First-class, professional lab-quality photos

Photos developed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive DPII or printed on Hahnenmühle FineArt paper

High-level Photo Paper from Fujifilm

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of photographic processing, Saal Digital is able to provide Photo Prints with reliable quality. Of course, the photographic paper must also meet our requirements. We prefer the first-class Fuji Crystal DP II Professional Paper from Fujicolor. The combination of high-quality photographic processing and the first-class photographic paper ensures Saal Digital's reliable quality.

Colour Reproduction at the Highest Level

The colour fastness of this photo paper ensures long-lasting Photo Prints with photos that have extremely high image stability and pure whites that resist yellowing. It is perfect for professional Prints, available in matt, glossy and silk finishes. The colours are striking, pure and vivid, and are extremely long-lasting. An ICC profile is also available for the finishes.

FineArt prints on Hahnemühle paper

When it comes to FineArt prints, the standards for paper are also high. So, the decision was made to use the renowned German company, Hahnemühle. Saal Digital combines the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® and FineArt Baryta papers with high-quality digital printing, ensuring razor-sharp images and impressive detail in the proven Saal Digital quality.

Print formats

The FineArt Prints are available in different formats. You can also select the desired orientation (portrait or landscape). Furthermore, we provide separate ICC profiles for all FineArt finishes.

Your photos developed on Fujifilm Glossy photo paper (250 g/m²)

The glossy finish of the Fujifilm Crystal Archive DP II Professional Paper is especially suited for black and white photographs with fantastic contrast. The glossy effect also brings about impressive spatial depth.

Your photos developed on Fujifilm Glossy photo paper (250 g/m²)

Photos with the Fujifilm Glossy Finish

The Fujifilm Crystal Archive DPII Digital Professional Paper is a special paper with a thicker backing and very high strength, developed especially for Photo Prints.

The silver halide paper offers excellent colour reproduction and a high D-max value for deep, rich blacks and clear, sharp fonts, no matter what format you order for your photos.

Features of Fujifilm Glossy paper

  • Finish: High-gloss
  • Smooth, glossy surface
  • Pure whites and exceptional colour fastness
  • Very high detail rendition
  • Outstanding durability
  • For pros: ICC profile available

Especially good for: Black & White Images

Fujifilm matte surface for your photos (234 g/m²)

The matte finish of Fuji Crystal Archive DP II photo paper (234 g/m²) gives prints a natural and elegant look.

Fujifilm matte surface for your photos (234 g/m²)

Photo prints on Fujifilm matte paper

The matte finish of the Fuji Crystal Archive DP II photo paper gives your images a natural and refined expressiveness, virtually free of unwanted reflections and fingerprints.

The colour fastness of this photo paper ensures long-lasting photo prints with extremely high image stability and pure white tones that are resistant to yellowing. Ideal for professional use.


  • matte finish
  • 234 g/m²
  • classic and fine textured surface
  • finger prints hardly visible
  • precise reproduction of details and extremely long-lasting

Your photos with a Fujifilm Silk | Portrait (232 g/m²) finish

The Fujifilm Silk | Portrait surface (232 g/m²) impresses with a natural soft definition that is especially effective in portrait photography. An interesting feature, especially for photographers, is the scan protection and the copyright notice on the back.

Your photos with a Fujifilm Silk | Portrait (232 g/m²) finish

Prints with a Fujifilm Silk | Portrait texture

The classic photo paper with the fine silk screen surface provides a unique feel and is used primarily in headshot, portrait and wedding photography, along with school and kindergarten photography.

The vivid colour spectrum achieves natural shadowing and excellent subject reproduction. The fine silk screen surface also protects against unwanted duplications and makes it impossible to achieve satisfactory scan results.


  • Silk screen finish
  • 232 g/m²
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Special soft details due to fine honeycomb structure
  • Copy protection thanks to silk screen surface
  • Copyright notice on the back

Especially suitable for: Portrait, wedding, school and kindergarten photos

FineArt Baryta (325 g/m²)

The glossy, bright white Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta surface captivates with a weight of 325 g/m² as well as a high density and the finest shades of grey.

FineArt Baryta (325 g/m²)

The Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta

A FineArt paper produced by Hahnemuhle. This surface, which is perfectly suited for black-and-white photos, is characterised by an extremely high colour density, image sharpness and the finest grey nuances. Compared to the matte PhotoRag®, it is a great alternative with a reflective gloss effect.


  • Glossy, bright white finish
  • 100% α-Cellulose
  • 325 g/m²
  • Typical reflective gloss
  • Extremely high density and fine grey gradations

Particularly suitable for: Black & White photography

FineArt Photo Rag® (308 g/m²)

The Hahnemuhle FineArt PhotoRag® (308 g/m²) impresses with its extraordinary feel, thanks to a soft and fine surface structure made of 100% cotton.

FineArt Photo Rag® (308 g/m²)

The FineArt Photo Rag® from Hahnemuhle

The 100% cotton surface of the FineArt Photo Rag® creates a smooth, matte effect. Nevertheless, the result is distinctly sharp and rich in detail and has a unique feel. This results in impressive image depth and an incredible vibrancy.


  • Matte surface made of 100% cotton
  • Fine, soft surface structure
  • Suitable for black & white or colour photographs including art reproductions
  • High image depth
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