Customer reviews

Oluwafemi writes on 31.12.2016
The gift box is way too expensive. Imagine if I have to pay almost the same amount for photobook and giftbox. This is my first order and I cannot judge on the quality of services or delivery yet.
Andrew writes on 30.12.2016
Can only comment so far on the design stage for the photobook, there are plenty of options to ensure the you are going to get something that is really easy to design or give you a design that is truly unique. The software is intuitive and very easy to use and again deciding on the option at the start the design stage can take anything from a few minutes to however much time you want to put into it, personally I have probably spent a total of eight hours putting my book together. A quick word on customer service, I was contacted a couple of times whilst in deign to ask if everything was okay.
Customer review from 29.12.2016
As a keen wildlife photographer I've used a number of printers and I have to say the quality was excellent thus resulting in a higher price than some other. I believe you get what you pay for.
Customer service was first class, extremely helpful and quick when I had any issues. At first the software was a little difficult but once you get to grip with it you realise how easy it is to put the book together.
Highly recommend many thanks
Customer review from 29.12.2016
Totally loved my finished product, which I found to be of great quality, and creating it was very easy to do with your software. I particularly liked having full control over where I could place my photos, and the fact I didn't have to upload them individually first.
Communications were great, and prompt delivery too.
Only change I would make personally would be to not print on the inside front and back covers as it seems a little strange - maybe that's an English thing though ;)
Rana writes on 28.12.2016
The printing quality was beyond my expectation. Very good service overall.

One little minor comment is to improve the photobook software. On the mac it was a bit slow. Other than that, all is good.

I' definitely, going to use the SAAL for photo printing - especially book printing.
Ed writes on 27.12.2016
Really impressed with the quality of the print. Nice thick pages that burst with colour. Lovely cover in really good quality. The software works nicely and allows me to design my spreads in indesign and upload them super easily. Other softwares arn't great for this!

Quick turnaround. Reasonable price you can find cheaper of course but they won;t look as good as this!
Customer review from 26.12.2016
I really cannot rate Saal-digtal's Photobooks highly enough! I opted for a 52-page Photobook in 15cm x 21cm (A5 portrait) format, which provides 26 double-page spreads, plus cover. I opted for standard glossy card cover and matt finish internal pages. The software for designing the layout and uploading the photos was simple and easy to use, once I'd fathomed out a couple of small counter-intuitive features about layout control! The software's workflow is excellent and provides ample opportunity to review and amend your design at any time, whilst also providing a seamless transition into the actual ordering and uploading process.

Once I'd placed the order, the company provided excellent communications regarding the progress and expected delivery date, which turned out to be spot on -- just one week from ordering, with most of that time accounted for by the slowness of mail deliveries from Germany.

The final product was well packaged and arrived in pristine condition and its quality is absolutely superb. The binding process really does deliver a seamless centre fold, so that each double-page printing can carry a single image without detriment to the image. I deliberately chose a range of images taken from numerous cameras of varying image resolution and the quality differences between them remain obvious in the final printed product, demonstrating that there is no loss of image quality even for 42Mp high resolution images, which render in absolutely stunning detail on the high quality photographic paper used in the product.

All in all, I am delighted with my experience of using Saal-digital and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality printed photographic product. They aren't cheap by cheap internet printing standards but the quality really is at professional standard and far exceeds anything I have seen from other companies.
Alberto writes on 23.12.2016
Just recived a photography book ordered on
Stunning paper quality and fantastic prints
I didn't lose any details on my photos ( a detail of full page attached in photo )
Easy setting up the page thanks for them software
Good communication with customers service
Fast delivery and reasonable prices
Definitely I'll use again,and will recommend to my colleagues and friends to join them
Customer review from 23.12.2016
Received a Photobook on Monday (it was very quick - less than a week) and can’t express enough how I’m happy!
The printing quality is absolutely superb, colors are just they suppose to be.
I’m very grateful for the such amazing work!
Pei writes on 22.12.2016
I saw the free photo book offer on FaceBook and decided to give it a go!

After I received my voucher code, I downloaded the software to my laptop, and searched out various photos to insert into the album. I was able to select a design, framing, colours etc, and selected photos for each page. It was quite easy, I only really struggled with the cover page as I wasn't able to upload a photo but left it as text in the end.

