Send a message by card

Place a design on both sides

The template "Spring" is not only available for Save the Date cards, but also for other occasions like invitation cards or thank you cards.

Free sample

See what the card you have designed is like with a free sample copy.

Custom quantity

Order the exact quantity that you need. Small orders, starting from a single print, are possible.

There are no annoying manufacturer's logos on any Saal Digital photo products.

No barcode

Saal Digital does not use barcodes. You will receive a completely neutral photo product.

The design templates are available for all types of cards

Design your cards using our software

Cards are available in a wide range of formats and are available with either horizontal or vertical orientations. Both the front and the back can be designed on our software. There, you will also find design templates for popular themes such as Save The Date or birth announcement cards. 

An overview

  • three different sizes
  • available in square, landscape and portrait formats
  • three types of paper: classic, pearl, structured
  • both sides can be designed
  • envelope available if needed
  • free sample available
In the software you can find a large selection of design templates for different themes and different types of cards.

Various design possibilities

The Saal Design Software provides you with a wide selection of tools and templates which can help you to easily create a unique design using your personal photos and messages. You can create cards for many different reasons, be it to announce a wedding, to invite people to a special event or to tell them "thank you" for something they have done.

Choose your own combination

The design is completely up to you, and what's more, you can select the type of paper you like, be it classic, pearl or structured. You can also decide the size and exact quantity you need.  Each option can be adapted and flexibly combined to suit you.

Classic is a bright white, matte paper


The "Classic" paper (300 g/m²) boasts an extremely smooth and bright white matte surface. The six-colour print ensures brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Structured paper


The "Structured" paper (300g/m²) not only gives your card character, but also gives it a distinct texture to the touch. Six-colour print ensures striking colours.

Pearl paper containing characteristic shimmer reflections


If you place a high value on design, the "Pearl" paper is the right choice. The extraordinary surface features intense, shimmering reflections. Also in six-colour print.

Design now
Design now