print is exceptional, the software was easy to use and my order was uploaded quickly, I would highly recommend you try saal digital, I have had photo albums from them which again have been of a high quality and quick delivery, I have now ordered further print items from saal and am looking forward to seeing them
Jason on 20.04.2017
I received my wonderful wall decor last week and was over the moon when I opened the packaging and saw my artwork. The quality of the print was excellent and the fact that Saal includes a standard hanging bracket and rubber spacers is such attention to detail. The packaging was great and provided more than enough protection. With this order, I used their online artwork upload and designer which was a breeze to use, and the whole process from order to delivery was super efficient. I am super impressed and have mentioned Saal to my artist and photographer friends and contacts and I will be using them in the future for my photographic art. If you want a super easy and professional product to show off your photos and artwork I highly recommend that you use Saal Digital.
Stephen on 20.04.2017
I have been aware of Saal-Digital, a Germany based print lab, for some time now; I often see advertisements on social media, and have looked through their website and product range quite seriously in the past few months. I've always been very particular about how I envision a finished product, and as a result I'm constantly on the lookout for the very finest products and labs to work with. Saal-Digital claims that it's photo products are of the highest quality, and after seeing a promotional offer in the form of a discount voucher in exchange for an honest review, I decided to purchase a piece of wall decor. The ordering process was surprisingly simple: the image (or images) is processed as usual through whichever software you generally use. After finalising the image Saal-Digital prompts the customer to download ICC profiles to softproof the image to assure the colour is true to your vision in print form. The image can then be either uploaded online for order, or software can be downloaded onto your own desktop for ease. All that the customer needs to do is select their product, size, and fittings and finish, before finalising payment. The only potential issue that i found with the ordering process was the clarity over units; as a customer based in a country that generally uses Imperial units as standard for measuring photos and frames I was very careful about making myself aware of the system used by Saal-Digital. A less careful customer might have assumed that they too worked in Imperial and been disappointed upon the realisation that that was not the case. The delivery was very satisfactory in terms of time: the product was delivered within five days of placing the order. I was slightly concerned with the packaging however; a cardboard envelope may well be sufficient protection in most cases, but for a delicate order, such as a Saal-Digital deals with, an accident in transit, or an inconsiderate handler at some point during the shipment, could prove damaging and costly. The product itself is incredible. I ordered an 8x12 Gallery Print, and could not be happier with it. The colour is true to the digital file, and is very radiant in print form. The acrylic was clean with no trace of prior handling which shows the pride and care that Saal-Digital take in their production. The edges of both acrylic and di-bond are clean and straight, with no imperfections at all. I can't fault the product. So Saal-Digital have indeed delivered on their claim; they have proven that their product is of the highest quality. I have done a fair amount of research in the recent past and can say with confidence that Saal-Digital is numbered amongst the best of print labs that I have come across.
Customer review from 18.04.2017
Arrived quickly and was excellent quality, with some minor flaws on the finishing of the acrylic around the edges. Not visible from the front, and a minor imperfection.
Lisa on 16.04.2017
I thought that the offer of a voucher towards a product from your Wall Decor range was too good not to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! The software was quick to download and install and easy to use. The options for the finished product were also very good. The order and payment process was quick and easy. The communication emails were excellent and kept me updated on my order. My canvas arrived in five days which was very quick. It was extremely well packaged. The quality of the frame is very good and the canvas quality is lovely. My print looks fantastic and is now a lovely centre piece for my living room. Thank you very much. I have already recommended Saal Digital and will use you again!
Customer review from 15.04.2017
I was very Impressed with the professionalism of the saal setup. However, I'm not sure why you need to download their "product maker" as other companies allow you to upload and edit photos through websites. But, their system was v easy to use. I opted for a canvas print. I wish they had different options (i.e. thickness of canvas, special coating etc) like other companies do. I like a chunky canvas and the only option was a thin one. However, ordering was v easy and I was kept up to date with production & delivery. The canvas arrived with 5 days and was v well packaged. The finished item looks great. I would definitely recommend saal but would be great if they added additional options to their choice of canvas
Chris on 14.04.2017
Very happy with the product, software and service. The downloadabke software was easy to use. The dispatch and receipt time from order was extremely good (4 days). The item was extremely well packaged and the item itself - a 60 cm x 40cm acrylic was artfully rendered. I am happy to recommend this company.
martin on 13.04.2017
i have jst received my order and I am over the moon with it I can not beleave how great it is I will be recommending you to all my family an friends . thank you very much Saal didital ..