The photo album arrived within a few days and I was impressed the package went through the letterbox without the need for the postman to knock on the door. The quality of the book is excellent, though I'm no expert...but the photos looked great. My sister in law asked if a professional photographer took the photos but they were taken either on my iPhone or my Canon cameras. So the print was definitely excellent! Thank you!!!
Customer review from 19.12.2016
What can I say. The quality if fantastic, it was easy to design and fast delivery.
The photobooks make for a great portfolio.
I will be ordering more. highly recommended!
Paul writes on 13.12.2016
I saw an offer on facebook for £40 off photobooks, and thought I that I've been meaning to get one printed to show my portfolio to prospective clients. The colours in the pictures were excellent - very vibrant. I loved the fact that the pages opened flat which allowed for 2 page spreads. The only negative I would say was that the front cover page was tucked under a bit too close to the opening edge. I've checked the software and there was no way I would have known that this would happen. However this is just something to bear in mind for the future. This photobook was a good quality and I would certainly use it for wedding "parents" albums. However I am yet to find a product of suitably high quality to use for the official wedding album. I didn't notice a premium range from this company.
Customer review from 13.12.2016
Loved the Photobook I just recieved - great quality of printing and materials. Just a couple of points - First the 'A4' photobooks aren't really A4 - although the size quoted in figures is accurate the landscape version is actually 15% smaller than A4, just something to be aware of! Also I couldn't find an easy way to move the photo within the template to frame it up .. you have to move the template edges and then move the picture which results in losing the exact layout often as not, it should be easier! A minor annoyance only though. All in all though an excellent product and I will use again with confidence.
Customer review from 09.12.2016
I ordered my book through the Facebook offer and was blown away by the quality of the product and the quality of service.
I am about to start my own business and am very interested in becoming a reseller.
Fantastic job guys.
Customer review from 07.12.2016
I am looking forward to receiving my 2017 calendar
Louisa writes on 07.12.2016
i saw the free photo book offer on Facebook, and as i was looking to create a portfolio of my most resent work, so i jumped at the chance.
now i have created a few photo books over the past 6 years, as this seems to be the number one choice for wedding albums. I have always used the same company, but after reading some of the reviews i decided to give Saal ago.
Downloading the software was easy enough, once got to grips with what everything did it wasn't to bad to use, but must admit i was a little disappointed with the templates, would liked to have a little more choice. And would like to see a full page preview of the book. Once i was happy i sent the order on the 28/11/16 it arrived on the 3/12/16. Once i opened the parcel i was pleased with the look and feel of the book, i went for the hardcover matte padded cover. I chose to have gloss print inside as i had a mix of colour and b&w, and i have to say i am very pleased with the results, the prints are sharp and clean and the paper quality is really good, also love the lay flat feature. I would defiantly use Saal again to print another portfolio.
Scott writes on 06.12.2016
Awesome service! Highly recommend
David writes on 06.12.2016
This is the first time I have used Saal and I was not disappointed!. I received my album in a reasonable time and I am very pleased with my album. The quality of production is stunning.
The photo paper is of very high quality and has that laminated look which is superb.
The photos are brilliant with vibrant colours. I will certainly be using Saal for any future albums and this album is the best I have seen by far. Many thanks to Saal!
Customer review from 06.12.2016
I was recently asked to produce a photobook for review and have to say that i was very impressed. The software was easy to use and once sent it took 3 day to arrive.
the quality of the printing was fantastic and will be getting some more done soon.
karen writes on 06.12.2016
Wanting to produce a book to show case my recent work in a professional format i was delighted to find the ad on instagram to trial this product, after all who doesn't like 'free' things. It was easy and quick to download the software for the templates, i found it a little confusing to start with but quickly got the idea and had designed my 28 pages very quickly. The hardest part was choosing which work to include! The upload of my images was fast considering the image size and delivery of my book was within days. The book was delivered in ample packaging to keep the hard back cover from damage and i was blown away by the quality of the printed images! Not only where they crisp but the colours were the same as represented on my monitor! Amazing. The photo paper is nice and thick so gives a great feel to the pages as you turn them, it is a lay flat format and it does. I feel this to be a very high quality product that i will not hesitate to show to potential clients and to use during portfolio reviews. I highly recommend this product.
Customer review from 05.12.2016
The whole process has been an absolute joy to do. The software was so easy to download and you can adapt all the layouts or just use the ones provided which give your photobook a nice modern feel and not just the 4 to a page that you usually get. I love the range of page sizes and the ability to add text to anywhere in the book is also fantastic. Overall i am overjoyed at this product. I just can't wait to see it in person now!!
Customer review from 04.12.2016
I have always used Apple Photobooks but they changed their format making it too restricted for me. Luckily my niece recommended Saal and this is the third book I have done this year!
Gary writes on 02.12.2016
An excellent service and product. I was very impressed with the software which has a variety of templates and options giving a great deal of creative style when designing the book. The quality of the pages and printing is one of the best I have seen for a photobook and the colours were captured well. I have used a number over the years including the Apple books and this Saal book is far superior to the others and the Apple products in my opinion. The book arrived quickly. What more can I say - highly recommended by a Pro Photographer.
Customer review from 02.12.2016
designed thursday afternoon, you printed it on friday i had it before breakfast on monday!!!
Customer review from 02.12.2016
I have recently produced a photobook to showcase some of my amateur work, and I've got to say the customer service, website and software is fantastic. The software is so easy to use everything is clearly set out. I think the prices are amazing too. I haven't received my product yet as only submitted it yesterday but I love the fact it has a link to be able to keep up to date with the production of it. Brilliant. Will deffinatly be recommending to everyone I know. I will also write another review once I receive my photo book too.
Customer review from 01.12.2016
We pretty love working with you, thank you!

Szandra and Gabor
Kids in Light Photography
Customer review from 30.11.2016
I am impressed with the easy to use software, the templates can be easily mixed and matched, and altered on the page which I did with a couple of pages and had no design issues, other than the pre-set image ratios of the boxes, which I couldn't seem to alter other than a single click zoom in/out. The speed of turnaround and delivery was very quick - uploaded late Tuesday - got delivery confirmation Thursday and received the book on Saturday!

The book itself is a good quality , great hardback cover - however little disappointed there is no fly leaf.. Had I've known I may have changed first picture.

I wanted to use this a demo of work for my pictures - however I did seem to have an issue with my "misty" morning purple hues - they just weren't there! and the overall the printing wasn't quite as vibrant as some printed copies of the same photo I had produced previously.

However taking into account the ease, flexibility and price this is a very good option and I will probably use again for specific projects.
Dave writes on 30.11.2016
Incredibly easy to use - tools are superb and make life very easy.

The final product is simply brilliant and a joy to look at.

