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Oluwafemi writes on 31.12.2016
The gift box is way too expensive. Imagine if I have to pay almost the same amount for photobook and giftbox. This is my first order and I cannot judge on the quality of services or delivery yet.
Andrew writes on 30.12.2016
Can only comment so far on the design stage for the photobook, there are plenty of options to ensure the you are going to get something that is really easy to design or give you a design that is truly unique. The software is intuitive and very easy to use and again deciding on the option at the start the design stage can take anything from a few minutes to however much time you want to put into it, personally I have probably spent a total of eight hours putting my book together. A quick word on customer service, I was contacted a couple of times whilst in deign to ask if everything was okay.
Customer review from 29.12.2016
As a keen wildlife photographer I've used a number of printers and I have to say the quality was excellent thus resulting in a higher price than some other. I believe you get what you pay for.
Customer service was first class, extremely helpful and quick when I had any issues. At first the software was a little difficult but once you get to grip with it you realise how easy it is to put the book together.
Highly recommend many thanks
Customer review from 29.12.2016
Totally loved my finished product, which I found to be of great quality, and creating it was very easy to do with your software. I particularly liked having full control over where I could place my photos, and the fact I didn't have to upload them individually first.
Communications were great, and prompt delivery too.
Only change I would make personally would be to not print on the inside front and back covers as it seems a little strange - maybe that's an English thing though ;)
Rana writes on 28.12.2016
The printing quality was beyond my expectation. Very good service overall.

One little minor comment is to improve the photobook software. On the mac it was a bit slow. Other than that, all is good.

I' definitely, going to use the SAAL for photo printing - especially book printing.
Ed writes on 27.12.2016
Really impressed with the quality of the print. Nice thick pages that burst with colour. Lovely cover in really good quality. The software works nicely and allows me to design my spreads in indesign and upload them super easily. Other softwares arn't great for this!

Quick turnaround. Reasonable price you can find cheaper of course but they won;t look as good as this!
Customer review from 26.12.2016
I really cannot rate Saal-digtal's Photobooks highly enough! I opted for a 52-page Photobook in 15cm x 21cm (A5 portrait) format, which provides 26 double-page spreads, plus cover. I opted for standard glossy card cover and matt finish internal pages. The software for designing the layout and uploading the photos was simple and easy to use, once I'd fathomed out a couple of small counter-intuitive features about layout control! The software's workflow is excellent and provides ample opportunity to review and amend your design at any time, whilst also providing a seamless transition into the actual ordering and uploading process.

Once I'd placed the order, the company provided excellent communications regarding the progress and expected delivery date, which turned out to be spot on -- just one week from ordering, with most of that time accounted for by the slowness of mail deliveries from Germany.

The final product was well packaged and arrived in pristine condition and its quality is absolutely superb. The binding process really does deliver a seamless centre fold, so that each double-page printing can carry a single image without detriment to the image. I deliberately chose a range of images taken from numerous cameras of varying image resolution and the quality differences between them remain obvious in the final printed product, demonstrating that there is no loss of image quality even for 42Mp high resolution images, which render in absolutely stunning detail on the high quality photographic paper used in the product.

All in all, I am delighted with my experience of using Saal-digital and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality printed photographic product. They aren't cheap by cheap internet printing standards but the quality really is at professional standard and far exceeds anything I have seen from other companies.
Alberto writes on 23.12.2016
Just recived a photography book ordered on saal.digital.uk
Stunning paper quality and fantastic prints
I didn't lose any details on my photos ( a detail of full page attached in photo )
Easy setting up the page thanks for them software
Good communication with customers service
Fast delivery and reasonable prices
Definitely I'll use again,and will recommend to my colleagues and friends to join them
Customer review from 23.12.2016
Received a Photobook on Monday (it was very quick - less than a week) and can’t express enough how I’m happy!
The printing quality is absolutely superb, colors are just they suppose to be.
I’m very grateful for the such amazing work!
Pei writes on 22.12.2016
I saw the free photo book offer on FaceBook and decided to give it a go!

After I received my voucher code, I downloaded the software to my laptop, and searched out various photos to insert into the album. I was able to select a design, framing, colours etc, and selected photos for each page. It was quite easy, I only really struggled with the cover page as I wasn't able to upload a photo but left it as text in the end.