Customer review from 13.04.2017
Ordered a 40x20 cm acrylic "wall decor" print om Monday and it arrived on Wednesday!!! I'm amazed at the service as it came from outside the UK. The quality is superb and a true representation of the image I uploaded. The system was easy to download and use and ordering was simple. It was made even better by the £50 voucher too. Thanks to all at Saal Digital; I can't thank you enough! Great product, great service! Now for the photobook!
Samuel on 13.04.2017
Fantastic products with an exceptionally high level of finish. Great software to upload and design my wall decor. Cant wait for it to be delivered now
Peter on 12.04.2017
WOW! Is all I can say There are companies that print your images and there are companies that really excel at printing images. Saal Digital are most assuredly the latter group. This company has been absolutely fantastic - from very first contact. After filling in a simple form with my details online, the voucher for my trial order arrived quickly. Downloading the software was so easy as was using it too. The website was really easy to navigate, with a great choice of products - and even better, a very reasonable price in my opinion, particularly now I have seen the quality for myself! The notification of despatch came within a day and then its a waiting game with the postal services - amazingly it has only taken approx. 5 days all the way from Germany! The outer packaging is excellent, everything was in its own packing and it is all recyclable too! My wall decor looks stunning and finished to perfection. I love my items and am so glad I liked on your link. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends and will certainly be using you again. Here's to a long and happy association with Saal-Digital and thank you so very much for the voucher :)
Louise on 12.04.2017
I was extremely pleased with my wall decor. I ordered the alubond finish and didn't notice it is a matte finish. I was expecting glossy for some reason and was initially disappointed, however, this was completely my fault and once I got over the shock I really began to like it. Saal have offered to give me another voucher so I can get another in the shiny finish. The web site I found reasonably easy to use. Communication and delivery were second to none. I will definitely use the company again.
Customer review from 11.04.2017
Wow, what an amazing company and what an amazing product, I chose the Wall Decor Alu Dibond for my Black and White print and the quality of the image on this medium is beautiful, I will be using Saal-Digital again and I can't thank them enough for their speedy delivery, secure packaging, excellent customer service, easy to use website and of course their awesome product. Thank you
Leigh on 10.04.2017
The quality of the item received which was a canvas and the service received was superb, the only fault I have is a few spelling mistakes in the app. I would be more than happy to screenshot and show you what i found, all the best and thank you for your product.
Maggie on 09.04.2017
I'm delighted with the canvas print I have just received from Saal. Every part of the process has been excellent. The software was very easy to use and the delivery impressively speedy. The quality of the print is fabulous. I can't fault any aspect - even the customer service was friendly and efficient. Thank you!
Stuart on 09.04.2017
Opted for the Alu Dubond Butlerfinish print for one of my B&W images and wasn't disappointed. Very fast delivery and top notch quality as expected. Well done and I look forward to doing more business again.
Customer review from 08.04.2017
Software and website really understanding and easy to use, can't wait to see the results of the picture when it arrives, thanks for the voucher too! very happy!
Customer review from 08.04.2017
Just received my beautiful canvas print from saal-digital, absolutely beautiful colours, well finished, perfectly packed, and amazingly fast delivery, I only ordered it a few days ago . Pete Moyes
Customer review from 07.04.2017
Saal are a quality driven company. Every product I order and test has been excellent. The software is easy to use, even for a tech phobe like myself! I will always use them for prints, wall decors, photo books etc. as I've not encountered better.
Customer review from 06.04.2017
Recently ordered a large wall art and it arrived quickly and well packaged so despite holes in packaging the wall art was undamaged. Great easy to use software and good prices. Will use again
sebastian on 05.04.2017
I love your products , great quality and service, thanks again
Lynne on 05.04.2017
Very impressed with the quality of Wall Art. The finish and true representation of colours are amazing. I chose the Alu Dibond Butlerfinish and I am delighted with the result.
