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Templates for your wedding invitation

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Here are some templates for your invitation cards. In the software you can select a design for your card and adjust it according to your own needs.

Of course, you can also make the design all by yourself. Take advantage of the various functions in the software.

Wedding invitation cards

Wedding invitation cards
Wedding invitation
Invitation cards wedding

What does my photo card look like?

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Different formats of photo cards

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Classic is a bright white, matte paper


The "Classic" paper (300 g/m²) boasts an extremely smooth and bright white matte surface. The six-colour print ensures brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Structured paper


The "Structured" paper (300g/m²) not only gives your card character, but also gives it a distinct texture to the touch. Six-colour print ensures striking colours.

Pearl paper containing characteristic shimmer reflections


If you place a high value on design, the "Pearl" paper is the right choice. The extraordinary surface features intense, shimmering reflections. Also in six-colour print.

Für alle drei Papiersorten der Fotokarten ist ein ICC-Profil verfügbar. Das Profil kann hier heruntergeladen werden.
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