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Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2021 fotoMagazin: Overall rating very good “excellent” FOTOHITS 05/2019 Saal Digital delights with an exquisitely crafted photo canvas and sharp, high-contrast printing. Test Winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2018 Trusted: A photobook with almost unbeatable quality fotoMagazin: Best in Test - Photo Development Test result: very good Very good and quick delivery Saal absolutely proves itself through the exemplary quality. The developed photos present fantastic details with excellent sharpenss and colour fidelity. Saal Digital wins extra points through the excellent contrasts and fine workmanship. The quality of the photobooks is the best we've ever seen.

Layflat binding

Our Layflat design allows for an uninterrupted spread. It’s ideal for full panoramic photos across two pages.

At Saal Digital we don't place any logos on our products. You can also remove the barcode.

True colours

Completely colourfast for at least 75 years.

Discover our Professional Line photo products now


For the love of photography: Saal Digital's new Professional Line. A high-quality premium photo product with an acrylic cover and our handmade premium gift box.

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Which format do you prefer?

Layflat binding

Photo book with Layflat binding and climber in front of landscape.

Perfectly flat page layout

Thanks to our Layflat binding, you can place photos across an entire double page spread without losing any part of the image. In order to provide you with sufficient space, our photo books range from 26 to 160 pages, depending on your choice of page type. You can also easily add more pages to any photo book in two-page increments.

Premium Photo Book covers

White leatherette
Leatherette White
Black leatherette
Leatherette Sapphire Black
Titanium leatherette
Leatherette Titanium
Slate wood-look
Wood Look Slate
Taupe wood-look
Wood Look Taupe
Natural linen
Natural linen

Unique and stylish

Get creative and choose the perfect cover for your photo book. You can opt for a glossy or matte finish, or choose one of our various special covers. If you choose our glossy and matte photo covers, you can personalise them with photos, text and clip art.


Our special leatherette, linen, cork or wood-look covers give your photo book a particularly classy appearance. Each special cover is available in different colours and you can either include personalised inscriptions and clipart  or simply keep it clean and fresh.

Photo Book page options

Glossy Photo Paper Pages

Glossy photo paper

This surface achieves high-quality results. It is particularly suitable for bright and colourful images.

  • radiant colors
  • fascinating depth
Matte Photo Paper Pages

Matte photo paper

The semi-gloss surface has a fine but uniform structure. Fingerprints are thus reduced to a minimum.

  • semi-gloss finish
  • fewer reflections
HighEnd Print Matte Pages

High-end matte print

Uncoated paper with a natural feel to the surface. This creates a deep matte colour impression.

  • no reflections
  • less sensitive to moisture

Photo Book Gift Box


Premium Gift Box

Handmade with an elegant leather look. Experience our premium gift box and give your photo book that certain extra something. Suitable as an elegant, customisable gift box and for safe storage of your new photo book. All without a manufacturer's logo.

Classic Gift Box

Simple and uncomplicated, the standard model of our gift box is a modern cardboard design, suitable both for giving away or storing your new photo book. You are sure to be happy with this classic option.

No unwanted distractions

Photobook without a barcode

Removable barcode

Our photo books contain a small barcode on the back cover and on the last page. You can choose to have them removed for a cleaner look.

No manufacturer's logo

We do not include our logo on any of our photo products. The barcodes do not contain any reference to us as a manufacturer nor to you as a customer.

A padded cover for your Photo Book

The feel of the padded cover, whether with photo paper or leatherette, is indescribable and leaves an even more valuable impression.

A soft padding for your cover

Enhance your premium hardcover photo book by choosing the "padded" option. The cover is filled with an additional soft padded layer (3 mm) and adds a superb touch of class to any book.

A noticeable difference

Once you hold your book in your hands, you won't only see the difference, you'll also feel it! This option is available for all cover types, from glossy or matte to leatherette and linen.

Photo Book XT (extra thick)

The photobook XT (extra thick) has thicker pages than the normal photobooks. The thickness is 1.08 mm with a grammage of 600 g/m².

A special feel

The difference is in the weight and number of pages. In our regular photo books, two pages are glued together. The pages of the XT photo book are supported by an additional  600 g/m² cardboard substrate and have a very special feel.

Fewer pages

The thicker pages of the Photo Book XT reduce the maximum page count down to 36 pages. From a starting point of 10 pages, you can increase the size of your Photo Book XT in two-page increments.

Sharing inspiration

Do you follow us on social media? Thanks to the many photos and messages that customers send us every week, we now have a large collection of interesting photo projects for you to explore and which might help inspire your next project. Have a look and get your creative juices flowing!


Do all your photo books have Layflat binding?

Yes, the Layflat, panorama binding is included on all of our photo books. You do not have to select it separately.

How do I change the format of my Photo Book?

Save your Photo Book. Then, under Article, select "Convert article" and choose a format. Keep the same number of pages and save the project under a new name.

How many pages can my Photo Book have?

Our standard photo books range from 26 to 160 pages in all formats, depending on the surface of the spreads. The only exception is our 42 x 28 photo book where the maximum number of pages is 100 and our XT photo book (10 to 36 pages).

Can I put text or clipart on leatherette or linen?

Yes, you can place text and clipart on linen and leatherette covers. They can also be done in colour.

Is there a spell check tool?

Our software includes a spell check function. Detected errors are underlined in red. You can also add words to your personal dictionary.

Can I write on the spine of the book?

Yes, you can label the spine by creating a text field and selecting "To book spine" on the text box menu.

 Saal Design Photo Book Tutorial

Saal Design Photo Book Tutorial

Discover the different design options the Saal Design Software offers you to create your fully personalised Photo Book. In this video we introduce you to the various configuration options and some of the functions available to you to design your Photo Book according to your exact specifications.

Design now
Design now