Changeable Picture Frame

A frame to last


Durable frame

Sturdy frame with a clean design



Change your photos as often as you want

Easily change your pictures

We wanted to design a frame that is highly durable and practical with a design that adapts to any space. With our frame, all of your photos can be swapped over in just a few steps. Remove one side of the frame and soon a new picture will adorn your wall.

The Changeable Picture Frame is made out of resilient aluminium and thus has a clean design. It's not only perfect for any home but is a sustainable option for a professional gallery or any type of art installation.


A frame to keep your pictures safe

Your image is protected on the front by a stable and transparent acrylic sheet. Behind your photo we place an aluminium composite plate to ensure that none of your pictures get damaged.


Easily disassemble the frame

Each side of the frame can easily be unscrewed by removing just two screws and quickly reassembled.


Endless design options

Print your favourite picture, create a photo collage, design your own passepartout or have your favourite quote printed. You can choose between four of our versatile colours: Black, white, anthracite and our brushed metal look.


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