You can configure and allow comments on your galleries, enabling you to receive feedback from your customers directly on your photos. To activate comments on a gallery, you need to open the Gallery settings. Once you activate it, new options will appear.

Gallery settings

By default, Publish comments manually is deactivated, which means that comments made to your gallery are published automatically. If you activate this option, you will receive an email for each comment made, and you will need to validate each comment for it to be published.
You can allow comments to be made on the comments themselves, and you can allow comments to be liked. When you have chosen the options that suit you best, click Save. Please note that the gallery must be shared for users to be able to leave comments. If you open the shared link of your gallery and select a photo, you will see that a comment button is available.

Comments button in gallery

In the Galleries, if you open the gallery where you have activated comments, you will see at a glance which photos have been commented on.

Comment notification icons

If you select a photo with a comment and click on the comments button, you will be able to read them and delete them if you need to.

Comment on photo