Oscar on 04.04.2017
Absolutely perfect, software could be portable but wall decor is 2nd to none!
Customer review from 04.04.2017
The quality is amazing , software is trustful,easy to use and clearly shows what you're going to get. Highly recommended, thank you Saal-digital.
Jonathan on 03.04.2017
Great website and user friendly software , the status updates letting the customer know and track the order from production to shipping then through delivery is simple but far so good , I can't wait to see the finished product !
Jason on 03.04.2017
I have found the service and quality to be excellent from Saal Digital.
Customer review from 31.03.2017
D O Pandurasu Photography March 17 at 11:38am · This is my second review for , which in my opinion is an amazing professional printing company. I've received my 60cm/90cm, 5mm pvc foamboard art wall decor and I am speechless. Perfect high quality details and colour. Thank you so much and I will continue to recommend your professional services. D O Pandurasu Photography
Customer review from 31.03.2017
I've always liked the idea of a ready to hang frame-less product so when the opportunity arose to try out a product from Saal Digital's "Wall Decor" range I jumped at the chance. I opted for their "Alu-Dibond" option - a 3mm thick aluminium composite panel - but didn't hold out much hope as I've always found large format prints in canvas form somewhat lacking when it comes to clarity and contrast. Nevertheless I placed the order (which was a very simple process) and waited for it to arrive... All I can say is - WOW. The depth of colour and clarity in all the little details is amazing, it's far surpassed my expectation. The fact you can see the grain in the beach huts is testament to the quality of print and I have no reservations in recommending Saal!
Customer review from 31.03.2017
An excellent print that has been delivered amazingly fast. Will look great on the wall.
Daniel on 30.03.2017
Quality is very good ,next time i would try calibrate profile to my monitor for better result,Thank You
Lesley on 29.03.2017
I took the opportunity to test a product at Saal Digital UK to try one of there products so I opted for the wall art. To purchase it I had to download the software which was so easy to use and clearly showed pricing as you picked the various sizes and mounting options. I opted for a 30cm x 45cm acrylic print which is 5mm thick with an aluminium sub-frame mouth to give it a floating look when mounted on the wall. From clicking to process the order through to delivery was an extremely quick process and the quality is absolutely amazing. I was very happy with the finish and it made my photograph look very professional. I would highly recommend this product to any future customers, many thanks to the guys at Saal Digital UK or giving me the opportunity to try this amazing product
Paul on 29.03.2017
After receiving a photo book from yourselves, of which I was highly delighted with, I wanted to try the the wall decor products, hopefully this too will exceed all expectations
Georgi on 27.03.2017
I order many canvases from different providers but Sall Digital is the best so far I ever used. The quality of the final print is just amazing. I receive my order in very secure and well-sealed box. After opening, I was surprised how good all was packed inside. The canvas was wrapped in a tidy clean film with extra thick cardboard to protect the front of the canvas. On top of this, there is a foam between the canvas and cardboard for extra soft protection. After opening, i have blown away of the quality of the print. Trust me I don't spare anything if I am not happy with any service. By far this service and quality are just amazing. 10 of 10 on all aspects. This is definitely my new favorite service and printing provider. I can recommend and print for my clients without any doubt. Thank you so much for your quality work.
David on 25.03.2017
Absolutely superb print, packaging could be a little better as was bent and slight damage but that was from courier, poss in a folder or something for presentation to customer or for storage but apart from that software was easy to use and expert help on hand at the nec from James
Sam on 24.03.2017
Excellent service, quality and price. Saal are now my only source for print services.
Customer review from 23.03.2017
I Did a free trial on wall decor and I am Absolutely thrilled with my recent order, thank you so much for the beautiful quality you have provided I will be posting a review on instagram within the next few days so that everyone else can see and know about your incredible products!!