The photo album arrived within a few days and I was impressed the package went through the letterbox without the need for the postman to knock on the door. The quality of the book is excellent, though I'm no expert...but the photos looked great. My sister in law asked if a professional photographer took the photos but they were taken either on my iPhone or my Canon cameras. So the print was definitely excellent! Thank you!!!
Customer review from 19.12.2016
What can I say. The quality if fantastic, it was easy to design and fast delivery.
The photobooks make for a great portfolio.
I will be ordering more. highly recommended!
Paul writes on 13.12.2016
I saw an offer on facebook for £40 off photobooks, and thought I that I've been meaning to get one printed to show my portfolio to prospective clients. The colours in the pictures were excellent - very vibrant. I loved the fact that the pages opened flat which allowed for 2 page spreads. The only negative I would say was that the front cover page was tucked under a bit too close to the opening edge. I've checked the software and there was no way I would have known that this would happen. However this is just something to bear in mind for the future. This photobook was a good quality and I would certainly use it for wedding "parents" albums. However I am yet to find a product of suitably high quality to use for the official wedding album. I didn't notice a premium range from this company.
Customer review from 13.12.2016
Loved the Photobook I just recieved - great quality of printing and materials. Just a couple of points - First the 'A4' photobooks aren't really A4 - although the size quoted in figures is accurate the landscape version is actually 15% smaller than A4, just something to be aware of! Also I couldn't find an easy way to move the photo within the template to frame it up .. you have to move the template edges and then move the picture which results in losing the exact layout often as not, it should be easier! A minor annoyance only though. All in all though an excellent product and I will use again with confidence.
Customer review from 09.12.2016
I ordered my book through the Facebook offer and was blown away by the quality of the product and the quality of service.
I am about to start my own business and am very interested in becoming a reseller.
Fantastic job guys.
Customer review from 07.12.2016
I am looking forward to receiving my 2017 calendar
Louisa writes on 07.12.2016
i saw the free photo book offer on Facebook, and as i was looking to create a portfolio of my most resent work, so i jumped at the chance.
now i have created a few photo books over the past 6 years, as this seems to be the number one choice for wedding albums. I have always used the same company, but after reading some of the reviews i decided to give Saal ago.
Downloading the software was easy enough, once got to grips with what everything did it wasn't to bad to use, but must admit i was a little disappointed with the templates, would liked to have a little more choice. And would like to see a full page preview of the book. Once i was happy i sent the order on the 28/11/16 it arrived on the 3/12/16. Once i opened the parcel i was pleased with the look and feel of the book, i went for the hardcover matte padded cover. I chose to have gloss print inside as i had a mix of colour and b&w, and i have to say i am very pleased with the results, the prints are sharp and clean and the paper quality is really good, also love the lay flat feature. I would defiantly use Saal again to print another portfolio.
Scott writes on 06.12.2016
Awesome service! Highly recommend
David writes on 06.12.2016
