Wall decor with special gallery quality

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Turn your photo into a piece of art: the high-quality GalleryPrint

GalleryPrint is directly printed on acrylic glass and backed with an extra Alu-Dibond panel. It is thus the combination of high-quality materials, high-resolution print and special look. It turns your photo into a piece of art and your home into a gallery.

  • direct print on acrylic glass, backed with an Alu-Dibond panel (3mm)
  • available in glossy or matte finish
  • six-colour UV direct printing, incl. light inks 
  • custom size available
  • different mounting options available

Two different finishes available

Our GalleryPrint is available in two different finishes. The glossy finish presents bright and vivid colours, while the matte finish is not prone to reflextion and shows an impressive spatial depth.

Choose between GalleryPrint glossy and matte.

Elegant finish in gallery quality

The combination of acrylic glass and Alu-Dibond is the new trend for wall decors. With our GalleryPrint, you can enjoy the features of both materials. The print hat bright and vivid colours, and is at the same time very stable and durable.

Do you want to try something new and special? Our GalleryPrint has a lot to offer with its unique gallery quality. Why not turn your photo into a piece of art? It will definitely be the focus of all the attentions.

Custom size available for print on acrylic glass, Alu-Dibond, Butlerfinish, PVC foamboard as well as GalleryPrint.

Custom size for GalleryPrint

Saal Digital provides now more individuality for wall decors. In addition to the wide selection of standard sizes, you can now have custom-sized GalleryPrint from 10 x 15 cm to 100 x 200 cm.

Custom size is also available for other wall decors like Alu-Dibond, Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish®, acrylic glass and PVC foamboard.

Different mounting solutions for your wall decors

Aluminium Sub frame

Aluminium Subframe

The aluminium subframe is pre-fixed on the back of the wall decor. With about 1 cm space to the wall, it seems that the wall decoration is floating in the air.

  • Not visible from the front
  • Available for all sizes
  • For indoor use only
  • Pre-mounted on wall decors
  • Nails or screws for hanging are not included
  • Further Details and Assembly
Standard mounting

Standard Mounting

The standard mounting enables you to easily and effortlessly hang your wall decoration, as it only needs to be glued to the back.

  • Not visible from the front
  • Standard mounting including spacers
  • For indoor use only
  • Available only for specific wall decoration formats
  • Further Details and Assembly
Standoff wall mount


The corresponding pilot holes are already included so that the screws are only attached to the picture by you

  • The standoffs are not pre-mounted.
  • The heads of the standoffs are visible from the front.
  • Available for select sizes
  • Further Details and Assembly

Sample set - wall decors

Sample set for wall decors

Discover the different materials available for wall decors by ordering a sample set for £15. Together with the sample set, you will also receive a £15 voucher, which can be redeemed for your next order. In this way, the sample set is actually for free.

Compare the differences of the materials and the prints on the materials in order to find out the best one for your photos. The following samples in the size of 10 x 10 cm are included:

  • Alu-Dibond 3 mm
  • Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish 3 mm
  • PVC foamboard 5 mm
  • Acrylic glass 5 mm
  • Photo canvas
  • GalleryPrint glossy and matte

Order sample set now!

How to order from Saal Digital

Your order options at Saal Digital are as unique as your pictures. Choose from the different possibilities to design your photo product according to your own wishes and requirements and then order it.


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