The Wedding Box

The perfect gift for a very special day


Creative Layouts

Many creative ready to use Layouts make your Wedding Box a unique gift in no time.


100% personal

Complete the design by adding the names of the bridal couple and create a gift with a very personal touch.


A great surprise

Unique and stylish – With the Wedding Box you hand over a gift that will forever be remembered.


Do you have a wedding gift yet?

Great gifts are often very time-consuming and not always easy to find. What if we have the perfect gift for you? – Unique, personal and created with just a few clicks: The Wedding Box!

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The Wedding Box

The perfect gift – Hand over the personalized Wedding Box in a high quality leatherette or linen and let the bridal couple design their very own personal photo book themselves.

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The Voucher

Inside the Wedding Box is a voucher for a personal photo book. In addition to the voucher code, the couple receives step-by-step instructions on how to create this personal memento of their special day.

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The Photo Book

The best wedding moments captured in a self-designed photo book. In the personalized Wedding Box, the photo book will then be perfectly protected and stored.

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