2 very minor comments:
Possibly make it clearer the cover photos are the outside cover not inside covers for first timers!
The texture of the outside covers detracted from photos when light is at an angle...
Jonatas writes on 29.11.2016
Overall I like the photobook but one thing I am quite disappointed: the black and white photos look quite yellow toned, with a lack of bright white and contrast. Color photos look bright and good quality.
gill writes on 28.11.2016
Just received my photobook today, ordered on 23-11-16. Good timely turnaround. Photobook is brilliant quality will definitely be ordering again from SAAL
Customer review from 28.11.2016
As a regular buyer of photobook products I was initially wary of the free offer from SAAL. Having tried and tested products from many different suppliers, some very well known, I became disappointed in the varying quality of both the printed images and the materials used. Hence, for the past 5 five years I have remained with one reliable supplier only as I have found the software they provide as fairly easy to use and the standard of quality of the printed product has been constant time after time.
Since this offer for a free trial seemed too good to turn down I went ahead and ordered it. I decided on a Photobook of size 19cm x 19cm with 26 matte pages, Leather Cream cover, unpadded. Just for the sake of saving time I used the basic ready-made templates within the SAAL software, which I must stress is a breeze to use. I used around a 100 images (of a wedding some years ago) to show a sample of my typical wedding coverage to prospective clients. I don’t have any sample photobooks to show to clients as the products I currently use are very expensive so this handy sized book will come in very useful.
The SAAL product itself is very impressive and you can feel the quality before you even open it, just by just the finish of the cover itself. On opening the book for the first time I immediately scrutinised the binding as this ultimately proves the robustness and longevity of a book. I have been very disappointed with other manufacturers when it comes to this most critical part a books construction. The SAAL book was put through rigorous bending, opening and flicking pages back and forth (yes I was rough with it) without any concerns or visible crease failure. Under close inspection I am guessing that the production of this book is from one continuous roll of photo paper, which may explain its aversion to wear and tear. The heavy weight photo quality paper used produces true colours with black blacks and white whites (if that makes any sense), and also giving fine control of contrast.
All in all I’m very impressed by the SAAL photobook and will certainly be ordering more in future and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am very very choosey when it comes to books and SAAL wins hands down over the rest. Try them and see for yourself.
Gillian writes on 28.11.2016
Easy to use software and easy to design the book once I got the hang of it. Very quick to upload the images which is great.
Only comment on the design would be the size as images had to be cropped or a border put round to fit to A4 size as that doesn't fit the dimensions of the original images.
Well printed and bound book. Padded cover with images a nice extra.. Photo paper pages are nice and well bound together, pity I didn't try the extra thick pages though as this would have gave the pages more weight.
Arrived quickly and well packaged.
Happy with the book and would use again.
Customer review from 28.11.2016
Good quality, easy and user friendly software. A bit pricey but I really like it. Delivery time was a good surprise. I may use this again for my travel books.
stephen writes on 28.11.2016
your service is one of the best around and the product is second to none i recommend you too all my clients and look forward to working with you in the future to produce great works of art and memories that will last a lifetime
Customer review from 27.11.2016
Just received my Photobook. Software was easy to use and ordering was simple. Quick delivery and the photo quality of the printing is superb. Highly recommended.
Ian writes on 26.11.2016
Great website , the products are amazing and the software is very easy to use fast delivery will be using for our photo company
Customer review from 26.11.2016
Ben writes on 25.11.2016
I ordered and paid for my photobook on Sunday evening, after using the easy to use software and dragging and dropping my photos onto the required pages, all very easy, the book was dispatched on the Monday morning, and received today, Friday. A brilliant service, and the book was top quality, and I will be using it this weekend to promote both our businesses. I will not hesitate to recommend your products and use your service again.
Many Thanks
Ben Williams
Natural Encounters Photography
Antonio writes on 25.11.2016
At the moment I just order my book but the websitie works very goog and the software is very easy and efficient
Gordon writes on 24.11.2016
I feel that this survey / comments request is a little premature, I will do and submit a review of the software and its usability to facebook in due course, and will do a follow up review once the book is received.

As I am the Editor, I would offer to put a review into the World Image Magazine ( ) but would need to access more of the products available.

My review of the software and photobook will be published in the magazine.

Best Regards

Gordon Longmead
Customer review from 24.11.2016
looking forward to receiving my order
Carl writes on 23.11.2016
I recently took up offer to review a photobook with Saal Digital. Having seen a review in a photgraphy magazine I was interested to create and see what the quality was like with a view to using as sample portfolios.
Firstly, the software is very simple to use and gives you plent of scope to be creative or, if you prefer, use templates provided. There are a multitude of options from cover types, sizes and print finishes so you are really spoilt for choice.
I received my photobook within a few days of ordering and was mightily impressed with the quality and finish of the product. It is important to use their ICC profiles in your given photo editing software as I forgot one couple of images in soft-proofing and are a little darker than I would have liked but that is down to user error and not Saals printing. They are not the cheapest or the most expensive company for photo books but the very high quality is such that I will use them again in a professional capacity.
Customer review from 22.11.2016
Loved the photo book and plan to use it again soon. Love the fact the software allows you to drag and drop from a hard drive rather than upload it to the software.
Highly recommended.
neil writes on 22.11.2016
Just received my photo book from and all I can say is I'm very happy. The quality of the whole book is superb and delivery was fast. I'll definitely be ordering more prints/books etc from Saal in the very near future. Thank you Saal for such great service.
Tamas writes on 21.11.2016
I ordered my first Photobook :) I read only positive comments, so i hope my book will be pro quality :)
Tomassco- Tomas writes on 20.11.2016
Recently i received my photobook .Totally pleased with it . The software is easy to download and install . The pages are very thick and heavy- they lay flat at the open page and do not bend . I will be using SAAL again !
Customer review from 16.11.2016
Recently I received the square photobook created by Saal Digital. I must say I was delighted with the quality of the photobook, thickness of pages and generally all book had a nice feel to it. I ordered matt finish for the book cover and pages and I think it looks stunning. The service was really good and book was created within one day and delivery was in a couple of days. The software was easy to use when you had a little play with it. I will be definitely using the company again.
Jon writes on 15.11.2016
I have just received my photo book which arrived very quickly. I was impressed with the software which is free to download and very easy to use. I am overjoyed at the quality of the finished album, it looks and feels very much a professional photo book. Along with the quality of Saals products, after a price comparison with other companies offering the same, I would highly recommend Saal for value, quality and delivery. I very nice company to do business with. Thank you.
Xavier writes on 15.11.2016
I already ordered one print on Alu-dibon... The quality was really really good!!!! So I ordered others prints on Fine art!!!
Thanks Saal Digital!!!!
Customer review from 14.11.2016
I received my new portfolio, a book produced by Saal Digital UK.
I was so excited to hold it and turn the pages, it did not disappoint! The pages feel thick but I think this will keep the book fresher for longer and will avoid dog eared pages. The printing was great (could not fault it) and really showed my work off. The finish was of high quality and I can not wait to start showing it to new clients as I am sure it will secure me work. The process of formatting the book was easy with Saal's own software and the delivery was swift. Have to say I am impressed with the results all round and will order again!
Customer review from 14.11.2016
Great promotion! Many thanks!
Catherine writes on 14.11.2016
Today I received my portfolio of my dog images in one of Saal-digital's books. Totally pleased with it. Their software for making the book was easy to use and the book itself is just beautiful. Pure quality. I look forward to displaying it at my next show.