Martin on 23.03.2017
So I was offered by the guys at Saal Digital UK to try one of there products so I opted for the acrylic wall art. To purchase it I had to download some software which was so easy to use and clearly showed pricing as you picked the various sizes and mounting options. I opted for a 30cm x 45cm acrylic print which is 5mm thick with an aluminium subframe mouth to give it a floating look when mounted on the wall. From clicking to process the order through to delivery was an extremely quick process and OMG the quality is absolutely amazing if only the photo done its justice and I would highly recommend this product to my customers, many thanks to the guys at Saal Digital UKf or giving me the opportunity to try this amazing produc
Rob on 22.03.2017
I've ordered a portfolio book and now an aludibond print from you and both have been exceptional. I'm recommending the products to customers as I know it will reflect my work well.
Pete on 22.03.2017
It's here, My canvas (Wall Decor) from SAAL and it's great, Fantastic quality and an easy to use software and order process, All you have to do is download the free SAAL software and away you go, Now just add your image and that's it, then just pay online (I used Paypal) and a week later you get a knock at the door and it's delivered, Job done. Here are a few photo's of my canvas after opening the package, and it looks great an our wall. (see my facebook review link below) We are very pleased with the product and would recommend SAAL to all, 10/10. Thanks again SAAL. Facebook review link -
Customer review from 21.03.2017
Received my own photo as a canvas print today and can honestly say, its fantastic in quality and now hangs over my fireplace. Great packaging, delivery, communication and most importantly fantastic product and would recommend then to anyone. Well done to all at saal digital, a job well done and impressive
Customer review from 21.03.2017
This is the 3rd time I have used Saal Digital. I have ordered photobook, calendar and now a Wall Art Canvas. I am as usual very pleased with the canvas. The service from downloading software to receiving the canvas were excellent. The canvas is of very good quality, with good representation of colour's & details. I will definitely be ordering more projects in the future. Many Thanks, Heather
Scott on 15.03.2017
Another excellent service and product from saal ,got canvases from other suppliers and they are no comaprison as to whats just arrvied the colours just pop and the quality is fsr superior to anything ive had beofre .well done guys another fanradtic product
Customer review from 15.03.2017
The product and service I received from my recent order was excellent in quality the software was really easy to use and the delivery time was excellent I will definately use the service again
Customer review from 14.03.2017
I received my wall decor a few days after ordering and was very happy with the fast turn around speed. The quality is absolutely fantastic with deep colour saturation. The print was cut perfectly with no rough edges at all and the wall mount is very secure. I highly recommend Saal-digital you can see the pride in their work with every print they produce.
Customer review from 13.03.2017
I received the print in just four days by courier which is quite amazing when you consider this has come from Germany. My next very pleasant surprise was the quality of the product. To be honest, I was quite blown away (and that's a phrase I rarely use!!) by the depth of colours and overall quality of the acrylic. The whole image really does pop and come to life in this medium. With canine photography, it's often all about the little individual and unique details of the dog such as the eyes or the fur and an acrylic print is perfect for showcasing just such a thing. From now on I will most certainly be using Saal Digital for client orders.
Customer review from 11.03.2017
Used Saal twice via their offers, first for a Photo book which when delivered was exceptional quality. From the ease of using the software, to order and delivery, great! Then bought an acrylic print of an image I took of the Lake District. The image was very moody, great atmospherics, mountains, snow capped tops etc, looked great on my 5k imac. Thought it would look right on acrylic - and when it arrived? Superb!! Colours as per my iMac, crisp lines, everyone who has seen it has been hugely impressed. My overall opinion of Asap so far is without a doubt first class!!
Peter on 10.03.2017
I was impressed with the picture quality on my first order, that's why I will be using your service from now on. Very Happy Customer:)
Anila on 10.03.2017
I ordered a 40x60 alu dubond wall art for a picture of Venice. It was part of a voucher given by Saal Having never printed my picture I was a little worried The website was very easy to use and upload even easier When the picture arrived the package was good and the picture even better. It looks fantastic
Customer review from 09.03.2017
A really fast service and the quality of the finish was everything I had hoped for. I'm currently studying photography at Fife College where the lecturers recommended SAAL. I took my first acrylic wall art and it looks simply fantastic. Thank you to everyone at SAAL from Gavin Wilson Photography and I will be back for more very soon.
