21 x 28 Photobooks starting at only £ 19.95

Offer valid until September 26th, 2017

21 x 28 Photobooks starting at only £ 19.95

New Photobooks with Linen Covers

Choose from the Colours of Light Pink, Light Blue, White, and Egg Shell

4 new linen photo book covers

Lay-flat binding

Absolutely lay-flat design with no distracting gutters, ideal for full panoramic spreads

Saal Digital refrains from logo usage on our products. It is also possible to remove the barcode.

Flexible page count

Easily add or delete spreads in two page increments.

Quick as a flash

We guarantee a quick turnaround, usually 1 - 2 business days, and fast delivery times.

True colors

Absolutely colorfast for at least 75 years

Which format best suits you?

Layflat Binding

Perfectly flat page layout

Thanks to the LayFlat binding, you can place your images across an entire double page spread without losing important picture elements! In order to provide you with sufficient space, our photobooks are available in almost all formats with 26 up to 120 pages. The only exception is the format 42 x 28, where the maximum page number is 100 pages. You can also easily expand upon your photobook in a 2-page increments.

Three different page finishes to choose from

There are different options available for the inside pages. Choose from glossy, matte and premium matte finishes and discover your favourites! For all surfaces, we emphasize a great importance to long-lasting and brilliant colours, guaranteeing the well-known Saal Digital quality.

The Premium Photobook Cover

Leather White
Leather White
Leather Sapphire Black
Leather Sapphire Black
Leather Cream
Leather Cream
Leather Titanium
Leather Titanium
Leather Cognac
Leather Cognac
Wood Look Slate
Wood Look Slate
Wood Look Taupe
Wood Look Taupe
Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver
Egg Shell Linen
Leinen Eierschale
Light Blue Linen
Leinen hellblau
Light Pink Linen
Leinen hellrosa
White Linen
Leinen weiß

The Photobook Gift Box

A Big Introduction - The Photobook Gift Box

The photobook and the gift box simply belong together and not just for appearances. It is elegant and provides an all-round protection in one.

Perfect Fit

The photobook gift box in tested and proven Saal quality is available in glossy white and matte anthracite, available for all hardcover formats and without a logo or a barcode.

Your Photobook without a Barcode

No Barcode

Optionally, the barcode can also be omitted, which allows you to have a particularly classy and high-quality presentation of your pictures.

No Manufacturer Logo

We do not include a manufacturers logo on any of our photo products. However, our photobooks contain a small barcode on the back cover and on the last page. This does not contain any references to us as a manufacturer or as a customer.

Photobook with a padded cover

The feel of the padded cover, whether with photo paper or leatherette, is indescribable and leaves an even more valuable impression.

Your cover with a soft padding

Enhance your photobook with another feature by choosing the option "padded". The cover is filled with an additional soft (3 mm) padded layer.

Noticeable Difference

Once you hold your book in your hands, you will not only see the difference but also feel it! This option is available for all cover types.

Photobook XT (extra thick)

The photobook XT (extra thick) has thicker pages than the normal photobooks. The thickness is 1.08 mm with a grammage of 600 g/m².

The Pages

The difference is in weight and number of the pages. In our photobooks, two pages are glued together. The pages of the XT photobook are additionally supported by a cardboard substrate with a weight of 600 g/m² and have a very special feel.

Individual Page Count

The thicker pages of the photobook XT reduce the page maximum down to 36 pages. Starting with 10 pages, you can expand your photobook XT, as usual, in the 2-page increments.

Our Designs

Photobook Designs


Discover our Wedding Designs! From the softly curving ornaments of the Curlicues, to the freshness of the Spring design, to the golden elegance of the Golden Dove design.


Wedding Designs


The little ones grow up so fast! Keep your beautiful memories close to you. Frame your favorites with a colorful design 'Lola' or the cute animals in the embroidery of the design 'Ben'.


Baby Designs

Frequently asked questions about the Saal Digital photobook

Do all photobooks have Layflat binding?

The panorama binding is included for all photobooks. You do not have to select it separately.

Is there a fly leaf?

There is no fly leaf included in our photobooks. You can design your book to begin on the inside/back of the cover or you can leave the first and last pages blank to create a fly leaf.

How many pages can my photobook have?

