The High-end Photobook of Saal Digital

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The High-end Photobook of Saal Digital

*£15 voucher for one photobook, valid until 31/07/2017. Minimum order value £24.95. Shipping costs are not included. Not to be combined with any other special offers or vouchers. Redeemable only once per customer.

New Photobooks with Linen Covers

Choose from the Colours of Light Pink, Light Blue, White, and Egg Shell

4 new linen photo book covers

Lay-flat binding

Absolutely lay-flat design, ideal for panorama photographs

Saal Digital refrains from logo usage on our products. It is also possible to remove the barcode.

Flexible page count

Easily add or delete spreads according to your needs.

Quick as a flash

We guarantee short turnaround and quick delivery

True colors

Absolutely colorfast for at least 75 years

Which format best suits you?

Layflat Binding

Perfect flat design

The layflat binding allows you to place your images on an entire double page without losing image elements. This makes the panorama binding ideal for large images.

The value inside

The inside as well as the cover are exposed on genuine photo paper for long lasting and brilliant colors. Available in matte or gloss.

The Premium Photobook Cover

Leather White
Leather White
Leather Sapphire Black
Leather Sapphire Black
Leather Cream
Leather Cream
Leather Titanium
Leather Titanium
Leather Cognac
Leather Cognac
Wood Look Slate
Wood Look Slate
Wood Look Taupe
Wood Look Taupe
Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver
Egg Shell Linen
Leinen Eierschale
Light Blue Linen
Leinen hellblau
Light Pink Linen
Leinen hellrosa
White Linen
Leinen weiß

The Photobook Gift Box

Gift Box

The photobook and the gift box simply belong together. Not just outwardly. Elegant appearance and all-round protection in one.

Perfect Fit

The photobook gift box in tested and proven Saal quality is available in glossy white and matte anthracite, available for all hardcover formats and without a logo or a barcode.

Your Photobook without a Barcode

No Barcode

Optionally, the barcode can also be omitted, which allows you to have a particularly classy and high-quality presentation of your pictures.

No Manufacturer Logo

We do not include a manufacturers logo on any of our photo products. However, our photobooks contain a small barcode on the back cover and on the last page. This does not contain any references to us as a manufacturer or as a customer.

Photobook with padded cover

The feel of the padded cover, whether with photo paper or leatherette, is indescribable and leaves an even more valuable impression.

Upgrade your photobook with another feature by selecting the option "with padding". The cover is filled with an additional soft padding layer (3 mm). You can not only see the difference, but also feel it as soon as you hold the photobook! This option can be selected for both the cover in leatherette and the cover with photo paper.

Photobook XT (extra thick)

The photobook XT (extra thick) has thicker pages than the normal photobooks. The thickness is 1.08 mm with a grammage of 600 g/m².

The spreads

Discover the two different types of photobooks from our collection: photobook and photobook XT. The difference lies in the thickness of the spreads and the page count available. The spreads of the photobook are adhered to each other on the back side and have a thickness of 0.34mm. On the other hand, the photobook XT is flush mounted. Each page is 1.08mm thick with a grammage of 600 g/m².

Individual page count

Our photobook is available from 26 to 120 pages while our photobook XT is available from 10 to 36 pages. You can add additional pages based on your own needs. Thanks to the layflat binding, you do not need to worry about the disturbing fold in the middle of the book any more. No matter how many pages, all the elements on the photobook are absolutely visible and properly displayed.

Our Designs

Photobook Designs


Discover our Wedding Designs! From the softly curving ornaments of the Curlicues, to the freshness of the Spring design, to the golden elegance of the Golden Dove design.


Wedding Designs


The little ones grow up so fast! Keep your beautiful memories close to you. Frame your favorites with a colorful design 'Lola' or the cute animals in the embroidery of the design 'Ben'.


Baby Designs

Frequently asked questions about the Saal Digital photobook

Do all photobooks have Layflat binding?

The panorama binding is included for all photobooks. You do not have to select it separately.

Is there a fly leaf?

There is no fly leaf included in our photobooks. You can design your book to begin on the inside/back of the cover or you can leave the first and last pages blank to create a fly leaf.

How many pages can my photobook have?

Our photobooks are available from 26 to 120 pages in all formats. The only exception is our 42 x 28 photobook where the maximum number of pages is 100.

Text and clipart on leather and linen?

You have the possibility to place text and clip art on the linen and leather cover. This is also possible in colour.

Is there a spelling check?

Our software includes a spell check funtion. Detected errors are underlined in red. You can also add your own words to the dictionary.

Can I label the spine of the book?

You can label the spine by creating a text field and selecting "To book spine" from the menu of the text box.