Customer review from 08.03.2017
I applied for a voucher from Saal Digital and received £50 towards there wall décor, I decided to try there Alu Dibond 3mm aluminium panel in matte finish, to be honest, the print quality colour and sharpness on a aluminium panel was excellent. The order process was simple, and the order to delivery time was also excellent. Recommended Saal Digital.
Customer review from 08.03.2017
I have just received my wall art which was the Foam board style. The quality is amazing and as it's foam, it's so light and fixed to the wall with just sticky hanging grips
Natashs on 07.03.2017
Thanks to @saal_digital for an excellently produced piece of wall decor. Great sub frame on the back. Good customer service and super quick delivery.
Customer review from 06.03.2017
I have just received my Ali-Dubond wall art following the trial advertised on FaceBook. The quality is excelent. The aluminium subframe for mounting appears very secure and solid. Colours are well produced and well matched to the origonal and the packaging was very secure. Delivery was within five days. Excelent considering this has been shipped form Germany to the UK. I will definately use Saal again.
Anna on 04.03.2017
The whole process from start to finish is really easy and enjoyable, the quality is absolutely great, iM so happy with the product, you are my supplier number 1 from now on, big thank you
Michael on 03.03.2017
I have now received my new canvas from yourselves and I am delighted with it. This is the first time I have used your company, but I will be ordering more products very soon. The quality of my canvas is superb, the colour reproduction and framing is first class. Also the order process went like clockwork, and delivery was very fast. While I am writing this I must mention your website, I have been on many photo and print company's websites before, but none can match yours. It's so easy to navigate and simple to make an order, which is easier for customers like myself. Thanks again Kind regards. michae Smith
Customer review from 02.03.2017
I have just received my acrylic glass order of an image I took of Patterdale and tge snow capped mountains of the English Lake District. I chose a 70x50cm acrylic as I felt the scenery of the image would benefit from a larger size. I think the first review of the finished article has to be WOW!! I've seen the image on my iMac 5k screen and the acrylic image is a duplicate!! The colours are true to the digital image, the sharpness of the printed picture is fantastic. The image itself is a winter shot which is very atmospheric, the acrylic reflect the light and makes the image jump out. The process of uploading was so simple, the software confirmed the image quality was very good. A few simple clicks and it was complete. From uploading to receiving the delivered image - 3 days! The packaging - first class, so well packaged that even though the covering had been damaged in the post, there was no compromise to the image. I will most certainly be advising clients towards using Saal Digital - I now have a 30 page photbook and an acrylic image, both of which are outstanding!!
Customer review from 01.03.2017
I received a wall décor canvas from Saal-digital. I cant tell you how much I love it. I'm wary of getting photos printed onto canvas but my worrying was for nothing. Quality cant be faulted. The software was easy to use, it was delivered in days. It came well packaged, maybe too well! I couldn't get into it, but it meant my canvas was safe. Would highly recommend,
Rojer on 01.03.2017
Received my sample acrylic wall art from Saal-Digital and am very impressed by the quality. The print was well packed against damage and the delivery time was only a few days with regular updates on the progress of my order throughout. I will certainly use Saal-Digital again and will recommend them highly to my customers and colleagues.
DUMITRU OVIDIU on 01.03.2017
Thank you very much guys. Amazing service and quality product .
Customer review from 28.02.2017
My canvas arrived today and the quality is excellent. As someone who got it to try out free of charge for a review was more than pleasantly surprised at quality. I have bought from websites before on special offer and they turned out to be extremely poor quality and not even really worth the low price charged. One minor "complaint" and it may have been that I did not study the website well enough when I placed the order but the canvas has no obvious hanging point at the back. If it was an option - you could perhaps make this a bit clearer on the website. But overall looks great. Thank you
Customer review from 27.02.2017
Exceptional quality. The print (Printed on Aludibond with a butlerfinish) is clear, well coloured, the base aluminium shining through at the highlights really makes the photo "pop". Product arrived in a reasonable time. It was clear that great care had been taken to protect the print, there was a soft foam on the printed side of the print to protect it during transit. Pleased from beginning to end, will certainly use Saal for my future prints and recommend them to my customers also.
