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Customer review from 19.10.2017
The software was difficult to use - not very user friendly. However the end product is of good quality and nicely put together. If the program could be improved, I would not hesitate to use this company again.
Mike writes on 19.10.2017
The wall decor products are of extremely high standard and quality. I look forward to a long and healthy business relationship. My customers are very pleased with their pieces they have received so far. The timescale for production is a little longer than I'd like. However the service is second to none and the support from James is very good.
The only comment I would make is the length of time between notification of shipping and actually receiving. The tracking system doesn't seem to keep up to date. The one problem I had with delayed delivery was sorted very efficiently by James.
Customer review from 18.10.2017
I had a delivery problem - the UKMail section of DHL. Not your fault and nothing to impact on the superb service and product you offer at a reasonable price. This was my second order and there will definitely be more now I have found what I consider the best service to amateur (and probably professional) photographers. Thank you.
Customer review from 17.10.2017
I am so grateful to Saal-digital for giving me the opportunity to make my first physical Photo book with my work inside. Downloading and using the soft ware was so straight forward and easy. I decided to make my photo book with no assistance and it was very easy to pick up. It was delivered to me in the UK within 6 days. The outcome was amazing and I am in love with my Photo book. Thank you very much Saal Digital.
Utopia Rose Photography
Customer review from 17.10.2017
Duncan writes on 16.10.2017
Great service just need a better delivery company and maybe an option for a faster delivery

Greg writes on 15.10.2017
The photobook creator software is straightforward to use and the preview allows you to see what your photobook will look like. The delivery time was very impressive as I ordered it on a weekend!
The overall quality of the book is very good and the ability to fold the pages flat is excellent. The only minor issue is some images appear to have been reduced slightly in quality.
I would still highly recommend Saal to photographer friends.
Customer review from 12.10.2017
Out of this world quality
Customer review from 11.10.2017
Customer review from 10.10.2017
I am extremely grateful for the product. The quality is excellent and it was so easy to make. I look forward to showing this as a small portfolio of my work in order to acquire future jobs.
Customer review from 09.10.2017
Overall, very impressed. The print quality is great, quickly delivered, really liked the finished product.
crystel writes on 09.10.2017
Loved the programme. Extremely easy and great templates to use. Did my whole photobook in 20 min for my art exhibition. Highly recommended.
Customer review from 09.10.2017
after downloading the software, which was easy and fast, the software is very easy to use. If you have all the photographs you want to use all ready then the process takes hardly any time at all espcially using the auto layout option. If you spend a little bit of time you really can get some excellent results.
jessica writes on 08.10.2017
very easy to use the software - much better than some other photobook making software I've used - the only change I'd like to see in the software is a more obvious 'clear all' button for when I was using the self fill/photo wizard. lovely product - cute little booklets that make great gifts.
Richard writes on 07.10.2017
I have used this service a few times and have always found it to be wonderful and reliable
Adam writes on 07.10.2017
Amazing quality and customer service, fantastic!! Couldn't ask for a better photobook for its crazy good price!
Moira writes on 06.10.2017
Very good service love the design feature and fast delievery. Will be defiantly buying again and using this service
Customer review from 05.10.2017
I made a 26 page photo book with Saal, 28 x 19 with matte photo paper. The quality of printing was amazing, super professional. The binding of the book was perfect. The software was easy to use, I found it similar to older versions of adobe programmes, however I could see how someone with less experience would struggle. My order was delivered very quickly, I completed my order on a Monday evening and by Friday morning my book had arrived. I will be recommending Saal to all my friends and fellow students at my University and I will most certainly be a customer again!
brett writes on 05.10.2017
very good service and communication with these guys i look forward to using you again
amy writes on 04.10.2017
software is easily navigated and over all a pleasant user experIence is achieved
Harley writes on 03.10.2017
An absolutely outstanding service, will be using again! Quality of book, could no fault!
Christopher writes on 30.09.2017
Was very pleased with the excellent service and price
MOIRA writes on 29.09.2017
Parminder writes on 27.09.2017
Really easy interface on the website to choose, upload and confirm the wall decor. Very happy with the end result; high quality and solid construction. Very happy!
Customer review from 27.09.2017
Best service I have used yet. Quick software download, easy to use not to technical. Perfect.
Customer review from 27.09.2017
amazing say no more
Damien writes on 24.09.2017
Wow, what a beautiful product, so easy to design and order and the quality is superb.

