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Customer review from 31.12.2017
As always, it was a pleasure doing a product review for Saal-Digital. The software is very easy to use, great products to choose from and user friendly website. Customer service is excellent! If you're looking for a pleasant and hassle free experience of printing your images, then you'll not be disappointed using Saal-Digital products. Look forward to receiving my wall art and posting my review of the wall art.
Customer review from 30.12.2017
I am super impressed with everything! You are definitely my first choice for printing, canvas and photo books! Great!!!
Angela writes on 27.12.2017
Quality finished product, I was so pleased when I received the wedding album, first class
Iko-Ojo writes on 27.12.2017
I seized the opportunity to test a SAAL Digital photobook because I absolutely love seeing my work in print and I'm so glad I did! Very pleased with the quality of this book.
There are a variety of sizes, papers, covers and more to choose from. Mine is a 21 x 28 portrait photobook with gloss cover and matte (lustre) pages. The entire process to create it was pretty straightforward, the app is very user friendly and delivery was fast!
I’m happy to have a lovely physical collection of my work to show off. Really impressed! I will use again and highly recommend this printing service!
Customer review from 24.12.2017
I found out about Saal on Instagram, and decided to try it out. As a photographer, it's really important for me to have high quality images to use as a portfolio, and I wanted to try something different than the standard plastic folder port. I put some of my favorite images into a photobook together, and am extremely satisfied and impressed with the outcome. The matte finish on the photos was done perfectly, and the options for a leather cover is a rare find for photobooks. There are plenty of options for layouts, so the book had plenty of variety to keep it stylish and interesting. I would definitely recommend Saal to anyone looking for any type of prints, from the average person looking to give a gift, to professional photographers wanting to show off their work.
Jason writes on 23.12.2017
What a truly amazing product. From start to finish it was an easy experience. The website is easy to navigate so you can create a wonderful end product exacrly to your specification. Delivery time was Quick and easy and the end product is a very professional quality. Would highly reccomend and will Definitely be using again in the near future.
Jason writes on 23.12.2017
What a truly wonderful product. The website was very informative and easy to navigate when creating the photo book, giving a great indication on how the final product would come out. Delivery time took no time at all which surprised me due to the nature of the product but I have no complaints what so ever and was thrilled with my photobook when it arrived. A very professional finish. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using this service again in the near future. Thank you.
Jack writes on 23.12.2017
Having heard a lot about Saal-Digital, I decided to order my Photobooks that I produce for my photography business through them this year. And they certainly delivered. Even on the basic standard paper I ordered my first one on, the quality is outstanding and I imagine on the best quality paper they offer, it would look mind-blowing.

The delivery is exceptionally fast, taking only 5 days to reach me in the UK from Germany, better than many of the printing services in the UK, and for roughly the same cost!

The layflat binding is very impressive, and my panoramic photographs look incredible on it, so Saal should be congratulated on their industry-leading printing technology.

Not the cheapest photobooks, but absolutely worth it for the quality of the product.

10/10 - do not miss out!
carl writes on 21.12.2017
I am always looking out for the best end products for my clients and came across saal at the Photography Show in Birmingham. There products and pricing looked amazing but they always do at these shows. Nevertheless, I was impressed enough to use saal for a photo book from my wife's special birthday trip to Venice. I was very very pleased with the lay flat photo book, the quality of finish, the colour rendering, all the images were placed perfectly to where I had designed them to be. the software to create the book was also so fast and easy to use, the best I've used to date. I thoroughly recommend saal digital.

Thank you!!
Customer review from 21.12.2017
Great easy to use software can not wait to receive my Item!
Customer review from 20.12.2017
Like allways quality is the best :) thank you ;)
Customer review from 19.12.2017
Software is reasonably easy to use - needs a better option for opening files as it did not recognise my dropbox location which is a big thing in recent times. Other than that no issues and great product.
Customer review from 19.12.2017
So far so good, very easy to use software, and great templates for those who aren't so savvy with layouts.
Great options for finishes, covers and colours.
Looking forward to receiveing it.
Andrew writes on 18.12.2017
Just received my photo-book and it is very well made and I am very happy with the process. It is a hardback and is excellent quality!
Customer review from 18.12.2017
Very good product, software easy to use and the end result was very well made!
Siddika writes on 15.12.2017
Today I received my photobook from saal. I am very impressed with quality of the book. I wanted to make a photobook of pictures of my son and it has come out perfect. I am very happy with the results.
The delivery was also quick and I got it within a week. I am looking forward to order more photobooks from this place. SAAL DIGITAL is helping me preserve memories. Thank you very much.
Kevin writes on 14.12.2017
Very happy with the service and finish of the prints. A while back I printed a book that was smaller than I thought it would be...alot of people don't have an old fashioned ruler hanging around. Is there a way you can more clearly demonstrate the sizes of the books etc...maybe a nice image of the book with an adult hand as ref for size...something like that?
Jason writes on 14.12.2017
Absolutely loved the designing software. It was quick and easy and left me in no doubt on how my photobook is going to look.