Daniel on 25.02.2017
I'm very happy with the print quality of your company, the printed copy looks even better than the original one! The service is amazing and realy easy to use software. Also the support works good and solvrd our issie in a very positive way. I recommend to everyone, if you want your prints in good quality, Saal-digital is a prfect match! Also the shipping was fast and my 30x45 print was very well packaged! Thanks! Daniel
Customer review from 23.02.2017
Thank you Saal for making my canvas, it is exactly as photographed. I was very impressed with this product. Packaging excellent and very well protected. Only took a couple of days to arrive. A very satisfied customer and I will most definitely be recommending your Company and software which was easy to use, no complaints all good. Thanks Yours Katrina
Vicky on 22.02.2017
I have received my wall decor today & I am delighted!!!! The quality & finish is truly amazing! By far the best I've ever seen! The whole experience was simple & fast! Will recommend to all my friends & family! Thank you so much!
Customer review from 21.02.2017
Always so happy with the products I get sent from Saal digital! can't fault them ever! I am professional photographer and always encourage my customers to order from here as well, because I know the quality and standard will be amazing! Colours are always spot on, and the quality of the print is faultless. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new wall décor!
Annemieke on 19.02.2017
I received a 60 x 40 canvas and I am so impressed. The quality is amazing - both the quality of the canvas as well as the quality of the print. I used the website to order the print. The website was super easy to use and very user friendly. The product was delivered in a week so that is very acceptable as well. I would definitely recommend this service to others!
A on 18.02.2017
. Review: have been looking for an interesting way to display and wall mount a picture, something a bit different from the usual. So when the opportunity came up to review a wall decor from I decided to give one of their products a test drive. In this instance I opted for a black and white wedding shot taken recently at the wedding of two lovely local people. I selected an alu dibond print for my image. I found the ordering process fairly intuiitve, once I had decided on my wall decour it was just a case of uploading the high resolution image file and selecting the custom size I required. The wall decour was with me within a week. Was I impressed with the item ? Yes I sure was, at 60 x 40 cm this is a fairly large item, made from a 3mm thick aluminium composite panel I had no worries regarding its durabilty. Advertised as 'stable, durable and weather resistant' I wouldn't argue with that. There were several mounting systems available for this product the simple fixing kit we chose was exactly that. The printed image itself has a full range of tones and excellent clarity and sharpness. Would I purchase one of these for myself ? Yes infact I want to try a colour image so I think I will be uploading one of my stag images in the near future. watch this space. If you want to have a look at this aluminium dibond wall decour yourself produced by Saal Digital UK call into the The Old School Tea Rooms - Essington by Cllr David Clifft.
Customer review from 16.02.2017
I ordered a 120x80cm canvas. I had to use a software to create my order which was straigh forward and easy to use. I made the order from the UK but the delivery was so quick. I made my order on Friday morning, they dispatched it on the same day and the delivery arrived on Thursday. The packaging was impressive and very professional. They used several layers to protect the product from scratches and cracks. When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised. As I have mentioned, the size is 120x80cm, so it is large. Yet the details are amazing and the quality of the canvas paper is excellent. Even the stitches at the back are all in straight line - yes, I pay attention to detail. Very precise work. I have showed the canvas to a few people and they all agreed. I was particularly curious how the colours will turn out... and I am glad to say beautiful!! German quality has good reputation for a reason! If you are looking for professional quality I highly recommend you this product from Saal Digital. You will not get disappointed.
andrew on 15.02.2017
For some time now shooting so many digital photo’s you need to actually get round to printing them off to see what you spend your time and effort doing. So far only seeing small 6 x 4 glossy prints has been very limiting, then out of nowhere came this opportunity. After seeing a recent advertising scheme on Facebook for prints, I could not wait to try this product. Quickly registering on their website and writing a convincing statement to prove I would use their product for marketing their company. The chance to choose some wall décor that included aluminium was really great, after looking at this material choice for years. Selecting the product is never simple, as you need to ensure you pick a suitable image, after debating this with the better half (my wife) we narrowed it down to a family holiday picture. This image was taken at Cromer, Norfolk and HDR technique was used (no tripod). Quickly taking this parcel apart, the final product was simply divine, the image really matched the type of material, the clouds seemed to be pronounced like a 3D image. The whole process as simple to follow, no software was even used, straight upload and then the usual address details. The package was delivered very swiftly, the packaging material was simple and protected the image perfectly. Go try this company now and hope they impress you too!