Highly recommended

Alastair writes on 24.09.2017
You need to get another delivery service. I had to go to a lot of trouble to get my delivery
Customer review from 24.09.2017
every product I have ordered has been of a really high quality and excellent service provided all my clients are really impressed with the service and quality of product
Customer review from 23.09.2017
Looking forward to seeing my book, tool and website very easy to use.
David writes on 22.09.2017
Fantastic quality photo books at unbeatable prices. I cant wait to try more products.
Lauren writes on 22.09.2017
I was impressed with the ease of use of the software, and delivery time was very prompt. The floating frame canvas that I ordered is of a very high quality finish and the print quality was excellent. I would defiantly recommend Saal products. Many thanks.
Paul writes on 20.09.2017
This product is great and professional. I highly recommend. Thank you
Paul writes on 20.09.2017
This product is great and has given me an opportunity to have my most precious photos in one place. The quality is great and I strongly recommend this product to all considering.
Customer review from 20.09.2017
When I opened the book it was a 'WOW' moment. The quality of the pages and of the images is just fantastic and excels over other companies that I have used to create a photobook. The thickness of the pages is impressive. I had one photo cover two pages and it is just stunning. It lays perfectly flat at the seam between both pages so it looks like one large page. The colours of the images are also superb. Can't fault it. From order to delivery was also within 3 days which included a weekend. I highly recommend this company.
Lewis writes on 19.09.2017
One of the best examples of customer service that I have experience. Website and uploading software very easy to navigate, giving me all the options that I wanted very clearly. I look forward to receiving my product having no doubt that the quality will be excellent. Look forward to using Saal again for other business reasons.
James writes on 19.09.2017
SAAL Digital is now our go-to supplier for all photo books for all our wedding clients.
The easy to use software interface makes it all a very easy process and the quality is excellent. Just what we have been looking for.
Customer review from 18.09.2017
I bought two wall decors and they are beautiful and very easy to do. They came very quickly and I'm very happy with the colour reproduction, I would recommend this site to my friends.
Customer review from 17.09.2017
I LOVE Saal! Quality prints, super service and just all in all fabulous!
Customer review from 17.09.2017
Fantastic product , very well put together and very quick delivery. The clarity on the photos were brilliant not substandard and blurry like others! Book was delivered within a few days and should honestly give it more than 10/10 ! Fantastic value and quick delivery then when it arrived it was great , well done guys very chuft customer
Nick writes on 17.09.2017
My order arrived this morning and I'm really, really happy with it. You've done an excellent job with my photo and I'm happy to recommend to anyone that asks!

Keep up the good work!
Customer review from 16.09.2017
I am an amateur photographer and was invited to produce a photobook by Saal-Digital.

To begin with I downloaded Saal's free software which was very easy to use, which allowed me to design the photobook exactly how I wanted it. It provides many options for the layout and was a pleasure to use.

Purchasing the photobook was done through the same software which was straightforward and hassle free.

My order was placed on Thursday morning, later that day I had an email to say that my book was done and had been dispatched. Sure enough the courier delivered it at 8.15 saturday morning.

