Mini Leporello

Mini Leporello

Mini Leporellos are available in the Product Selection menu within Cards. Selecting Mini Leporello will open the configurator, which offers different formats with specific page counts. You can select the quantity or manually enter the desired number in the Custom box. There are also several paper options to choose from. Once you have configured your preferences, simply click on Design to continue.

Mini Leporello configurator

Mini Leporello fold, front and back

All Mini Leporellos have two designable areas: Front and Back, visible in the bottom menu of the Online designer. Each area contains a certain number of pages, depending on the configuration chosen. The pages are marked with guides corresponding to the folding areas. Note that the number of pages determines the position of the front and back of the Mini Leporello. For 8 and 12-page Mini Leporellos, the front and back are in the same designable area (front).

12 pages Mini Leporello in designer

12 pages Mini Leporello folded

For the 10-page Mini Leporello, the front is in the front design area and the back is in the back design area.

10 pages Mini Leporello in designer

10 pages Mini Leporello folded