I totally recommend this company as the making up of the book was very easy and uncomplicated and the delivery time was extremely quick. I chose a matt finish cover with my logo on it together with a presentation box and I just love how it has turned out. A big thank you to Saal-Digital. Will definitely be using them in the future.
Barry writes on 10.11.2016
Overall not major issues
Chris writes on 09.11.2016
Excellent, very professional, high-quality photobook. Thank you very much!
Customer review from 08.11.2016
Finally I got my Portfolio.
I am absolutely pleased with the superb quality overall.
I love the way has been printed: colours are great at the right saturation point.
Thanks Saal-Digital
PS Customer Service is always been very kind and accommodating with my requests.
Customer review from 05.11.2016
Great website , the products are amazing and the software is very easy to use.
Adam writes on 04.11.2016
Recently I had the pleasure to receive a photo book off the good people at Saal Digital UK. The company was a pleasure to work with and communication with them was fantastic.
The company supply a free software to download to make their wide range of products, not just photo books. The software is easy to follow and a pleasure to use. Making your products couldn't be easier.
I opted for an A4 photo book with a soft and matt finish cover. Delivery times were great with not too much time waiting for the postman to come with my book.
The quality of print is of top standard and the matt paper I went with really compliments the pictures.
I would highly recommend them if you were ever thinking of making a photo book.
Peter writes on 04.11.2016
Received my photobook back from Saal Digital and must say I am very impressed with quality and delivery time.
I will definitely be using this company for my future wedding albums.
Customer review from 03.11.2016
Took me a while to prepare the book but only because I've not used your software before.

I liked that you could use blank pages and place and size the images to suit each page. My only comment would be that I couldn't size the images full bleed without cropping as the book was A4 rather then 2x3 scale.

The upload was very quick which was good.

I look forward to receiving my book.
Ian writes on 03.11.2016
Software quick and simple to install, I've had some experience in using desktop publishing software so quickly worked out how to drag and drop photos in place etc. There is good selection of sample backgrounds and artwork for the photobook to use and designing the layout was very easy.

The hardback photobook was of good quality and my friends were over the moon with the finished product, as it is a lasting keepsake of their special wedding day.
Customer review from 02.11.2016
i was browsing through Instagram when i seen the offer to test this product and i am so amazed.
i downloaded the software which was so easy to use the only problem for me was choosing what photos to pick once the software its self if easy to use i love the feature that tells you the quality of the image when placed

the delivery to UK was really quick and when i opened the package i was amazed the quality of the book its self is highest quality i chose the padded version and glossy pages which look perfect and nice and thick of the highest quality
i would totally recommend saal-digital to anyone who is looking to get photo books done as they are amazing and i will be using them again in the future
Customer review from 01.11.2016
First time for me using the software too, and it was all fairly easy once I had got my head around the tools and what you can do with them, but this did take a week to happen. One thing that I don't like is not being able to see a full "as it's going to be printed" preview before you go through the order process, and had I had this option I would not have "sent" the book for printing without making changes. As soon as you hit the payment button, thats it no changes possible, which is a shame as this is the only thing that lets the book down. Customer services were good, but slow to answer emails. Book arrived pretty quickly even at the cheap postage rate, so no problems there. Very impressed at the quality of the book and printing, especially as the images were printed as taken in very high resolution, and I would have no problem recommending SAAL in the future should they continue to make a few tweeks to their software to make it more user friendly. All in all 8.5 out of 10 from me. Cheers
Customer review from 29.10.2016
I have already published my review on your Facebook page and certainly will be using your service again
Customer review from 29.10.2016
It is the first time I have used this software and was not disappointed. The service was great, kept informed all the way through the process from the order to being placed to it being delivered. I placed my order Sunday night, delivery was attempted Thursday. The book looked fantastic.
The only criticism I have which reading other comments is not uncommon is when dragging an image into a frame it will crop the image. Otherwise a great experience. Would definitely use again and recommend.
Adam writes on 28.10.2016
Just received my 1st order, doubt it'll be my last. Software really easy to use. From the very beginning have had constant updates with how my order is going to being shipped. From placing my order to it being received only took 7 days, which when thinking it came from Germany to the UK is really good.

The quality of the book is nothing short of amazing. The cover is a hardback and the prints are of the highest quality (obviously the image resolution had something to do with this, but a couple of my images were taken using a phone camera and still look great quality).

Anyone thinking of a photobook I recommend Saal, you can't go far wrong.
Customer review from 28.10.2016
I think the book and the colours are of a very high quality and feel very nice. I found the software fairly easy to use, but that's because I am familiar with designing books. However, I think someone new would struggle with it and it could be more user friendly.

I also found myself clicking back and forth between the panels and often lost where I was in terms of whether i wanted to pick page layouts, colours etc. It wasn't immediately obvious.

Therefore, although I was happy with it, I wouldn't be 100% confident in recommending the software to a friend who was not a regular book maker. I would however, given the quality of the printing, be happy to try some other products.
Customer review from 27.10.2016
This is the fourth time I have tried to leave a honest review. Could not do it from an Ipad so now trying by laptop, hopefully this will work this time.
I saw the offer on facebook and thought why not. Was a bit hesitant when i had to download the software to my laptop. But all was ok. I found the software very confusing. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I ended up using the built in layout as I did not know how to use the other ones. Adding the photos was easy but when the software added them to the layout some of them where cropped all wrong and I had to change most of them. One of images that I didn't change was a full page spread, the software never said it was not a good quality image for that size, so when the book arrived the image is sadly pixelated. Was very disappointed with that. All the others are great. The paper quality is good however some pages where glued together. I did manage to get them unstuck with no damage. Was happy with the padded cover it does look good.
Overall everything ok. Unfortunately it is just lying in a drawer.
Chris writes on 25.10.2016
I ordered my Photobook on a Sunday evening after spending a few hours using the design software; starting from a pre-made template. It was very easy to select my photos and position them where I wanted. I submitted the order and was informed of the progress of my order during each step on the website.

My Photobook arrived on Wednesday and it is Fantastic. The book itself is well made and each page has been reproduced true to the original colours. Because of the construction (fold flat?) of the photobook, pictures can span across the central fold and still look great. This means that you can use all of a page area for pictures.

The book has been passed around friends and family and still looks as good as new as the front and back hard covers provide protection to the pages within and also look great.

I have recommended saal-digital to all of my friends!
Oliver writes on 24.10.2016
Very patient as it took me a while to find the time to design the album with being so busy!
Cara writes on 22.10.2016
Very flexible software program that was really easy to use to compile my photobook. So far so good and so I eagerly await to see the quality of the final product.
Temple writes on 17.10.2016
I found an advert on Facebook - a £40 voucher for a photobook in a 14 day period, in exchange for an honest review. This yielded a 30 page A4 sized hardback book in gloss finish. The pages are very thick and heavy - they lay flat at the open page and do not bend. I ordered it late on Saturday and it arrived from Germany to the UK by Thursday. Paypal and Visa were accepted as payments, and the upload of the completed book took a minute over Wifi. Numerous emails informed me of each step in production.

