Size and position images and objects

Size and position images and objects

All objects added to a photo product, such as images, cliparts, text and fill boxes, can be freely resized and positioned within the photo product.

Using the mouse

When an object is selected with the mouse, a blue frame appears around the object box. Selecting this blue frame and holding down the mouse button while moving the cursor will change the size of the box and the image within it. In the case of images, both the image box and the motif are changed. In the case of text, the size of the written text is changed by changing the size of its box if the Automatic font size option in the Text box menu is activated.

To move an object, select it with the mouse button held down, move it to the desired position and release the mouse button.

Manually rotated and moved image

To rotate an object, first select it An arrow will appear in each corner of the object. By clicking on one of these arrows and holding down the mouse button, you can move the cursor to rotate it.

Position tools

Objects can also be placed and resized on the photo product using the Position tools. These tools are available by selecting an object and pulling down the Position menu on the right.

First, there are fields that specify the dimensions of the object, namely its width and height. If you change these values, the size of the object will change accordingly. However, if you click on the padlock, the proportions of the object will remain the same, even if you change one of the dimensions. This means that the object retains its original proportions and is not distorted.

On the right are the boxes corresponding to the X and Y positions of the object. Changing these will move the object to those coordinates. Below this there is a box with the degrees of rotation of the object. The selected object will rotate according to the degrees specified in this field.

Position tools in column

Align tools

The align tools in the Position menu help you to position objects vertically and horizontally in relation to the photo product. You can align the object to any of its edges and to the centre, according to the dimensions of the product.

Align tools in Position menu

If you are designing a Photo Book, you can align the objects with respect to a single page by enabling the Single page option, or with respect to both pages by disabling it.

Activating the Use spacing option will activate the Distance field. If you enter a number in this field, the alignment tools will take this distance into account when positioning the elements in the photo product. For example, if you enter 4 cm in the distance field when the Use spacing option is enabled, and you click the Right edge alignment button, the selected object will be aligned with the right edge, leaving 4 cm from the edge.

Layer tools

The Layer tools control the stacking order of objects. When you use the Send to back option, the selected object is positioned behind any other objects that have already been placed. This means that if there are objects on top of it, the selected object will be visible behind them.

On the other hand, the Bring to front option places the selected object on top of all other objects, covering any objects that were previously below it.

If you want to move the selected object just one position backwards or forwards in relation to the other objects, you can use the Send backward or Bring forward options. However, these options move the object by only one position at a time, so you may need to click on them multiple times to achieve the desired layering effect.

Layer tools in Position menu with example

This menu also contains the opacity of the object, which is set to 100 by default. The object can also be given a name.

Copy objects to another project

It is possible to copy the images and objects already placed in one project to another. First select all the images and objects you want to copy. Use the key combination CTRL + A to select all the elements on the page/working area or drag the mouse to create a square around all the objects. Once selected, press and hold CTRL + C to copy the objects or click the Copy button in the top menu. Next, open the destination project where you want to paste the copied objects. Press CTRL + V to paste them into the desired area, or use the Paste button on the top menu.

To maintain the positions of the pasted objects, ensure that the destination project has the same size and format as the original. Otherwise, you may need to adjust the pasted objects to fit the new format.


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