Layouts are pre-designed templates that provide a convenient way to arrange easy images and text in your photo product. These templates are created to simplify the process of designing. Layout templates can be customized and personalized according to individual preferences. Depending on the design theme you choose, layouts may include backgrounds and cliparts. To access the Layouts menu, which offers a range of configuration tools, simply navigate to the right-hand menu.

Layouts menu in right column

Design Lines

The Layout menu offers a choice of layouts depending on the number of images already placed on the page. Clicking on Design Line will bring up a menu with a variety of design suggestions for you to choose from. To filter the suggestions by category, open the menu in the top left corner. Once you have selected a design line, you will be presented with a variety of suggestions using different design elements. You have the flexibility to change the theme at any time.

Design lines options

Using Layouts

By scrolling down the right menu you will see more layouts with more images. You can also filter the layouts by the number of images by opening the Images per page menu. When a layout is selected from this menu, it will be placed in the photo product with empty image boxes. To add an image, it is necessary to drag the images from the left menu or click on the image box and press the Select Photo button.

Layout used with image box selected

Photos already placed on the page will automatically adapt to the layout.

Note that by default, the first layout options shown in the right column are the layouts with the number of photos already placed in the photo product if the Image per page option is variable. That is, in the example where there are three images in the photo product, the layouts with three images will be the first to appear in the right-hand menu. It is possible to filter the layouts by the number of images by opening the Image per page field and selecting the number of images.

Once placed, layouts can be mirrored horizontally by clicking on the Mirror layout button at the top of the Layouts menu.

Layout used and other options shown in right column

Layouts with text

To see the text layout options, you must first add text to the photo product. Click on Add Text to add a text box to the photo product. Once added, pull down the Layout menu in the right column. The layout options displayed will include a text box.

Layouts with text options in right column

If a second text is added by clicking on Add text again, the layout options displayed will contain two different text boxes.

Layouts with two text boxes

By clicking on one of the options, the layout added to the photo product will include the empty text boxes. You can write in them by double-clicking on the text box or by selecting the box and opening the Text editor. It is also possible to change the text style in this menu. Text can also be customised by selecting the text box and opening the Text box menu on the right. See the Text article for more information.

Customised text on layout

Favourite layouts

Below each layout is a heart icon. Click this to save the layout as a Favourite. So if you filter layouts by number of images, the favourite layouts will appear at the top of the column if the number of images selected in the Images per page box matches the number of images in the favourite layouts. For example, by selecting two in the Image per page box, layouts with the heart checked and containing two image boxes will be displayed first.

Favourite layouts selected by heart icon

If the Image per page field is Variable, the favourite layouts will appear at the top of the Layout menu when the number of images already added to the photo product matches the number of images in the favourite layouts. For example, if you click on the heart of a layout with two image boxes, this template will be the first to appear in the Layout menu when two images are added to the photo product.

Click the heart icon again to remove the layout from favourites.

Favourite layout used

Modify layouts

Selecting a layout from the right-hand menu places the objects of the selected layout in the photo product. Once placed in the photo product, these objects can be moved and configured as you wish. For example, you can delete a clipart placed when you selected a layout to select a different one from the clipart menu. You can also add a frame to an image, or even add more objects such as a fill box to act as the background of a single page.

Create and save your own layout

In addition to the layouts provided, you can create and save your own layouts. This allows you, for example, to save changes you have made to a layout by creating your own versions. Once all the objects in the photo product have been placed as required, open the Layout menu and click on the Save Layout button. This will open a menu with the Export settings of the new layout to be saved and a Preview of the objects placed on the photo product that will make up the new template.

Layout export settings window

The Category field offers the different categories already created to choose where to save the template. A new category can be created by clicking on the + icon. A menu will open where you can enter the name of the new category. In the Topic field, you can select one of the created design lines to save the new layout there. As with the category, it is possible to create a new design line by clicking on the + icon. There are also several template properties that you can enable or disable by ticking the appropriate box, such as enabling Start of section, add the frame and masks, the fill boxes, cliparts, text boxes, the text content and the option to replace the background. Once you have configured all the options, press Save.

Saved layout used

The new saved layout will be displayed in the Layouts column, within the selected design line. If you have created a new category or topic, it will be displayed in the design line menu.

Saved topic available in Design line menu

To edit the saved layout, click on the wrench icon below it in the Layouts menu. It can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon. By clicking on the Design Manager button at the top of the Layouts column, you can manage the layouts and lines you have created. From this window it is possible to delete, import and export them.

Design manager window

These new layouts are saved in the software and can be used every time you create an article with the same characteristics. For example, if the saved layout corresponds to a 28x28 Photo Book, the saved layout will be available every time you create a Photo Book of that size.