Sell your project

Sell your project

From the Projects panel, select the one you wish to sell. A menu will appear on the right with various options.

Project selected in Project panel

If the project has not yet been shared, a Sell Project button will be visible. If your project is already shared, simply open the Project settings. In both cases, the Project settings menu will appear. To sell the product, you need to activate Allow ordering.

Allow ordering in projects settings

The Commercial settings will be displayed for the sale of your project. Here you can set the selling price of your product and check the profit you will get for it.

Commercial settings

If you are planning a bigger project, you can request special conditions.

Special conditions

You can attach images to optimize your sales. And if you scroll down Show advanced settings more options will appear.

Projects settings menu

You can activate the watermark in your project, activate promotions and vouchers selecting the duration and amount, and add your project to a gallery. When you are finished, click Save.If your project has not yet been shared, you will need to click Share now. You will need to enable the Activate sharing option to sell the project.

When you are finished, go to your Projects panel and you will see that the status of the gallery has changed.

Project status

If you open the shared link, you will see that the project is for sale at the price you set.

Project view