Secure Photography Sales: Passwords, Watermarks, Copyright | Photo Portal

Security and privacy

Safeguarding Your Creative Work


Offer your clients an added layer of security by password-protecting individual galleries or projects. Simply set a unique password in the Share Settings and share it with your clients for exclusive access. This feature ensures that only intended recipients can view or purchase from your gallery.

Account Registration

Enhance gallery or project security by requiring user registration for access. This process ensures users agree to privacy policies, aligning with GDPR compliance while securely managing access. Registered users create their own login credentials, offering a seamless and secure browsing experience, and also allowing you to grow your potential customer base (contacts and contact groups) in a privacy-conscious manner.


Safeguard your images with customizable watermarks, ensuring they remain your property until purchased. You can choose from simple text watermarks with various fonts and colours or opt for an image watermark, like your logo. This feature protects your work and deters unauthorized use.

Copyright Protection

Retain full copyright of your images regardless of how they are shared or sold on our platform. As a dedicated gallery and shop system for photographers, we respect your intellectual property rights, ensuring you maintain ownership and control over your work.

GDPR Compliance

We prioritize your data security by encrypting and storing your data in Germany, adhering to European law. Our platform operates under a strict Data Processing Agreement, where we act as the data processor and you as the data controller, ensuring GDPR compliance. We implement robust technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, requiring consent from end users for data collection and sharing, fully detailed in our privacy policy.

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