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Get to know Saal Digital, step by step

Saal Digital Photobook Tutorial

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to creating your design with the Saal Design Software - from opening the program to ordering the photobook. Dive into the Saal Digital product world and get to know the photobook as well as the multitude of configuration possibilities.

OneMinute Photobook Tutorial

Learn how to quickly create a photobook using the OneMinute Photobook function. Once created, you can make changes and fine tune your book. You can find this design option in the Saal Design Software and in our webshop.

AutoLayout Photobook Tutorial

The AutoLayout function in the Saal Digital software offers the perfect blend of design freedom and automation for a completely customized photobook. Find out how the AutoLayout function can help you design yours.

How to create cards using Saal Design

There is nothing better than surprising your loved ones with an original card. You can use them for a wedding, communion, birthday or simply as a thank-you. In today's video we show you how you can quickly create impressive cards using Saal Design.

Create and format personalized text

In this short video, we show you how you can create personalized text with our Saal Design Software. You will get to know all the capabilities of our text tool so that you can always find exactly what you are looking for.

Changing design lines

In this one-minute video we show you how you can change the design lines in our Saal Design Software. You can choose from a variety of design lines and use the options offered by our design lines tool to perfectly complement your personal photobook.

Configure a photobook in the Saal Design software

In this video, we explain how to configure a photobook in the Saal Design software. Different format options and choices for the cover and inside pages allow you to personalize your photobook. 

Placing text on the spine of the book

In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to place your text on the spine of your photobook with just one click using the Saal Design software.

Use your own fonts

Although the Saal Design software has many fonts that are suitable for every occasion, you sometimes want to use your own. In this quick tutorial we explain how to load fonts from the operating system and apply them to your project.

Become familiar with our photo papers

With Saal Digital, you can choose between various high-quality photo papers to suit your project. Watch this video to learn about the most important features and turn your photo into a work of art! 

Comparison: Metal Print and Brushed Metal Print

Choosing the right surface for your images is crucial. In this video, you will get to know the essential differences between our Metal Prints and Brushed Metal Prints

Cover Design Inspiration: Lovely day

There are infinite options to customize the front and back covers of your photobook. In this video we explore one idea for a cover design based on geometry.

Did you know can convert your article after you have started to design it?

In many occasions, we may find ourselves designing, for example, a photobook, and when we have already done a few pages and have almost finished, we decide that we want to change to another photobook format, page finish or type of cover. No problem! In this video, we show you how to change the settings of your photo product even if you have already started the design in Saal Design..

Cover design inspiration - "My best friend"

No design ideas for the front and back cover of your next photobook? No problem, in this video we'll show you an example of how to use some cliparts of our software for your next photobook to make it even more special.

How to use backgrounds

In this video, we show you how to use backgrounds when designing your photobook. 

Cover design inspiration - "My summer vacation"

No design ideas for the cover of your next photobook? No problem, in this video we'll show you how to create a summer related collage. Get inspired!

Design tips: How to use cliparts

In this video, we share with you some design tips to get the most out of the cliparts you can find in Saal Design software.

Cover design inspiration - "Orange World"

No design ideas for the front and back cover of your next photobook? No problem, in this video we'll show you an example that combines both the project and the photographer.

Did you can make some adjustments on your photos using Saal Design?

Within Saal Design software you can modify your photos by adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast ... and much more.

Cover Design Inspiration - "Photographic Portfolio"

Are you looking for inspiration for the cover design of your next photobook? No problem, in this video we show you an example of design that you can use to present your own portfolio in a physical format. The cover will give prominence to the most representative photos while the back cover will focus on the author's signature.

How to use ICC profiles on Photoshop

In this quick video, we clarify all questions concerning the use of ICC profiles, which can be used to simulate the selected surface on the screen of your device. This allows you to see in advance what the photos will look like on the selected paper or surface, giving you full control over settings, such as colour and brightness.

Cover design inspiration - "Best memories"

We know that sometimes you might need a little inspiration to design your photobook covers. Don't worry, in this video we show you a perfect example for the Christmas season. We've designed a star-shaped cover and combined it with a texture on the spine and back cover of our photobook.

10 Tips for a perfect photo book

There are no limits to your creativity when creating a photo book, but these tips can help you create the perfect photo book. In this short video you will learn about the 10 most important points that we think should be considered when designing a photo book in order to achieve the best possible result. 

Cover design inspiration - "Friends for ever"

No design ideas for the cover of your next photo book? In this example we will show you how a series of selected images can serve as a small summary for the story in your photo book and at the same time start telling your story in an engaging way.

How to use the snap and grid tools

Do you want to precisely place your pictures when creating a photo book? In this short video we show you the automatic snap-in function and the grid tool. These two functions help you better place elements such as images, text fields and cliparts on the individual pages. This way you can create a harmonious composition in your photo book with all elements correctly aligned.

Cover design inspiration - "Morocco"

We hope to inspire you with some more cover designs for your Photobook. In this short video we show you a minimalistic design by using a mask for the cover image and combining it with a short text.



Download and Install the Saal Design Software

In this short video we show you how to easily download and install the Saal Design Software. In further tutorials we will guide you step by step through the software and show you the many functions available. This way you can individually design each of your photo products.

Cover design inspiration - "My Baby"

We hope to inspire you with some more cover designs for your Photobook. This time we focus on a single photo, with which we set perfectly in scene with a pattern in matching colours and a short text.

Discover our Photobook cover made of Natural Linen with the matching Premium Gift Box

In this short video we would like to introduce our photo book cover made of natural linen. To match, you can get our premium gift boxes, in combination with both black and white imitation leather with the same finish.

The different options for creating your Photobook

In this video we will show you the many different options to configure your photo book: Choose between different formats, paper types, page thicknesses and cover materials, and create photo books just the way you like them.

Design tips - How to choose the right Photobook format

Landscape format, portrait format or rather square? In this video we take a closer look at the different photo book formats and help you find out which format is best suited for your photos and layouts.

Inspiration for your Photobook cover - "Alternative Design"

We would like to inspire you with another creative design for your photo book cover. In this video we focus on an alternative design where we combine a photo with geometric shapes and floral cliparts.

5 Tips for your Photo Selection

Do you have a lot of beautiful pictures and just can't decide which ones to include in your Photobook? With these 5 tips we plan to make it easier for you to choose the right pictures.

Inspiration for Photobook cover design - "Baby Paul"

In this short video tutorial we will show you step by step how you can easily design this cute photo book cover yourself. It is best to use our Saal Design Software for the design, so you can follow each of the individual steps.

5 Tips for using text in your Photobook

Not sure which font to choose for your photo book? In this video we give you 5 tips on how to choose the right font for your text as well as some helpful information on where to place it.

How to use Saal ICC Profiles on Lightroom

In this video we show you how to correctly apply the Saal Digital ICC profiles to your images using the Lightroom software to be able to create a softproof and visualize the final printed result. 

3 Tips to design the perfect page

Do you want to place several pictures on a double page in your photo book? In this video tutorial you will get 3 helpful tips to help you create the perfect page.

5 Tips for a Perfect Wall Decor Display

Looking to decorate your home with personal motifs? In this short video you will find 5 helpful tips for the perfect wall decor design. 

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