I cant wait to receive it and will definitely be using this service again.

Will highly recommend.

James writes on 12.12.2017
Just amazing, easy to use website, quick delivery and absolutely stunning product.
vivian writes on 11.12.2017
Thank you :)
Customer review from 10.12.2017
Hi All, I would like to review the product I ordered via Saal Digital. It was an Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish with an old black and white picture. Well, the product has come out really well. It has a nice quality (being an old photo) but worth the effort. The software is easy to use and it takes 1-2 week to get it delivered at your doorstep.
I wish I could test other products also... to see the quality. The Alu-Dibond is on the aluminium frame so it shines when you see it under the light. So be careful which frame you want to use for your photos. I would prefer PVC foamboard or Canvas for my other photos now :)
Great products I must say...!!
- Payal
Thomas writes on 10.12.2017
Using this company to create to wedding albums, was really easy especially using the program offered. The first album I created was brilliant quality and very reasonable priced. Would definitely recommend to others.
I will now be ordering samples and using this as part of my photography work.
Customer review from 07.12.2017
I have just received phonebook number five from All Digital. Excellent high quality. Another order will be getting logged.
Adam writes on 07.12.2017
This service was incredible! I have tried 2 other companies and this is by far the thickest paper, best layflat book and overall amazed that there was no clipping on photos (happened with others).

Highly recommend to all!!!
Mark writes on 06.12.2017
I have been asked to take part in a product review for SAAL Digital’s wall art product range, I ordered a 40 x 60 Alu-Dibond print of one of my photographs. As ever SAAL’s design software is a real pleasure to use and very intuitive. If you had never ordered photographic work before you would have no issues doing so with SAAL. The communication with the company throughout was excellent as was the delivery of my artwork. The quality and sharpness of the finished image were second to none and I will definitely be using them again. The resulting work is displayed in my dining room and has had very positive comments.
I have no qualms about recommending SAAL for all future printing orders to my friends and colleagues and I will be using them for a very long time to come.

Yahiya writes on 06.12.2017
I have come across Saal Digital via Facebook and did not take it seriously. But surprisingly, generous £25 worth voucher came through via email and I decided to put some of our family photos from iPhones and other digital sources in to a photobook. The software is simple to use, quite intuitive and has templates already. After uploading some of the photos, I have sent my order and within few days I had a knock from courier company delivering the photobook. That was pretty fast.

And know I have family photobook with precious photos I kept in my digital archives. Thanks to Saal!
Customer review from 06.12.2017
Thanks for the opportunity to use your service and to gain a photobooklet. The service was really easy to use and and simple and advanced controls which was interesting to see. Will be using this service again in the future.
Customer review from 05.12.2017
Another fantastic product by a fantastic company, HIGHLY recommended!
Peter writes on 05.12.2017
As always such amazing service from you guys and delivered within the week, on the lead up to Christmas is very impressive.
The quality of the product as always is top notch. Would not use any other lab now. :)

Thank you so much and have a great Christmas.
Customer review from 04.12.2017
It has been a great pleasure printing my photos with Saal Digital. They are fast, reliable, honest and do all their best to provide a client with a product of superb quality. This has been true with me, if you don't believe, just make an order) THANK YOU!!!
Customer review from 03.12.2017
Ordered a photobook based on the high quality of Photobooklet that I have previously purchased
Peter writes on 03.12.2017
The product is exceptional quality for the price point. Website very clear and easy to use, incredibly quick turnaround and delivery. Software if helpful, especially in a seamless link to the website for ordering and payment. One comment I would make is not most intuitive when it comes to layout options. I want to choose a layout for a page and add pictures to that. Whereas you only get the layout options as you add more pictures to a page. I want to keep a layout design and try different pictures in different spaces without it reorganising the page.

Other than that TINY thing, amazing service and a super product; Highly recommend.
Dougie writes on 02.12.2017
Fifth book ordered from Seal, very much impressed with every product I receive. Thank You.
Mihaita writes on 02.12.2017
Highly recommend the Photo Booklets , brilliant service and fast delivery. The quality of the printing is very good and I am happy with the result of my photo book.
Thank you so much for excellent quality .
Dilpreet writes on 30.11.2017
I was offered a £40 gift voucher in return of a honest feedback.

What is good

1. The Quality of the photobook is good, i had 10 page album with XT thick page. They look good and feel good. However I am not sure how the photobook without hard page looks and feel.
2. Delivery was good, from order to delivery it was 7 days. Very impressed.
3. Print quality is very good. Colours are true to what you see. So no problems in this area whatsoever.

What is not good
1. The album with XT page cannot have more than 30 pages , i have seens ablum with more pages with XT thick pages.
2. Even though the size of album says A4, it is not. It is smaller, I think 2 cms in width and 1.5 cms in lenght. So I won't be using this for my professional work.
3. Software was very difficult to use, or may be i did not find it easy. The layout felt bit restrictive. This requires improvement or at least very detailed video on how to use it.

