Photo prints in special instant-photo style


Custom quantity

There is no minimum order quantity. It is completely up to you.

All our products do not contain the logo of Saal Digital.

Six-colour printing

Special six-colour printing brings about brilliant and natural colours.

No barcode

Saal Digital provides neutral products without barcode.

RetroPrint Matte

RetroPrint in Matte

The matte RetroPprint impresses with its optimal color reproduction and a high-quality effect.

RetroPrint in Glanz

RetroPrint in Glossy

The bright colors with the glossy surface give your favorite photos a very special charm.

RetroPrint Rückseite

Backside in instant photo effect

The back in vintage look provides an impressive nostalgia effect. 

More than just a photo print

Order now our special RetroPrint in vintage style with three different sizes to chose from - S, M and L. In addition to the top quality, it also has the characteristics of instant photos, reminding you of the good old days. The RetroPrint is more than just a photo. It is perfect as a gift, or as a home decor. If you'd like, you can even purchase these as a single photo.

The ordering process cannot be easier. Simply add your photos and upload the order. It is printed on our classic paper with 300 g/m².

Dimensions of the RetroPrints

  • Format S: 8,8 x 10,3 cm (Image size: 7,5 x 7,5)
  • Format M: 10,6 x 12,2 cm (Image size: 8,6 x 8,6)
  • Format L: 12,3 x 13,9 cm (Image size: 10,3 x 10,3)
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