Price lists: File download

Price lists: File download

Besides photo products, you can also sell file downloads of your images, or allow them to be downloaded for free from your gallery. You will need to enable the file download option in the Price Lists. File download options are displayed at the bottom.

File Download Settings

Sell and Set Prices

When this option is selected, different options will be displayed for you to activate. You will need to activate the ones you want to sell and set the absolute price for them.

It is also possible to offer a download package at a set price that includes all the images in the gallery by activating the File download: All images in full size option.Once you have set the prices for your downloadable files, click Save. The digital files will then be available for sale in the Gallery with the configured price.

Digital files in gallery

If digital files are purchased, the customer receives the download link to the photos quickly and conveniently by e-mail after receipt of payment. The download link will be valid for up to 30 days. You can resend the download link to the customer if necessary by opening the order with the file downloads in the Order management panel and clicking on Resend download links to customer.

Resend download links button

Free Download

If you select this option, your images will be available for free download directly from your gallery.

Free Download selected

If this option is activated in the price list of a gallery, a download symbol is displayed next to the image. Clicking on this icon will initiate the file download. It is also possible to download all images at once by clicking on the three button icon in the top right-hand corner and selecting Download all images (ZIP). Please note that sub-galleries are not included. Each sub-gallery must be downloaded separately.

Galley with Free download available