It is cost effective. But not to say that it is the best.
Iain writes on 29.11.2017
Every photographers dream, a top quality product, with a very professional finish. Having trained in Lithography printing and bookbinding, I have the ability to see this as a superb piece of craftsmanship.
Customer review from 29.11.2017
Good service
Customer review from 29.11.2017
This will be the second order I have placed, having been entirely pleased with the quality of my first order.
Customer review from 28.11.2017
Really great quality. Impressed with accurate colour profiling and good tonal resolution across full gamut.
Jekaterina writes on 28.11.2017
Thank you for a great service! Will definitely use you again and will recommend you to my friends.
The quality of the photobook is perfect, nice thick paper and fast delivery!
The only confusion I had was with the first and the last pages. It was not clear enough if the first page where you put photo goes on the cover or if it doesn't. Now I know that i need to leave my first and last pages blank.
Customer review from 28.11.2017
This is for the small photo book received some time ago not the large one just ordered.

Superb service and unbelievably fast delivery and quality of product. The whole Saal experience coul not be improved. Keep up the great work.
John writes on 27.11.2017
The quality of the A3 Landscape photobook exceeded my expectations. The colours were spot on. I highly rate the hardcover photobook and Saal-Digital for providing an excellent product. All I ask for is an A3 portrait format option in the photobook Catagory. Saal-digital, you have earned me as a returning customer.
Customer review from 27.11.2017
I am an amateur landscape photographer and having seen another Saal book I decided to make yearbooks of my work. My first book is lovely and I'm thrilled with it's quality. I love that there is no seam in the centre of 2 page spreads so the photo is seen properly. I was able to track delivery through every step and knew exactly when it would arrive.
I will be able to display my work when I give talks to other photographic societies next year
I'm really looking forward to making my 2017 year book.
Customer review from 27.11.2017
Amazing Software.. it was soo much fun creating my photobook
Customer review from 26.11.2017
Product is lovey quality, the software is ok to use and probably easier when one gets more familiar with it.
Customer review from 25.11.2017
Highly recommend .
Customer review from 24.11.2017
The software provided is very user friendly, and makes creating an album very quick and easy. The website is very informative and practical. Just now waiting for our first album tests, and all being well I will use your company on a regular basis
Renata writes on 23.11.2017
I ordered the hard cover photobook from Saal (landscape, 28x19 in high end print mate paper) and was extremely satisfied with the easy use of their software when ordering as well as the quality of the product. My photobook arrived earlier than I expected and the quality of the print and finish did justice to my photos. I was also very impressed that the way how the central fold doesn't affect the pictures at all. As this was a Christmas present, I am now in a process of selecting more photos to do a second photobook. Amazing product and fast delivery makes a very happy customer! :-)
Joanna writes on 23.11.2017
Initially the first time i tried to make a photobook it took a very long time, more so as i didn't have a specific reason for the book. Second time I tried i used the faster option and it was done is minutes and delivered within days. Very impressed with service and quality.
Asma writes on 22.11.2017
Jusr received my photobook. Very impressed with quality of work and printing. Just a little glitch, I did try to check pics on all pages since i used online portal but somehow missed and same photo is printed thrice. But it maybe a glitch of overlooking on my side too... will use again ... the colors are brilliant .
Customer review from 22.11.2017
The finished product for the photobook was AMAZING! I highly recommend this product!
Customer review from 21.11.2017
Im so happy with this, the service was fast, the voucher was so kind and the quality really shows my wildlife shots off well, theres nothing i can fault with this and would be happy to sell these to clients for wildlife and weddings. thanks again and def a service ill be using again in the future.
Larissa writes on 21.11.2017
Amazing quality !!! Very happy with my photobook.
Nick writes on 18.11.2017
This is my second order with Saal Digital and once again, you’ve knocked it out of the park with this order. I’m really happy with it - Thank You!
patrick writes on 18.11.2017
Brilliant service and great quality and speed of delivery and cost would recommend highly this site to anyone
David writes on 18.11.2017
My first photo book with Saal, the quality is excellent, photos sharp and good reproduction of colours .
I will try their print service next,
Thank you
Mr D. Newbury
Matthew writes on 17.11.2017
My Photobook arrived today. It was well packaged and arrived in a short time from Germany.

My photographs look beautiful. Totally astounded with the quality of the book, the paper, the printing accuracy and the binding.

The landscapes lay flat and the page centre is barely discernible.

I have already shown a few of my friends the finished product and they love it also.

I want to order further books when I am ready.

Great work!
Ben writes on 17.11.2017
I was contacted by SAAL Digital to try their products and have to say the process of selecting a designing a print was excellent. I will definitely use them again and the resulting image, given as a birthday present, is very much liked by the recipient. The options available via the software is suitable for a number of applications however I chose the aluminum mounted picture and think the quality and sharpness of the image is second to none.

Comes highly recommended
Customer review from 16.11.2017
Loads of fun making this book, i'll be posting my finished product on my Instagram page 'lornasinstaphotography'

Thank you for this opportunity to make my book
Mike writes on 15.11.2017
My customers are full of praise for the Gallery Prints and I cannot fault Saal. I've already recommended their services to several other professional photographers

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