Add Shadows

Add Shadows

It is possible to add a shadow to images, to cliparts, fill boxes and text. To do this, select the object and click on the Shadow button that appears in the right-hand menu. A column will appear with the various tools for adjusting the shadow. You can also select one of the preset shadow options.

Image with a shadow applied and shadow tools displayed

Clicking on the colour box will bring up the colour menu where you can choose a colour from those shown, use the pipette tool or click on Colour selection to choose a specific colour. The opacity of the shadow can be changed by varying the values in the Opacity box. The angle of the shadow and its distance can be adjusted in their respective fields. By adjusting the value of the blur field, you can alter the intensity of the blur effect applied to the shadow. Increasing the blur value will make the shadow appear more blurred, while decreasing it will result in a crisper shadow.
In addition to generating a regular shadow, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities by utilizing these tools to modify your objects. For instance, you have the ability to infuse a clipart's background with a hint of color by adjusting the shadow's color and introducing a high degree of blurring. Similarly, you can apply a captivating glow effect to an object, enhancing its visual impact.

Shadow with colour applied to image and clipart

Activating the Knockout option will make only the shadow visible, leaving the selected object invisible. This can be used as a tool to clearly see what the shadow looks like without the object. It can also be used to create creative shapes with transparency, or to create text with transparency.

Shadow with knockout active

To deactivate the shadow of the selected element it is necessary to uncheck the Activate shadow box at the top of the right menu.As with Filters and Frames, it is possible to apply the configured shadow to all objects within the page or project by clicking on the Apply to all button at the top.