Add and edit images

Add and edit images

The Online designer allows you to select images from a variety of sources and integrate them into your photo product.

Select images

In the left column, you’ll find the Images menu with two tabs. The Project tab displays the images you have selected to add to your Photo Product. To add photos here, click the Add Images button and choose between selecting photos from your device, using online sources or upload from a smartphone.
If you choose Upload from a smartphone option, you will need to scan the provided QR code with a phone and follow the instructions to add images from the phone to your project. These images will appear in the left column for you to select and add to your photo product. You can share the QR code with others so that they can upload their images from their phones to the project.

Add images options

Once selected, thumbnail photos appear in the Project tab. You can sort them by name, date or usage. To change the thumbnail size, click the View button and select your preferred size. You can also toggle the Show file names option on or off.

View options on the Project tab

To avoid duplicates, you can activate the Hide used images option. This will hide photos that have already been added to the project, preventing them from being added again. If disabled, added photos will be marked with a number indicating the number of times they have been used.

Thumbnail with number of times used

When you select a photo from this column, a menu will appear at the bottom. The buttons in the menu will update according to the number of photos selected. From this menu, you can easily insert selection into the photo product, deselect your current selection, select all the photos in this column, and remove images that are currently selected.

Two images selected

If you’re logged in and have photos in your galleries, you can add them to your photo products. Click on the Galleries tab to view your galleries. A list of your created galleries will appear at the top of the column. Selecting a gallery will display the photos it contains. Please note that when you add an image from a gallery to your photo product, it will be automatically added and shown in the Projects tab.

Galleries tab

Add images to the photo product

There are several ways to add images to your photo product:

1. Selecting the photos you want from the left column and click Insert Images. You can select multiple photos at the same time and insert them all at once.

Inserting more than one photo

2. Selecting an image from the left column and dragging it onto the working area. If there is already an image in the photo product and you drag another image into it, the Replace Image option will appear. Dropping the dragged image onto this option will replace the existing image with the new one.

Dragging images and Replace image options

3. Clicking the Add Image button at the top will bring up a menu with options for adding images from your device or online sources. Selecting a photo will add it to the working area and also add it to the Images column.

Add images top menu

4. If you have previously selected a layout from the right column, an image box will be placed on the photo product. You can drag and drop photos from the left column onto these image boxes or click the Drag image here icon to select another photo from your device or another online source.

Empty layout placed

Positioning and cropping images

When you select an image in your photo product, a menu appears at the top. It includes the name of the image, buttons to Edit Image, delete it from the product, and enable or disable Image Enhancement. The magic wand icon with a grey background indicates that image enhancement is active. See the Image Enhancement article for more details. The menu also displays the image quality, which depends on the size and resolution of the product. For best results, we recommend the Image quality shown as very good.

Image selected, top menu

Clicking the Edit Image button brings up a window with information and tools for editing the photo. On the left, you’ll find buttons with the relevant tools; on the right, you’ll see a preview of the image with its cropping frame, illustrating the image box. To modify the image box, hover over the small squares in the blue frame and the cursor will change to a double arrow. Hold down the mouse button and move the cursor sideways to resize the box. To reposition the image box, place the mouse over it until the cursor changes to a cross, then hold down the mouse button and drag the image to the new position.

Edit Image Window with Golden Ratio

Basic: It shows revealing tools to help you reorient the image within the image box, as follows:

  • Grid: The Grid option provides a choice between Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio or no grid. The selected grid will be displayed in the image box on the right.
  • Rotate 90º: Rotates the image 90 degrees. Two clicks invert the image, three clicks rotate it 180 degrees from its original orientation.
  • Mirror vertically: Flips the image vertically.
  • Mirror horizontally: Flip the image horizontally.

Filters: Clicking this button brings up a full set of filter tools, same to what you’d see in the Online Designer after you’ve selected a photo and clicked on the Filter button. Here you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and even choose to use colourisation.

Pro: Clicking this displays all the image details and the histogram. You can also activate or deactivate the Image enhancement function by ticking the box and check the image quality.

Edit Image window with square image box

When finished, click OK to save the changes or Cancel to discard them.

As in the Edit Image window, when a photo is selected in the photo product, a blue frame appears around the image, with small rectangles at the corners and sides. By holding down the mouse button over one of the rectangles and moving the cursor sideways, you can increase or decrease the size of the image. To manually reposition the image, position the mouse over it until it becomes a crosshair. Hold down the mouse button and drag the image to the desired position.

Image selected in Online Designer

Swap images

If two or more photos are already placed on a photo product, you can swap their positions. Select the photo you want to swap by clicking on it once. You’ll see a blue frame around the selected photo. Then click and hold the mouse button on the selected photo again. A Swap Image button will appear on the rest of the photos placed on the photo product. You must drop the photo you are holding over the one you want to swap.


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