Code of Conduct for suppliers

Saal Digital Fotoservice GmbH (in the following referred to as "Saal Digital") expects its business partners to comply with these standards. Our expectations are listed in this supplier declaration, which you contractually agree to maintain.

Compliance with laws and observance of generally accepted standards

As a supplier of Saal Digital I commit myself to:

  • comply with applicable laws and regulations,
  • be fair, respectful and trustworthy in all activities and business relationships,
  • act in accordance with generally accepted principles and standards of social and environmental responsibility and internationally recognized human rights, including existing laws to prevent modern slavery,
  • not give myself or others an undue advantage,
  • comply with the regulations on occupational safety, environmental protection and data protection

Equality of treatment

Saal Digital expects its suppliers to support equality of opportunity and treatment and to prevent discrimination in terms of recruiting, promoting or providing educational training opportunities. No employee may be discriminated because of his or her gender, age, skin colour, culture, ethnic origin, sexual identity, disability, religion or belief.

Intellectual property

Saal Digital respects the intellectual property of third parties, such as registered trademarks, designs and patents as well as copyrights. The same is expected from the suppliers.

Ban on bribery and corruption

As supplier of Saal Digital I commit myself to:

  • not offer, promise or grant any personal advantage to domestic or foreign public officials for the purpose of undertaking or refraining from an official act (in particular benefits in kind such as payments and loans, including the giving of smaller gifts over a longer period of time),
  • not give invitations, gifts or other items of value with the intention of manipulating Saal Digital employees,
  • not engage in acts of bribery with the help of others, such as relatives, friends, agents, consultants, planners and brokers,
  • not support unlawful activities of others.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

Saal Digital expects its suppliers to make decisions related to their business with Saal Digital only based on objective criteria. Conflicts of interest with private matters, economic or other activities, including those of relatives or other related persons or organisations, are avoided from the outset.

Anti-money laundering

Saal Digital only cooperates with serious business partners who operate within the legal regulations and do not use illegal financial means.

Saal Digital expects its suppliers to comply with the relevant legal obligations to prevent money laundering, tax evasion and to not engage in money laundering activities.

Invitations, gifts and other personal benefits

Saal Digital expects that its suppliers do not misuse invitations and gifts for manipulation. Invitations and gifts to employees of Saal Digital or persons close to them will only be granted if the occasion and extent are appropriate. The advantage must be within the scope of generally accepted business practices and may not violate any law.

In Germany, gifts of a total value of 35 € per person and year to business partners are permitted and can be claimed as business expenses  (§ 4 Para. 5 Income tax act). In addition, promotional items (calendars, pens, tags, etc.) can be distributed for less than 10 € per item. Decisive are the acquisition or production costs.

Equally, the suppliers do not demand unreasonable advantages of Saal Digital employees.

Occupational safety, environmental protection and data protection

Saal Digital expects its suppliers to comply with the applicable national health and safety legislation.

Saal Digital expects its suppliers to comply with the applicable national environmental laws, regulations and standards.

Personal data may only be collected, used and stored in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. Company and business-related data are to be treated confidentially and may only be used within the scope of duties. Saal Digital expects the same from its suppliers.

Rejection of Forced Labour

All forms of forced labour are rejected.

Rejection of Child Labour

  • Compliance with the Convention on the minimum age for admission to employment (Convention 138 of the International Labour Organisation)
  • Compliance with the Convention concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour (Convention 182 of the International Labour Organisation)

Conduct towards competitors

  • Compliance with applicable laws: in particular competition law and anti-trust law must be observed.
  • Prices, quantities and conditions may not be arranged with competitors.
  • Arrangements with competitors on market sharing are not permitted.
  • Contacts with competitors in general should be limited to the absolute necessary minimum.

Supplier relationships

Saal Digital expects its suppliers to pass on all principles and requirements described here to their subcontractors and suppliers in an appropriate extent.

Consequences of non-compliance

Any violation of the principles and requirements specified in the Code of Conduct for Suppliers is considered a significant impairment of the contractual relationship on the part of the supplier.

In case of suspicion of non-compliance with the described principles and requirements, Saal Digital reserves the right to request information about the relevant facts.

Furthermore, Saal Digital reserves the right not to extend individual or all contractual relationships with suppliers, who demonstrably do not fulfil the code of conduct for suppliers, or to refrain from subsequent orders.

Status: 11/2020

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