The software is easy to download and install. As a semi-professional photographer, I've used many photobook online services. This has the familiar set up of tools - accessing files from multiple sources on the left, a central window for the book, quick page access at the bottom, and various layout and tool options to the right. There are numerous options for text. Each used image has a handy "tick" next to it to indicate it has been used. I had much fun trying different patterns and gradients for the backgrounds. It is possible to have a "spare" photo which you can fill with a background or gradient in order to make a unique border around each image which you drop on top - the software lets you decide which images are on top or sent behind.

My file sizes are very large, and the software coped quickly with them, telling me the image quality was "very good". Out of habit, I cropped and lightened the images in a different software. It is possible to crop the images (and keep the aspect ratio) within the book. Handy guidelines appear when you align photos with other images already across the double page spread. A word of advice: It doesn't seem possible to change the "centre" of an image - this is the point that all the sides references - decide your centre in different software. Also, lighten the images in different software - I couldn't find an option for this. This is a photobook creator rather than a photo editor software.

It is possible to create a base for similar projects and then change the project by saving it under a different name. This also allows you to go back to an earlier saved version if your experiments don't turn out the way you hope! Previewing the whole book is possible, to see the balance of images throughout rather than focused on the two-page spread.

I will be using SAAL again.
Tatum writes on 17.10.2016
As a proffesional photographer I was a bit sceptical when my mom told me about an offer to trail a free photobook.

I had not heard of Saal before and always looking for good quality photobooks at affordable prices I gave it a go.

I was very impressed by the speedy delivery and many options to customise.

The paper is thick and colour rich. The product came just as it was discribed and I was very impressed.

I will certainly consider adding this to my proffesional display products I offer to clients as the quality is excellent.
Richard writes on 16.10.2016
excellent products and service
Scott writes on 15.10.2016
Portfolio demo.
I saw the free book offer on facebook and jumped at the chance.

The software is a little daunting at first as it is so comprehensive and has lots of built in templates and backgrounds but I soon got to grips with it.

The whole design and ordering process is simple and the delivery time was great too.

The only slight issue I had was with quality control, upon receipt of the book there was a slight crease in the glossy cover. The packaging was undamaged and due to the location of the crease there was no way it could have happened in transit.

This is super important with a white label service when sending books directly to clients.

Saal's customer service is fantastic they responded promptly and reprinted the book even allowing me to make some small adjustments too.

The 2nd book arrived and looked stunning the paper quality is very good but unfortunately, this too had a damaged cover this time on the front edge. SO frustrating as everything else is so very good.

Again Saal's customer service was excellent and the 3rd book was perfect. I do think I've just been unlucky as I know a couple of other photographers who have used Saal with no issues at all.

I will use Saal again in future but at this stage will get their products delivered to myself before passing on to my clients.
Roy writes on 14.10.2016
A few weeks ago I took advantage of an offer from SAAL Digital; in exchange for £40 credit I'd review the photobook i created.

The book was created in their own software downloaded for free off their website I'm used to working with Quark and various photo editing apps, their software was a breeze to use. Easy for anyone who has ever used common programmes like Word. No nasty surprises. Find your photos and drag them onto the page you want, cropping them to fit.

Once you're happy, you can preview the book before sending it off to print. I paid a five pounds to remove the barcode on the back cover as the book is for my use only it seemed weird to have something like this on the cover.

The quality of the final book was outstanding. Pictures taken on an outdoor stage in drizzle and with no stage lighting came out brilliantly. (the burlesque dancer with her self lit butterfly cloak below).

My only issue is the cost. It would not be profitable to reprint the book for resale at over £50 before I could add any markup.

The final book is here:
Customer review from 13.10.2016
My book arrived for some wedding photography that I did for my brothers wedding.

The book quality is very good. The programme that is used to create the album takes some time getting used to but once I got into it I was able to create a personalised book thay suited my brothers taste. I would definitely use Saal again for future projects and recommend them to other photographers
Customer review from 13.10.2016
For quite a while now, I have been intending to start collating my exhibition images into books, as an easily accessible record of my progress. I had investigated several options without making any decisions, when an offer from SAAL Digital UK caught my eye on Facebook … a free-of-charge A4 30 page book with hard cover in exchange for an honest review. Too good to be true? You would think so, but it was an absolutely genuine offer, so I emailed off an application, was accepted and settled down to create my book.

The initial task was to download the software, easily done, with options given for Mac or PC and very clear directions, although I found I didn’t need them. I decided to go for full page bled images with small captions. I could have had text pages or a combination of text and pictures with different coloured backgrounds – the permutations are many and varied and cater for all kinds of design input. Complete instructions for using the software are provided, but – as a dive-in-and-see-what-happens person – I just started and had no problems working it out as I went along.

The software is easy to use, simply select images from an-easy-to-follow menu and drag them into position on each page. I pre-sized my images before loading, but it is possible to resize once loaded, by clicking and dragging on the corners of the images. I couldn’t find the icon to constrain the ratio of my pictures (but it is there as I read on another review). Type sizes, styles and colour were immediately available and, again, very easy to use.

The choice of material is limited to matt or gloss, which is a bit of a disappointment, as I would have preferred a silk finish, as I was loading a mixture of colour and monochrome images and find that high gloss can adversely affect the monochrome and matt can dull down colour. However, having chosen to pay a small extra charge for gloss, I am pleased with the final result. The monochromes have held very well with no colour cast and the coloured images, although a tiny bit on the dark side, are pretty true to my original files. SAAL do offer to supply ICC profiles, so this wouldn’t be a problem if colour balance was critical.

The pages are a little on the heavy side (I estimated around 200 gsm) and reminded me a little of a child’s story book, but they do lie flat when open and the hard cover is very professionally finished. The overall production and finish of the book is excellent. I ordered my book on Friday 26th August and it was delivered early on Thursday 1st September – a pretty impressive turn-round.

