Soft proofing in Lightroom

The soft proof is available in Lightroom version 4 and higher for RGB profiles.

First download the appropriate profile for your product, the specific ICC profile is zipped.

Soft proofing in Lightroom (version 4 or higher)

First of all, please download the corresponding profile for the product that you are going to order. 

Please note that the profiles for wall decors (acrylic glass, metal print, PVC foamboard, Canvas, Picture Box) and for all greeting cards are CMYK profiles.  If you still want to use the softproof function for the mentioned products, please use Photoshop. However, the image data must be sent to us in RGB regardless of which product you have chosen.

1. Install the profile

When you have downloaded the file, please unzip it and import the profile.

  • MAC OS X: Please copy the profile into the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder.
  • Windows: Please right-click the profile and select "Install Profile".

2. Preparations

Please click on "Develop" on the menu bar and select the "Soft Proofing" checkbox.
The background will turn white, indicating that you are in soft proofing mode. Besides, you can also see "Proof Preview" on the corner.

Soft proofing in Lightroom

Soft proofing in Lightroom

Soft proofing in Lightroom

3. Start soft proofing

You can adjust the settings under the tab "Soft Proofing" on the right side.
Please note, you need to select the corresponding profile for the product that you want to order. In addition, please examine whether the checkbox "Simulate Paper & Ink" has to be selected. It depends on the product. 


4. Export the finished image

If your image with the softproof is displayed correctly and looks the way that you wish to have it, you can export your image. Go to File> Export and enter your desired settings.

Please note, that the file settings must be in an RGB colour space under 'colour space' and that the SaalDigital profile should not be set!

Soft proofing in Lightroom

5. Order your pictures

Finally, you can order your pictures via the software or via the webshop with the direct upload function.