This is the first time I have used Saal and I was not disappointed!. I received my album in a reasonable time and I am very pleased with my album. The quality of production is stunning.
The photo paper is of very high quality and has that laminated look which is superb.
The photos are brilliant with vibrant colours. I will certainly be using Saal for any future albums and this album is the best I have seen by far. Many thanks to Saal!
Customer review from 06.12.2016
I was recently asked to produce a photobook for review and have to say that i was very impressed. The software was easy to use and once sent it took 3 day to arrive.
the quality of the printing was fantastic and will be getting some more done soon.
karen writes on 06.12.2016
Wanting to produce a book to show case my recent work in a professional format i was delighted to find the ad on instagram to trial this product, after all who doesn't like 'free' things. It was easy and quick to download the software for the templates, i found it a little confusing to start with but quickly got the idea and had designed my 28 pages very quickly. The hardest part was choosing which work to include! The upload of my images was fast considering the image size and delivery of my book was within days. The book was delivered in ample packaging to keep the hard back cover from damage and i was blown away by the quality of the printed images! Not only where they crisp but the colours were the same as represented on my monitor! Amazing. The photo paper is nice and thick so gives a great feel to the pages as you turn them, it is a lay flat format and it does. I feel this to be a very high quality product that i will not hesitate to show to potential clients and to use during portfolio reviews. I highly recommend this product.
Customer review from 05.12.2016
The whole process has been an absolute joy to do. The software was so easy to download and you can adapt all the layouts or just use the ones provided which give your photobook a nice modern feel and not just the 4 to a page that you usually get. I love the range of page sizes and the ability to add text to anywhere in the book is also fantastic. Overall i am overjoyed at this product. I just can't wait to see it in person now!!
Customer review from 04.12.2016
I have always used Apple Photobooks but they changed their format making it too restricted for me. Luckily my niece recommended Saal and this is the third book I have done this year!
Gary writes on 02.12.2016
An excellent service and product. I was very impressed with the software which has a variety of templates and options giving a great deal of creative style when designing the book. The quality of the pages and printing is one of the best I have seen for a photobook and the colours were captured well. I have used a number over the years including the Apple books and this Saal book is far superior to the others and the Apple products in my opinion. The book arrived quickly. What more can I say - highly recommended by a Pro Photographer.
Customer review from 02.12.2016
designed thursday afternoon, you printed it on friday i had it before breakfast on monday!!!
Customer review from 02.12.2016
I have recently produced a photobook to showcase some of my amateur work, and I've got to say the customer service, website and software is fantastic. The software is so easy to use everything is clearly set out. I think the prices are amazing too. I haven't received my product yet as only submitted it yesterday but I love the fact it has a link to be able to keep up to date with the production of it. Brilliant. Will deffinatly be recommending to everyone I know. I will also write another review once I receive my photo book too.
Customer review from 01.12.2016
We pretty love working with you, thank you!

