Table calendars from Saal Digital

A unique calendar for your desk

The pictures are sharp in the photo calendar, details correspond to the original Saal Digital: winner of the comparative photo calendar test Authentic photo calendar: very good Printing quality & colour fidelity: excellent

A personalised calendar for your desk

Design your one-of-a-kind desk calendar. Choose between different formats, surfaces and calendar designs.

A calendar makes a wonderful decoration for a table, sideboard or shelf. There are 13 pages in total, including the cover. You can fill each month, for example, with your favourite family photos or holiday snaps. The calendar has a stable cardboard base.

Various design possibilities

In addition to the flexible starting month and year, you can freely adjust the colours of the background and the days. There are three calendar designs available. You can choose from the rounded, plain and curved designs. The opacity of the calendar table can also be easily adjusted.

All table calendars have high-quality wire binding, which makes them very elegant and stable.

Plain design of table calendar

Plain and elegant

Your photo is at the focal point of this calendar format with the chart complementing the overall design. The calendar table takes up the whole width, making it more elegant.

Rounded design

In this design, the calendar chart is displayed in a box with two rounded corners. The days of each month are clearly arranged in a row. Holidays and days of the week are optional and can be freely adjusted.

Take advantage of the various functions in the software to further personalise your calendar. The colour and opacity of the background can be easily changed. You can make it transparent so that your photo shines through, or you can scale up the opacity so that it covers the photo.

Table calendar with rounded design
Table calendar with curved design

Curved and modern design

Give your calendar a modern look by applying the curved design, allowing the calendar chart to stand out.

Clip art and frames are also available for you to decorate your photos.

Templates are optional

For those who are confident in their design skills and would like a really unique calendar, creating your own design, without using any of the templates is also possible.

Besides twelve different photos - one for each month - you have total freedom to decide the colours, layouts and whether to indicate holidays, etc.

You can also make your own design without selecting any design template.

Choose your own colours

The start month of the calendar is totally up to you. You can also freely adjust the colours of the texts, backgrounds, holidays and Sundays, as well as their opacity.

Calendar colours

Adjust the size of the calendar chart

The size of the calendar table can be scale up or down according to your own needs.

According to the design of the calendar, you can adjust the size of the calendar chart by percentages. You can scale it down to make the photo the main focus or scale it up to put the schedule and important days in the foreground.

Add public holidays and important dates

Holidays in your calendar

In the "Holidays" menu, you can find a preset list of holidays in the chosen country, mainly European countries and their corresponding regions.

The holiday list can be simply modified or extended. In other words, you can remove as well as add some missing holidays, birthdays or other important events.

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