Our photobooks are available from 26 to 120 pages in all formats. The only exception is our 42 x 28 photobook where the maximum number of pages is 100.

Text and clipart on leather and linen?

You have the possibility to place text and clip art on the linen and leather cover. This is also possible in colour.

Is there a spelling check?

Our software includes a spell check funtion. Detected errors are underlined in red. You can also add your own words to the dictionary.

Can I label the spine of the book?

You can label the spine by creating a text field and selecting "To book spine" from the menu of the text box.

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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
Paul on 20.09.2017
"This product is great and professional. I highly recommend. Thank you"
Paul on 20.09.2017
"This product is great and has given me an opportunity to have my most precious photos in one place. The quality is great and I strongly recommend this product to all considering."
Customer review from 20.09.2017
"When I opened the book it was a 'WOW' moment. The quality of the pages and of the images is just fantastic and excels over other companies that I have used to create a photobook. The thickness of the pages is impressive. I had one photo cover two pages and it is just stunning. It lays perfectly flat at the seam between both pages so it looks like one large page. The colours of the images are also superb. Can't fault it. From order to delivery was also within 3 days which included a weekend. I highly recommend this company."
James on 19.09.2017
"SAAL Digital is now our go-to supplier for all photo books for all our wedding clients. The easy to use software interface makes it all a very easy process and the quality is excellent. Just what we have been looking for."
Customer review from 17.09.2017
"Fantastic product , very well put together and very quick delivery. The clarity on the photos were brilliant not substandard and blurry like others! Book was delivered within a few days and should honestly give it more than 10/10 ! Fantastic value and quick delivery then when it arrived it was great , well done guys very chuft customer"
Customer review from 16.09.2017
"I am an amateur photographer and was invited to produce a photobook by Saal-Digital. To begin with I downloaded Saal's free software which was very easy to use, which allowed me to design the photobook exactly how I wanted it. It provides many options for the layout and was a pleasure to use. Purchasing the photobook was done through the same software which was straightforward and hassle free. My order was placed on Thursday morning, later that day I had an email to say that my book was done and had been dispatched. Sure enough the courier delivered it at 8.15 saturday morning. The book is fantastic, excellent quality, seeing my photos in a book of this quality is surreal. The print quality is outstanding and very professional. I wouldn't hesitate to use Saal-Digital again and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you."
Customer review from 16.09.2017
"Fantastic quality of photobook and really made the photos look vibrant, loved the finish and everyone I've shown it to was amazed. The software was easy to use and the order process was stress free! If there was one small thing I would have liked to add some text to the front cover of the photobook but couldn't figure out how on the software, I'm not sure if there is an option to or not. Other than that though I cannot fault it at all! The delivery time was efficient and the product was well packaged. Will definitely use again and reccommend!"
Customer review from 15.09.2017
"Thank you.Always a pleasure to order from you.Best wishes.Florin"
Customer review from 14.09.2017
"the products are amazing quality. i have had a lot of amazing deals off them and was totally happy we everything like the colours and the time to come. the software that you use is so easy and helpful. 100% be buying all my photos from here."
Tony on 06.09.2017
Customer review from 04.09.2017
"When people see my photobook, their reaction is 'wow! That's nice!', then they open it! The pages are thick, quality card and the spreads are excellent. I found the software very easy to use and I've already passed on the name of Saal-Digital to a number of friends and contacts and told them about the ease of use and ability to add pages, text and arrange photos how they want. They're dead impressed! As am I! Thanks a lot! Marvellous!"
Customer review from 02.09.2017
"Easy to use software with lots to choose from."
Customer review from 02.09.2017
"Have ordered from you before. 100% satisfied with quality & service."
Jay on 31.08.2017
"The photobook product is great! Quality of material and print is very good. I am a photographer so the right photobook has to be right for model photography/portraits and weddings. Thank you SAAL!"
Customer review from 31.08.2017
"I like the quality of the book and especially the use of a photo for its cover. The quality of the printing is fantastic and I love the full spread pictures especially. Unfortunately I don't like how single photos on a page meet the opposite page in the middle, but can't help wondering if that was my fault due to lack of understanding of the software. Finally this order was despatched twice due to failure by DHL to inform me of my expected delivery time. Had no one been in next door yesterday either, once again I wouldn't have received the book."