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How to create a complaint

Production and colour tolerances

Despite our best efforts, production and manufacturing tolerances cannot be avoided. Tolerances occur in every production and are a permissible deviation that arises due to the production process.

Production-related, slight colour deviations between different materials and orders can unfortunately not be completely avoided. This is due to the use of different materials (Wall Arts, Posters, Cards, Photo Books, Photo prints etc.) and different production methods. All materials differ in their properties, such as the whiteness of the material or the surface, and the production methods, machines and inks differ. Therefore, the colour results of a Wall Art and a Photo print cannot be compared.

Create a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about your order (for example, the product looks different to your project, you are not happy with the colours, your product is damaged, etc.), you can open your order by entering your email address and order number. Please note that it is not possible to make a complaint by telephone.

Order functions on website

Once your order has been opened, you can click on the Functions button which will give you a number of options. Here you will find the option to make a complaint. When you click on it, a window will appear with a form for you to fill in.

Order complaint form

The first thing you need to specify is whether the complaint concerns the whole order or just certain items.

You must then select whether the complaint is about product quality or transport and delivery.

In the case of product quality, you will need to select whether the reason is due to colours, inaccurate image reproduction or damaged product.

In the case of transport/delivery, you will need to choose whether the reason is due to a damaged product or delivery, or if the product has not yet been delivered.

Once you have made your choice, you will be asked for the relevant details and photos. When you have completed all the fields, click Submit. We will investigate it accordingly and contact you as soon as possible.

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