I will be using SAAL again to continue recording my images in book form and would recommend their services, particularly in terms of quality and speed of production.
Amad writes on 13.10.2016
good value for money
Customer review from 13.10.2016
Colours of Menorca by Driweave Images
I was fortunate to receive a £40 14 day free trial to make my book to which I am grateful & so to say I was excited upon arrival of my book, is an understatement. Delivery turnaround was very good arriving within a week. From the simple polythene sealed packaging through to the finished product, I couldn't be more delighted!
The book has a glossy finish to it throughout. Each page, (including the double paged spreads), has quality clear, crisp, colourfully sharp printed photographs. All this, bearing in mind many of these pictures were taken with my iPhone!!!
I will definitely be recommending Saal Digital to others and looking to do similar projects in the near future which includes printing up some more copies of my book as gifts etc.
I cannot thank you enough for boosting my photography confidence.
Customer review from 13.10.2016
I saw the offer for a photobook in Facebook, as an artist things like this are incredibly useful putting all your best work together to show potential clients.

The process was very easy and the choices the software allows you are infinitely useful, you can choose different layouts, designs, colours, fonts.... so much choice!

With my book ready to be printed I was shown a digital version which I could flick through and check that it was ok, I enjoyed this aspect as I could check the page margins and see how each page flowed from the previous page.

Once ordered it arrived a few days earlier, bearing in mind this item was shipped from Germany to the UK I was hugely impressed. The book was well packed and a joy to open, I've had photobooks from other suppliers but this is by far the best in terms of quality and the overall look.

I'd recommend to anyone, having one of these on your bookshelf is a joy.
Ian writes on 11.10.2016
Well my book has arrived and must say I am really happy with the results. The quality is fantastic, the images are very crisp and true to the images I edited on my computer. I didn't use the ICC profiles even though my system is calibrated, now I know what the results are, I shall definitely be using again and am sure my clients will be very happy with their albums. I really can't fault SAAL it took 12 days from start to finish which is much faster than other companies I have used and a lot better standard. Well Done SAAL and see you again soon.
Customer review from 11.10.2016
Found this company via a advert on Facebook and have to say the photobook I ordered was out of this world along with a amazing customer service and fast delivery.

Great design software, easy to use and highly recommend using them for quality photobooks and other products.
Customer review from 11.10.2016
A couple of weeks ago we were given the opportunity to create and review a printed photobook created by SAAL Digital.

The terms and conditions were very straight forward and we were surprised to see that one of the terms was to write an honest review which wouldn’t be checked before being published. We felt this was a good indicator that this company was extremely confident with their products and quality of printing to allow this. (most companies at the very least check your review before being published)

The hardest part was choosing the product images to use in this photobook that would become our product photography portfolio for existing and new clients.

SAAL digital have their own downloadable software to create the photobook and we found it very easy to use.

There are a number of different layouts you can use and it’s easy to adjust the size and positioning of each to showcase each individual image to its best. The other thing we were impressed with was your images were not limited, you could choose to have 1 main image or several smaller images on each page, again this is not something we have seen with other companies, you are usually limited to amount of images you can add to the whole photobook. This feature is ideal for that stand out image that needs a whole page to itself but by doing so you are not having to compromise and lose images.

Once we had finally decided on which images and layouts we were happy with, we reviewed the book, and sent it through to be processed.

Thinking it might take a while to be printed and delivered we weren’t really expecting to see the book very soon. We were wrong, the photobook arrived 4 days after we had submitted the final layouts.

The photobook was extremely well packaged and a lot of care had been taken to make sure the book arrived in the very best condition.

Once we had finally removed all the protective packaging we were really impressed with the quality of the book and the front image we had chosen, on the inside, it just got better and better, a bit cautious of the quality of the larger one page images we were stunned to see how well they looked. The quality of the paper and the printing made the images absolutely pop on the page and this is what every photographer wants when they have taken the time to shoot items, a company that can deliver stunning printed versions of your work.

We are absolutely delighted with the final product and it’s something we can very proudly show to all clients new and existing, it’s also an opportunity for companies we work with to also see for themselves the quality of SAAL digitals photobooks.

Overall a fantastic job from start to finish and a high recommendation for anyone considering a photobook.
Scott writes on 10.10.2016
I was a little hesitant at first, as with other downloadable photo software It always causes some confusion some frustration and eventually I give up.
With saals it couldn't have been simple straight on uploaded pictures and positioned them perfectly to what I wanted even allowing me to change the shape of the frames was easy.
once complete ordering from the shopping card was again simple with no confusing extra click this click that order this order that, just simple
Once my photobook arrived it was evident these guys know what there doing, the sample was perfect the quality was perfect the pictures jumped off the page and they even improved the colouring ..I will be using only Saal from now on as this the quality I want from all my photos ,..

Very impressed very happy experience ,thank you Saal..

Only difficult thing I found was, what photos I should use, I'm working on my next project

thank you
gary writes on 10.10.2016
We recently got our photobook which we found on and I must say it was a pleasurable process from start to finish.

The book has turned up today and the only disappointment was my lack of attention to detail when it came to the cover, this is the reason i dropped 1 star for the software as it wasnt stand out enough that the cover and back were not in this logical order. Therefore our cover is actually on the back of our book and despite common sense it has sadly not worked out!

The photos are absolutely amazing quality, the delivery time all the way from germany was flawless and i must say i am extremely impressed and think I will order another one.

At £40 the book is a bargain, it has a professional feel and I will be back in the future whenever I need to purchase something like this.

I just wish the Cover/Back section was more obvious as I am sure I will not be the only person to make this mistake.