Szandra and Gabor
Kids in Light Photography
Customer review from 30.11.2016
I am impressed with the easy to use software, the templates can be easily mixed and matched, and altered on the page which I did with a couple of pages and had no design issues, other than the pre-set image ratios of the boxes, which I couldn't seem to alter other than a single click zoom in/out. The speed of turnaround and delivery was very quick - uploaded late Tuesday - got delivery confirmation Thursday and received the book on Saturday!

The book itself is a good quality , great hardback cover - however little disappointed there is no fly leaf.. Had I've known I may have changed first picture.

I wanted to use this a demo of work for my pictures - however I did seem to have an issue with my "misty" morning purple hues - they just weren't there! and the overall the printing wasn't quite as vibrant as some printed copies of the same photo I had produced previously.

However taking into account the ease, flexibility and price this is a very good option and I will probably use again for specific projects.
Dave writes on 30.11.2016
Incredibly easy to use - tools are superb and make life very easy.

The final product is simply brilliant and a joy to look at.

2 very minor comments:
Possibly make it clearer the cover photos are the outside cover not inside covers for first timers!
The texture of the outside covers detracted from photos when light is at an angle...
Jonatas writes on 29.11.2016
Overall I like the photobook but one thing I am quite disappointed: the black and white photos look quite yellow toned, with a lack of bright white and contrast. Color photos look bright and good quality.
gill writes on 28.11.2016
Just received my photobook today, ordered on 23-11-16. Good timely turnaround. Photobook is brilliant quality will definitely be ordering again from SAAL
Customer review from 28.11.2016
As a regular buyer of photobook products I was initially wary of the free offer from SAAL. Having tried and tested products from many different suppliers, some very well known, I became disappointed in the varying quality of both the printed images and the materials used. Hence, for the past 5 five years I have remained with one reliable supplier only as I have found the software they provide as fairly easy to use and the standard of quality of the printed product has been constant time after time.
Since this offer for a free trial seemed too good to turn down I went ahead and ordered it. I decided on a Photobook of size 19cm x 19cm with 26 matte pages, Leather Cream cover, unpadded. Just for the sake of saving time I used the basic ready-made templates within the SAAL software, which I must stress is a breeze to use. I used around a 100 images (of a wedding some years ago) to show a sample of my typical wedding coverage to prospective clients. I don’t have any sample photobooks to show to clients as the products I currently use are very expensive so this handy sized book will come in very useful.
The SAAL product itself is very impressive and you can feel the quality before you even open it, just by just the finish of the cover itself. On opening the book for the first time I immediately scrutinised the binding as this ultimately proves the robustness and longevity of a book. I have been very disappointed with other manufacturers when it comes to this most critical part a books construction. The SAAL book was put through rigorous bending, opening and flicking pages back and forth (yes I was rough with it) without any concerns or visible crease failure. Under close inspection I am guessing that the production of this book is from one continuous roll of photo paper, which may explain its aversion to wear and tear. The heavy weight photo quality paper used produces true colours with black blacks and white whites (if that makes any sense), and also giving fine control of contrast.
All in all I’m very impressed by the SAAL photobook and will certainly be ordering more in future and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am very very choosey when it comes to books and SAAL wins hands down over the rest. Try them and see for yourself.
Gillian writes on 28.11.2016
Easy to use software and easy to design the book once I got the hang of it. Very quick to upload the images which is great.
Only comment on the design would be the size as images had to be cropped or a border put round to fit to A4 size as that doesn't fit the dimensions of the original images.
Well printed and bound book. Padded cover with images a nice extra.. Photo paper pages are nice and well bound together, pity I didn't try the extra thick pages though as this would have gave the pages more weight.
Arrived quickly and well packaged.
Happy with the book and would use again.
Customer review from 28.11.2016
Good quality, easy and user friendly software. A bit pricey but I really like it. Delivery time was a good surprise. I may use this again for my travel books.
stephen writes on 28.11.2016
your service is one of the best around and the product is second to none i recommend you too all my clients and look forward to working with you in the future to produce great works of art and memories that will last a lifetime
Customer review from 27.11.2016
Just received my Photobook. Software was easy to use and ordering was simple. Quick delivery and the photo quality of the printing is superb. Highly recommended.
Ian writes on 26.11.2016
Great website , the products are amazing and the software is very easy to use fast delivery will be using for our photo company
Customer review from 26.11.2016
Ben writes on 25.11.2016
I ordered and paid for my photobook on Sunday evening, after using the easy to use software and dragging and dropping my photos onto the required pages, all very easy, the book was dispatched on the Monday morning, and received today, Friday. A brilliant service, and the book was top quality, and I will be using it this weekend to promote both our businesses. I will not hesitate to recommend your products and use your service again.
Many Thanks
Ben Williams
Natural Encounters Photography
Antonio writes on 25.11.2016
At the moment I just order my book but the websitie works very goog and the software is very easy and efficient
Gordon writes on 24.11.2016
I feel that this survey / comments request is a little premature, I will do and submit a review of the software and its usability to facebook in due course, and will do a follow up review once the book is received.

As I am the Editor, I would offer to put a review into the World Image Magazine ( www.worldimagemag.com ) but would need to access more of the products available.

My review of the software and photobook will be published in the magazine.

