Email history

Email history

All received emails are saved here and can be easily retrieved via the menu. The emails are displayed in a clear table as follows:

Date. Indicates the date the email was sent. Clicking on this allows you to sort emails from oldest to newest and vice versa.
Subject. Shows the subject of the email.
Email type. Indicates the type of email, if applicable.
Receiver. Indicates the number of recipients associated with the email.

It is possible to search for an email by subject using the search box in the top right-hand corner.

Email History

Clicking on one of the emails in the tab will display detailed information about that email:
Date. This informs you of the date the email was sent.
Full name. Shows the name of the contact who received the email.
E-mail. Displays the email address the email was sent to.
Gallery. Displays the associated gallery, if applicable.
Contact group. Displays the contact group, if applicable.

Email Content

Clicking on any of these tabs will allow you to view the contents of the email itself.