Thanks so much, Gary
Zoltan writes on 08.10.2016
Thank you for the beautiful photo book.
Good sharp printing and quality book.
Alan writes on 06.10.2016
In return for an honest and impartial review, I recently took advantage of an offer and produced a photo book of the prints I exhibited at Artspace. The book was prepared and printed by Saal Digital UK. I am used to producing photo books online so jumped straight in without looking at instructions etc and found the software intuitive and with loads of options for setting up the style of book and layout of images etc. There were also a good number of extra controls to change opacity levels etc. The book didn't take long to pull together and the upload of the images was pretty quick compared to others I have used. I did receive a link to an online view of the book. That didn't work and I reported it. It has now almost been fixed with all but the first page displaying correctly.
Less than a week later the book was delivered and I am very impressed. It really is beautifully made, printed and well put together. Packaging was excellent too. The colour renditions are all true and the paper used is very high quality. The actual cost is perhaps higher than some of the other providers out there, but I think you will really get what you pay for, a high quality book of your images that will last and be a pleasure to look at for a long time.
Customer review from 05.10.2016
I have photobooks made on a regular basis for my clients by a single supplier as the quality of all their products is exceptional. However, since their books are handmade they area expensive and slow to produce, so having the chance to try Saal Digital with very little outlay was something I couldn't pass up.
I found the software Saal Digital supply to be adequate for most purposes, if lacking a little in usability and design possibilities as I am used to having far more control over my layout. Overall, however, the software is straightforward and for simpler books works quite well.
Quality of service and delivery time was excellent. I wasn't flooded with loads of emails, but I was kept informed of what was happening, and being able to see the status of my order matched quite well with the service I get from my current supplier.
For many people, Saal Digital will provide a book that suits their needs perfectly, with a good price and reasonable quality. For my clients however, the book will be a hard sell. I specifically ordered a book that would be similar to those I normally get, with a matt photo cover, and extra thick matt pages. Compared to the books I currently provide, the Saal Digital book has a number of problems. The paper for both the cover and pages has a bit of an odd feel to it that is not quite as satisfying and tactile as I'm used too. It's not a deal breaker, but it's just not quite right. The cover is definitely a lot thinner than I was expecting and far too easy to bend. The pages themselves are also a lot thinner than I was expecting having ordered extra thick. However, the quality of the printing is extremely good with a nice edge to edge spread and the colour match was pretty close to what I was expecting. It's not quite a lay flat book but it's very close. Packaging could have been better as the book I received had suffered some damage in transit.
Overall, the Saal Digital PhotoBook is pretty reasonable value for money, it's of fairly decent quality, and I will most likely order more books as my entry level option. Compared to the likes of Photobox, Snapfish etc... it's definitely a better option
Customer review from 05.10.2016
I am an artist and I was chosen for the product trial and I received a voucher code for a £40. I am more than satisfied with the product, the quality is perfect, everything is just amazing. I am more than happy that I used Saal services and I will use them again and definitely will recommend them everywhere. The software for the design was easy to use, fast and really good. I received my photobook just now- and I am really impressed. Thank you Saal !
David writes on 05.10.2016
Much like other providers Saal give you the chance to download their software so you can create the photobook offline before finalizing the book and uploading/ordering.
The software at first looks a little difficult to use compared to other providers, but after 10 minutes you learn where everything is and it becomes really good to work with.There are endless amounts of layouts that can be chosen for the pages. I was able to create the photobook around 300% quicker than other providers simply because the layout tool and the way you can resize photos is much quicker and accurate.
The Album arrived within 5 days of ordering which is around 2 weeks faster than other providers I have used, considering it comes all the way from Germany thats a really good result.
The album itself is extremely high quality,both the paper and print quality are better than anything we have previously used.
We would need to look at other album sizes and finishes but overall the product and service provided has been better than any other provider.
We will definitely be using photobooks in the future
Barbara writes on 04.10.2016
Wow what a great quality photobook, its more beuty than i excepted :D love it and im sure will order more products in futer
Customer review from 04.10.2016
Overall, i was quite satisfied, I found the book to be nice, but not great in terms of print quality and truth to the original images, i found some to be under exposed more so than the originals. The design software was very easy to use but the options on what you could do were limited i found. Luckily i wanted a plain and simple book, with full page prints and for this, it was great, simple layout and design and because of this the software was perfect for it. The book is nice and bulky and feels like its constructed well and will last a decent length of time. I would look at purchasing from SAAL again.
Jason writes on 03.10.2016
Designing my photobook was very easy using their included software and had many options for prebuilt layouts and designs. All I needed to do was upload my photos and drag them into boxes. Delivery was very quick within 2 days all the way from Germany. There was an issue of text alignment/overlapping on the delivered, however after contacting support they quickly offered to reprint the book at no extra charge. The finished quality is great and to a high standard.
Christopher writes on 02.10.2016
I took up an offer for a credit of £40 to test and review a Saal photobook, which was perfect as I was looking for a photo book provider for my wedding photography. The software was easy to use, the service on support was pretty fast, prices seem reasonable, postage was abut 4-5 days which is pretty good. One big problem that I have with Saal is that they require images sent with ICC profiles for their paper types rather than srgb like most printer companies require. As most photographers work in srgb, when I soft proofed with the Saal ICC for glossy photo book it muted my colours and basically meant after I had edited my images as usual, I then had to re-edit to boost the colours for the Saal product. I understand Saal want the customer to check the colours are correct for when they are printed, but other companies just take images in srgb. I decided to just let the images be submitted as I had edited them in srgb, as it was just a test album. I have to say most images do look fine, and colourful enough, but there is the odd image that did look muted.
I am sure I read the presentation box could be customised to include my company logo etc. but couldn't see any options in the software for this, so the box comes very plain indeed.
Would I use Saal again? I think it would come down to price of other companies.
Customer review from 01.10.2016
Software looks good - though it fails if the internet connection is weak and then all the work is lost when selecting the pictures. Apart from this, the software looks very functional and easy to use and is better than other software from other suppliers.
Ian writes on 01.10.2016
At this current time I cannot comment on delivery time as I have only just submitted my order. What I will say after using many different publishers, printers and suppliers regarding printing my images for clients, Saal is by far the fastest and most straight forward out of all of them. The process was so past, some companies I have used has taken me three days or more to upload my images, with Saal was a matter of minutes. Truly amazing, such an easy straight forward process, which as a photographer with demanding clients at times helps to take the stress out of the process. Thanks Saal and I will definitely be recommending you guys.
Customer review from 29.09.2016
I'm extremely happy with the album I ordered from Saal Digital. The quality of the gloss photographic paper was fantastic and I look forward to ordering many more albums in the future for my own business where I rebind books and albums in custom leather.
Ian writes on 28.09.2016
The software is so simple to use, just drag and drop photos and select the layout (so many to choose from). Ordering and paying on-line was very quick and easy. Can't wait to get the album as it is a gift for friend's who gave me the honour of photographing their wedding.