Customer reviews

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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
Customer review from 20.07.2017
"I purchased a 120 page photo book and was very impressed by the superb quality of the end product. Really impressive. Very happy. Ordered product on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday! Incredible turn round time, fantastic product."
Customer review from 20.07.2017
"Saal Digital have been a pleasure to work with and a great experience. Communication with the team was always prompt, useful and stress-free. I created a Photobook using the very simple, user friendly software which is also easy to save projects and come back to. The delivery was very quick and well packaged. I am very pleased with the extremely high quality photobook and have had nothing but positive comments from clients. The high gloss finish on thick pages with a very high quality finish gives the book a really professional feel. I will definitely be using Saal Digital again in the future and look forward to making more photo books and trying out other products. Thank you Poly"
Jo on 18.07.2017
"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful, high quality product. I found the ordering process easy the software very smooth and convenient to use and tailor to needs and the product arrived in the time expected and was a very well received and appreciated gift. Thank you so much :-)"
Customer review from 18.07.2017
"Awesome Product!! Loved by Dr's of Photography as well as everyone else, makes a mokery of the opposition."
E on 17.07.2017
"Today I received my photo book after being given a £40 off voucher. I am super super happy with the results, I went for Photobook 19 x 19 Spreads: premium paper matte, 48 pages Cover: glossy, unpadded. I chose Premium Matte paper as it was cheaper than the gloss, yet the quality of this paper is very high. The front cover glossy and unpadded gives a very professional look, in a neat little square with colours matching on screen results. I did have an issue of finding how to apply text using the provided software. However everything else was very easy to use. I enjoyed playing about with the different preset layouts, but you can also design your own. You can create your project and save to continue at another time, because if you want to get this perfect it'll take you a little bit of time. The feel of the hardback cover is very nice, a good high quality covering. The paper is the right thickness and in perfect, clean condition. Saal Digital offers a whole lot more for just a little more, I really like the additional software of making your own photo book.. it gives you a lot of freedom to make it unique. The fast delivery is actually very fast, I received an email on the same day of making- saying it was on its way! Thank you for an amazing yet simple product, that will last a lifetime."
Alistair on 17.07.2017
"I found this site through Facebook and was surprised by the quality of the website it was both very informative and easy to understand pricing. I ordered the Photobook and upgraded a couple of options. the design of my book could not be simpler, I have used other sites previously but they were to overcomplicated and the quality of the product was very poor, this on the other hand was spectacular!!! it gives you the tools in a way you can edit the layouts number of pictures on the page and any backgrounds you could want or need. I have still to receive my book as I only ordered it today but if the standards and care taken on the website and design tool are anything to go by I am sure I will be over the moon with the book I ordered. Now just to keep track of my order using the tracker :). Would highly recommend this company to anyone and I know I will certainly be returning to order more products in due course! Cant wait to get my hands on this to show my group of student's the results of what can be achieved through digital photography and using quality products to produce truly stunning images!"
David on 14.07.2017
"Thank you for the offer once I've received the phonebook i will leave a review on my photography page. Many thanks David"
Andy on 14.07.2017
"Software is very intuative and easy to use...simple but stylish designs and layouts...with lots of options. Book was delivered within days and is of high quality, heavy duty pages and good quality printing. Definitely use again."
Customer review from 13.07.2017
"I found you via a Facebook advert and was interested after reading a few reviews on your Facebook page. I found the process to create my photo book a little challenging to start with i.e. Locating my images. Creating the pages from set layouts was really easy and very nice to not have to arrange myself , I would have liked to have added a summary on each page but if this facility was available it wasn't obvious. Being able to create the front/back covers and add my details was simple to create. When transferring all my images to pages I would have like to have seen a full size screen image as after print I see that a couple of my images would have looked better in a smaller size after viewing the printed book but this is not obvious when you creating your display. But the overall process was simple, paying and adding my qualified for voucher of £40 this was completed promptly with no issue then the upload of the photo book took about 30 mins to complete the whole process. I ordered my book on the Thursday and it arrived from Germany to England by the Monday very quick indeed. My copy was damaged on the front cover whilst in your processing so I contacted your support team, sent close up images of the issue of creases within a hour I received confirmation that a new copy was to be processed in house and sent out the next day this copy was in excellent condition, the book is amazing. I feel very proud to be able to show my work to future customers for commissions and orders. The pages are very thick tactile to the touch and the open flat design is perfect to veiw the images I place over two pages. I have already recommended your company to people and I will definitely use your company again"
Casey on 13.07.2017
"I love the book, great finish and nicely packaged too, my only issue is the front and back page are printed on the book, rather than having a blank page in between. I'm already midway through designing my new one for a client and I will leave the pages blank!"
Customer review from 13.07.2017
"A truly professional looking product that I'm excited to present to friends and family. The print and paper quality is beautiful and the software used to create it was simple from download to completion. Would definitely recommend to university friends and family looking for photo products."
Ian on 12.07.2017
"Fantasic service, thank you"
Customer review from 12.07.2017
"Very satisfied with the first step! I have just ordered my photo book so I can not check the quality yet. However the website and process of the order are incredibly easy to use. It contains all the information necessary for both professional and amateur users. Look forward to seeing the book printed"
Stephan on 12.07.2017
"Quality and service is amazing. I'm very happy with my product :)"
Customer review from 10.07.2017
"Amazing service! Exceptional quality products for the professional and the amateur photographer as well! Are you looking for the best way to present your photos or to create unique products with top finish? Then you are at the right place!"