Customer review from 13.02.2017
Since I am a blogger photography plays very important role in my life. I enjoy to be creative with my photos. I do not want just caption the moment but even feelings. I have photos which I really like and of course I love to see my artwork around me. The easiest way is to transform my photos to a wall décor. It is very important to find a reliable company which is works on outstanding standard. I can confirm Saal Digital in Germany is pretty good in it. I ordered wall décor from this reliable company around one week ago and I was very impressed with the fast service, shipping and super safe packaging. Saal Digital really appreciate photo art. Before you order your product you should download Saal Digital’s safe design software from their homepage. This software is very easy to use. There is nothing complicate or specific in it. The software even warns you when your photo has a poor quality. There is no disappointment. You can easily choose your design and even estimated delivery time. My choice was UV direct print on Alu Dibond, which is extremely stable and rigid material – 3mm thick. Provides high resolution and sharpness through 6-colour, direct UV printing. It is water resistant! There are different mounting options available. I was happy with the standard one, which arrived separate and is very easy to assemble.
Robert on 13.02.2017
So a couple of days ago I received a parcel from Saal containing my first ever 5mm acrylic print ready for the wall. I've dealt with those at Saal before when I tried out some of my photos printed in a photo book so I knew the quality would be first class. That didn't prepare me for the quality of their wall decor. Measuring roughly 35 x 60 there is no loss in quality or the colour on this print and it looks simply stunning. Still not sure where to put this on the wall but it won't be the only one I order from saal for the wall. Thank you for the ease and speed of which this got to me. Once again I am another happy customer thanks to Saal
Customer review from 13.02.2017
please check out my review of a alu dibond wall art i was very happy with my product i think if im honest so far all products from saal have been great.
Dan on 08.02.2017
Ordered a Alu-Dibond Print, arrived swiftly, extremely well packaged, no chance of it being damaged or bent in transit. Its always nice to see your work printed and for me this was my first aluminium print. The quality is exceptional, sharp image, good colours and blacks. matte finish really makes it stand out. Very pleased, will be using saal again. I do think the price for the mounting kit is rather high though.
Darryl on 07.02.2017
Really pleased with the Alu-dibond panel with the aluminium mount. Looks great in my studio and was very easy to order through the software, which prices the job as you select the different options available. Some photos and full review are here
Alison on 02.02.2017
I ordered a 30 x 45cm Aluminium Dibond Butler finish with wall mounting. The software was intuitive and very easy to use. I picked out one of my photos that incorporated water and reflection and bright colours which I thought would pop. I was informed of how the order was progressing every step of the way and delivery was speedy. Packaging was superb and I couldn't be more delighted with the results. The colours pop and the finish is perfect for the reflection in the water.
Oliver on 02.02.2017
Great products and service!
Customer review from 31.01.2017
Ordered an acrylic print from Saal-Digital the software is easy to use and straight forward, delivery was super fast and the end product is of exceptional quality. As a professional wedding photographer saal offers products Im proud to preset to my clients. I also ordered a Photobook from saal which Im equally pleased with
Barbara on 30.01.2017
The software is fantastic and easy to use, really happy with the turnaround time of print and delivery. As a wedding photographer you always need a company you can rely on. The final products were amazing in quality and something Im proud to show and present to my clients.
Customer review from 29.01.2017
Very easy, professional Process
Martin on 25.01.2017
Fantastic software and great looking pictures
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For Pros: ICC profiles for wall decors

You can design your wall decors in other softwares like Photoshop. In order to realize the ideal colours, we provide ICC profiles for soft proofing.

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Edit your photos with other softwares as usual.

2. Softproof

Examine the photos with the help of our ICC profile.

3. Order

Place the order in our Saal Design Software.

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