The book is fantastic, excellent quality, seeing my photos in a book of this quality is surreal. The print quality is outstanding and very professional.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Saal-Digital again and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you.
Customer review from 16.09.2017
Fantastic quality of photobook and really made the photos look vibrant, loved the finish and everyone I've shown it to was amazed. The software was easy to use and the order process was stress free! If there was one small thing I would have liked to add some text to the front cover of the photobook but couldn't figure out how on the software, I'm not sure if there is an option to or not. Other than that though I cannot fault it at all! The delivery time was efficient and the product was well packaged. Will definitely use again and reccommend!
Customer review from 15.09.2017
Thank you.Always a pleasure to order from you.Best wishes.Florin
Customer review from 15.09.2017
Seems like a super service so far and one I would use again for sure!
Customer review from 15.09.2017
I have bought photo books before online, but this book is the best quality i have ever had. The service is fab, the website was easy to use and the software did all the work, making the book which was made in just a few clicks.
It took all the hard work out of it and the finished product was delivered fast and wrapped well.
i am really happy with my book and highly recommend #saal
i tweeted about this also and added a photo to my Instagram @jyparadoxchild
Customer review from 14.09.2017
the products are amazing quality. i have had a lot of amazing deals off them and was totally happy we everything like the colours and the time to come. the software that you use is so easy and helpful. 100% be buying all my photos from here.
Jonathan writes on 14.09.2017
I was offered a voucher by Saal Digital from my IG page & ordered a large metal & acrylic print of one of my pieces. I use Whitewall as a standard and was dubious that Saal could live up to the standards I've come to expect. How wrong was I - the quality of the print was fantastic - the colour reproduction & detail just as good as Whitewall & at a much more competitive price. I shall be using these guys for all my prints from now on! Fantastic!!
Ryan writes on 12.09.2017
I received a £20 voucher for an honest review on the photobooklet. After downloading the very simple and easy-to-use software, I made the 28 page book in under 20 minutes and received it a few days later.
The booklet is of very high quality; the photos I'd taken travelling had some very vibrant colours and had been printed in high quality and the colours were great.
I am very pleased with the whole experience and am looking to by a photo book (lay-flat binding) in the near future. Would defintely recommend.
Customer review from 11.09.2017
spikeymousephotography. I Received my acrylic print from saal digital at the weekend. I am blown away with it! I chose this sunset to see how the tones would show and the depth of the colours is magnificent. The print is spot on and the acrylic thick enough to stand on its own but wall fittings are included. They are pretty much idiot proof too. I would recommend this product if you are looking to move away from paper printing for some of your images. The print was packaged very well and arrived quickly after ordering. I recommend @SaalDigital
darren writes on 09.09.2017
I first used saal when i ordered a photo book. The first step was to download the software, then through the software, create a product. This was a very easy to use, simple process. Once created, you simply complete the payment and your project downloads.
Within a week it was delivered, and when i opened it up i was blown away at the quality. The prints looked absolutely stunning, and i genuinely couldn't find 1 fault.
Because of this, it is the reason i continue to order from saal. I have peace of mind knowing the quality is nothing short of professional. A great service, goes a long way.
Finn writes on 09.09.2017
Yet again I am staggered by the value, quality and efficiency of Saal-Digital. Their photo booklet product is a real winner. Though we all still love the look and feel of printed images, nobody prints anymore. The quality of high-street printing is poor or expensive. The Saal-Digital photo booklet puts quality print into an affordable bracket - bound in a durable quality, bound, booklet format. The software is easy to use and the production/delivery times are unfathomably fast. The sizes and options allow you to easily flex to your requirements. Perfect for capturing the best images from holidays, occasions and events and having them accessible on the bookcase or table top to really appreciate.
Tony writes on 06.09.2017
Joel writes on 06.09.2017
Fantastic product with really efficient delivery time. Thank you for showcasing one of our wedding photos on a beautifully crafted canvas. Very helpful customer service team also. Highly recommend.
Customer review from 05.09.2017
I ordered a print on acrylic glass, which was accidental, I was meaning to order a canvas. I arrived in the post quicker than I expected, and it was wrapped well. It's a really lovely product, and I would order again! If I had to oder a acrylic print again, I would probably make sure the picture is in colour, as b&w doesn't do it much justice!
Sarah writes on 04.09.2017
I applied for the £50 voucher as I wanted to research new products to support my photography business. Saal kept me informed of the deadline, which is great as all photographers know our work takes over! so having a reminder is perfect, also offered great support for software use etc..I eventually ordered the Acrylic Glass print, and it's way better than I anticipated, the colours are lovely, and it's a crisp looking piece, something slightly different to the usual canvas print, and brilliant quality. I will be ordering a photobook portfolio for displaying my work to Clients and using Saal to deliver first class products which is a perfect fit for my business. Delivery was quick, and packaged well. Thanks Saal UK
Customer review from 04.09.2017
When people see my photobook, their reaction is 'wow! That's nice!', then they open it! The pages are thick, quality card and the spreads are excellent. I found the software very easy to use and I've already passed on the name of Saal-Digital to a number of friends and contacts and told them about the ease of use and ability to add pages, text and arrange photos how they want. They're dead impressed! As am I! Thanks a lot! Marvellous!
Jade writes on 03.09.2017
I am so unbelievably happy with every aspect of getting this photo booklet! The software was as easy as clicking and dragging my photo and using the photo marks to resize, I was then able to add a background and personalise the front and back with text and clip art! The pictures are perfect quality and are on smooth matte paper which really makes them stand out - I'll definitely be ordering all my photo books from here!
Customer review from 02.09.2017
Easy to use software with lots to choose from.
Kirsty writes on 02.09.2017
I made a mistake and ordered a print on acrylic, instead of on Canvas. I wasn't too bothered though! the software is easy to use, and once ordered, it arrived sooner than I expected, and it was well wrapped. It is lovely quality, sadly the picture I used probably isn't very suited for acrylic, and if I ordered acrylic again, I probably would use a pic with colours rather than black and white, as I think that would be really lovely. All in all, lovely product and great service.

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