Desk Photo Calendars

A unique calendar for your desk


Desk Calendars

Our Photo Desk Calendars offer a high-quality wire binding and stable cardboard base, acting as a wonderful decoration for a table, sideboard or shelf. If you want to keep your tasks organised and have your calendar always at hand, the Desk Calendar is perfect as you can take a glance whenever you need it by placing it, for example, on your desk or bedside table. It is not only a useful accessory but also a great way to relive a different memory every month.

Calendars in the perfect format for your desk


Surfaces for Desk Calendars

Choose from our premium papers selection with high-quality colour printing. The printed calendars are ideal if you want to write on them with a pen or pencil as they ensure great legibility, specially with our matt and textured finishes.

Be inspired by our gallery!


Choose from a wide range of designs for your calendar


Create a fully personalised calendar


Use your favourite colours

Personalise your Desk Calendar to the maximum by choosing the colour you like best for workdays, public holidays, Sundays and your important dates. You can also customise the background colour and its opacity.


Add public holidays and your own dates

You’ll find a pre-set list of holidays for the chosen country and region in the “Holidays” menu. You will also be able to freely extend or modify this list by removing or adding your own dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or important events for you.


Choose the size of the calendar chart

Whether you want more space for your photos, or prefer more space to display the days of the month, you can change the size of the calendar chart to your liking.


Share your calendar

You can share your project with whomever you want in just a few clicks. Either with family or friends, so they can see your calendar, leave comments or place their own orders, or if you are a professional, to sell it directly to your clients.

Why buy at Saal Digital?

We are a professional photo lab with great enthusiasm for photography. We are always striving for further development of our products in order to achieve higher standards and to meet the needs of our customers. As a modern online service provider, we are specialised in high-quality photo products, including personalised Photo Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars and Family Calendars.


No manufacturer’s logo

None of our products contain our logo. You’ll receive a completely neutral product without the distraction of symbols.


Fast delivery

You’ll receive your photo product in no time. With only a few working days of production time, the wait won’t be long.


Satisfaction guaranteed

Ordering with Saal Digital is stress-free. This is because your satisfaction is a central part of our company’s philosophy.


Risk-free ordering

We offer you various secure payment options for your orders. You can choose to pay either by direct debit, credit card or PayPal.


Professional quality

We believe in producing high-end photo products to always offer you excellence. With us, your pictures are in the best hands!

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