Best Regards

Gordon Longmead
Customer review from 24.11.2016
looking forward to receiving my order
Carl writes on 23.11.2016
I recently took up offer to review a photobook with Saal Digital. Having seen a review in a photgraphy magazine I was interested to create and see what the quality was like with a view to using as sample portfolios.
Firstly, the software is very simple to use and gives you plent of scope to be creative or, if you prefer, use templates provided. There are a multitude of options from cover types, sizes and print finishes so you are really spoilt for choice.
I received my photobook within a few days of ordering and was mightily impressed with the quality and finish of the product. It is important to use their ICC profiles in your given photo editing software as I forgot one couple of images in soft-proofing and are a little darker than I would have liked but that is down to user error and not Saals printing. They are not the cheapest or the most expensive company for photo books but the very high quality is such that I will use them again in a professional capacity.
Customer review from 22.11.2016
Loved the photo book and plan to use it again soon. Love the fact the software allows you to drag and drop from a hard drive rather than upload it to the software.
Highly recommended.
neil writes on 22.11.2016
Just received my photo book from Saal-Digital.co.uk and all I can say is I'm very happy. The quality of the whole book is superb and delivery was fast. I'll definitely be ordering more prints/books etc from Saal in the very near future. Thank you Saal for such great service.
Tamas writes on 21.11.2016
I ordered my first Photobook :) I read only positive comments, so i hope my book will be pro quality :)
Tomassco- Tomas writes on 20.11.2016
Recently i received my photobook .Totally pleased with it . The software is easy to download and install . The pages are very thick and heavy- they lay flat at the open page and do not bend . I will be using SAAL again !
Customer review from 16.11.2016
Recently I received the square photobook created by Saal Digital. I must say I was delighted with the quality of the photobook, thickness of pages and generally all book had a nice feel to it. I ordered matt finish for the book cover and pages and I think it looks stunning. The service was really good and book was created within one day and delivery was in a couple of days. The software was easy to use when you had a little play with it. I will be definitely using the company again.
Jon writes on 15.11.2016
I have just received my photo book which arrived very quickly. I was impressed with the software which is free to download and very easy to use. I am overjoyed at the quality of the finished album, it looks and feels very much a professional photo book. Along with the quality of Saals products, after a price comparison with other companies offering the same, I would highly recommend Saal for value, quality and delivery. I very nice company to do business with. Thank you.
Xavier writes on 15.11.2016
I already ordered one print on Alu-dibon... The quality was really really good!!!! So I ordered others prints on Fine art!!!
Thanks Saal Digital!!!!
Customer review from 14.11.2016
I received my new portfolio, a book produced by Saal Digital UK.
I was so excited to hold it and turn the pages, it did not disappoint! The pages feel thick but I think this will keep the book fresher for longer and will avoid dog eared pages. The printing was great (could not fault it) and really showed my work off. The finish was of high quality and I can not wait to start showing it to new clients as I am sure it will secure me work. The process of formatting the book was easy with Saal's own software and the delivery was swift. Have to say I am impressed with the results all round and will order again!
Customer review from 14.11.2016
Great promotion! Many thanks!
Catherine writes on 14.11.2016
Today I received my portfolio of my dog images in one of Saal-digital's books. Totally pleased with it. Their software for making the book was easy to use and the book itself is just beautiful. Pure quality. I look forward to displaying it at my next show.

I totally recommend this company as the making up of the book was very easy and uncomplicated and the delivery time was extremely quick. I chose a matt finish cover with my logo on it together with a presentation box and I just love how it has turned out. A big thank you to Saal-Digital. Will definitely be using them in the future.
Barry writes on 10.11.2016
Overall not major issues
Chris writes on 09.11.2016
Excellent, very professional, high-quality photobook. Thank you very much!
Customer review from 08.11.2016
Finally I got my Portfolio.
I am absolutely pleased with the superb quality overall.
I love the way has been printed: colours are great at the right saturation point.
Thanks Saal-Digital
PS Customer Service is always been very kind and accommodating with my requests.
Customer review from 05.11.2016
Great website , the products are amazing and the software is very easy to use.
Adam writes on 04.11.2016
Recently I had the pleasure to receive a photo book off the good people at Saal Digital UK. The company was a pleasure to work with and communication with them was fantastic.
The company supply a free software to download to make their wide range of products, not just photo books. The software is easy to follow and a pleasure to use. Making your products couldn't be easier.
I opted for an A4 photo book with a soft and matt finish cover. Delivery times were great with not too much time waiting for the postman to come with my book.
The quality of print is of top standard and the matt paper I went with really compliments the pictures.
I would highly recommend them if you were ever thinking of making a photo book.
Peter writes on 04.11.2016
Received my photobook back from Saal Digital and must say I am very impressed with quality and delivery time.
I will definitely be using this company for my future wedding albums.
Customer review from 03.11.2016
Took me a while to prepare the book but only because I've not used your software before.

I liked that you could use blank pages and place and size the images to suit each page. My only comment would be that I couldn't size the images full bleed without cropping as the book was A4 rather then 2x3 scale.

The upload was very quick which was good.

I look forward to receiving my book.
Ian writes on 03.11.2016
Software quick and simple to install, I've had some experience in using desktop publishing software so quickly worked out how to drag and drop photos in place etc. There is good selection of sample backgrounds and artwork for the photobook to use and designing the layout was very easy.

The hardback photobook was of good quality and my friends were over the moon with the finished product, as it is a lasting keepsake of their special wedding day.

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