Special Conditions for Projects

Special Conditions for Projects

If you’re planning a project with a larger quantity and want to sell a minimum quantity of five units, you can request special conditions to benefit from a personalised offer. To do this, open the Sales settings of the project for which you wish to receive the special discount. Here you will find a Request special conditions button.

Sale settings

Clicking on this will bring up the Special Conditions form. You’ll need to provide the following information:
Custom quantity: Enter the quantity you require; note that the minimum quantity for special conditions is 5 units.
Start date: Choose when you want to start selling.
End date: Choose when you want to stop selling.
Commercial or Non-Profit: Select whether the special conditions you are requesting are for commercial or non-profit purposes.
Description: Provide detailed information about your special terms request.
To submit the form, you must tick the box to confirm your consent to the processing of your personal data.
Once all the required fields have been filled in, click on Create.

Special conditions

The status in Sales settings will change to Waiting for processing and you will receive an email confirmation from us acknowledging receipt of your Special Condition request.

Special conditions approved

We will check which special conditions we can offer you. Once approved, you will receive an email with the special conditions for this specific project. You will then benefit from a discounted price based on the approved terms. This gives you the flexibility to offer your customer a special price for this project based on these favourable conditions. Please note that deleting the project will remove the special conditions and you’ll need to request them again.