Error message in the project

You receive an error message during the processing of your project?

If you receive an error message during processing, please get the most current version of our Software and re-install it.

If problems persist, install the diagnostic tool

If problems persist after the new installation, we need your support to diagnose the problem more closely.

Please go to the following link and install the diagnostic tool:


How do I proceed with the diagnostic tool?

If you have installed the diagnostics tool, please proceed as follows:

  1. Please go to the button next to the installation location and select the software under Programs accordingly. The software is usually stored under C:\\programs\\ ....
  2. Then please click on next. The software will open automatically.
  3. Please proceed as usual in the software and execute the steps that led to the error.
  4. Then close the software and select the output location.
  5. Here, a zip file will be saved.

After saving, please send us this zip file and a screenshot of the error message Your message will be processed immediately.

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