Thank you also for providing me with an extension to my voucher code, although the prices are very reasonable, having a discount voucher really helped toward the cost.
Customer review from 28.09.2016
I received my book this morning after a bit of a wait though I think that was more to do with my local delivery than with Saal.
I love the finish on these pages and have decided to introduce personalised 'baby' board books as part of my packages. Babies still need books and what better than books with known faces in them? I will be back :-)
Magda writes on 28.09.2016
I was quite a sceptic before my first order, but I was pleasantly surprised when arrived. Quality was first class, pictures were nicely printed and looked exactly like on my screen, the finish was outstanding with first class quality prints. Definitely will be ordering again! Highly recommended.
Carlos writes on 27.09.2016
Finally we received the first Bridges of the River Thames book from Saal Digital The final product was of a very high quality.
We chose the A4 size for panoramas with glossy finish and hardback cover. The delivery was fast and well packaged to protect the book in transit.
Thank you so much to Saal Digital UK for giving me the opportunity to print and publish a project while testing their services.
Also thanks to Julia Hollier for all the hard work, for the bridge research and writing.
It was lovely seeing it come to life with a quality finish in order to appreciate the detail of my photographs.
The software was easy to download from Saal-DigitalUK and use, allowing for the photos to be uploaded quickly and some room for manipulation to position them.
The full project consists of 22 photos each requiring a double page spread. It was also nice to be able to add and edit text onto the pages. This worked particularly well in our case where we wanted just a small space to add comments on the shots. The most impressive thing about the book is the print quality and the vivid and accurate colour reproduction. The detail and colours of the photographs have been produced with care which has created a beautiful book that we are extremely pleased and proud of.
I highly recommend this product from Saal Digital
This the project page in Saal-Digital…
Customer review from 27.09.2016
Once i got used to the software, i loved it. really good choices and options and layouts. The quality of the photobook was way better than i had expected. It was fantastic quality. The speed of production and delivery were good also arrived well packaged.
Customer review from 27.09.2016
Love my photobook! The finished article has far surpassed what I expected. The quality could not be improved, people browsing the book are always trying to separate the pages as they think it's stuck together, when in fact the paper is just really good thick paper!!
I found the software a little difficult to understand at first, uploading the pics I wanted to use and then having to remove them from all the suggested placements due to bad crops, but once i realised you can drag the desired photos straight from Bridge to the area I wanted it was brilliant, a huge amount of scope for editing the layout.
I would highly recommend and will be using Saal again for my next project :)
Customer review from 24.09.2016
Fantastic quality product, great to show off my work in printed form. Will definitely use again. The software was easy to use and I was kept informed all the way through the order and delivery process. Arrived quickly, and would have been quicker still had it not been for our own Royal Mail.
Customer review from 22.09.2016
Can't wait until I get my photo book to check for the quality. The process was simple enough, although the editing process was a little disorganised.
Customer review from 21.09.2016
The software took some getting used to but the quality of the photobook is superb - better than any I have had done by other companies. The thick glossy pages really do the images justice. They are stunningly sharp and rich in colour. I had a free trial which forced me to rush the production more than I would have liked - and to be more conservative with my design choices. But I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, or to recommend Saal to others. The speed of production and delivery was also impressive. Make sure you allow yourself lots of time to become familiar with the software and to browse the design choices before you get started. And note that whilst images appear in the design almost immediately when selected they won't actually be uploaded until the product is complete, so allow time for this at the end.
syed writes on 20.09.2016
the delivery process is very dissatisfying and communication is not up to the standard.
Customer review from 20.09.2016
I am delighted with the end result! The photobook I received echoes the finish and quality of the well known GraphiStudio photobooks but at a fraction of the price. I will certainly recommend this alternative to the Brides & Grooms I photograph each year.
The glossy cover sets the tone of a quality product and the hard pages give it a luxury feels which is ideal for weddings.
It took me some time to get used to the software but eventually managed to achieve what I was after.
I would however like to see some specific wedding templates instead of having to look through the various options/menus to find icons, royalty free images, backgrounds etc...
Overall, a very good service and excellent finished product.
alan writes on 17.09.2016
As a photographer in a digital age I find it more important now than ever to print photos, as so many photos never see outside of a computer screen. I found the software easy to use and gave me lots of options to use various layouts and page spreads. The software wasn't the easy to use to start off with, but it's far more than capable and produces outstanding results when the finished photo-book showed up . The book its self was amazing quality and I would be more than happy to send this to clients as it came to me in the post. I would recommend Saal-digital to anyone looking for a professionally finished product. Personally I loved the Matte finish and the thickness of the paper as it made the images feel like they're of superior quality. Thanks again
Customer review from 13.09.2016
Have to review how great the quality of these is, lovely thick pages and rich colours. We have a lot of similar books made at home and this tops them. A little more pricey than others (depending which page/size/finish options used) but you get what you pay for in colour accuracy!

The software to make it has masses of options as you can see, very customisable, including printing on every single inch, and flatly across the join.
They ship from Germany at ridiculous speed, and any issues were answered and sorted quickly!
Customer review from 09.09.2016
This is probably most intuitive photo book software I have used and, from start to finish, my experience was seamless, efficient, fast and I am thrilled with my book - the padded cover is lush! The quality and speed of production is excellent and I particularly liked the regular updates so I could track the production. Things I may change next time...I had to rush this book because the 14-day trial period started just as I was going away so I didn't have time to fully prepare my images. On reflection I should have either chosen the glossy finish or sharpened for matte, one or two looked a bit 'soft'. Of course this is down to me although maybe it would help if Saal could include something about image preparation in the instructions? Maybe they already do...I didn't have time to read them! I also love the way the book fully opens without a spine, just hope this is robust, but time will tell. As it is, I am completely sold on this product. Yes I did have a free trial, for which I am very grateful, but my review is honest and I now have 3 more in the pipeline, there's contentment for you!
Finn writes on 08.09.2016
Blinding German efficiency. Ordered this photobook at about midnight and it was dispatched by lunchtime the next day. Staggering. Quality is excellent and more so for the affordable price. The only thing I would change about the whole experience would be having an image constraint option when using the software.
Ian writes on 07.09.2016
I was grateful to be given the recent opportunity to try a Saal Photobook at no cost, and having created a number of such albums using a range of competitors including Jessops, Bobs Books, Bonusprint & TicTac Photo, reckon I'm pretty qualified to make an assessment. I think this is possibly the best all-round album I've yet created. Certainly the construction of the book, the image quality, paper, and all-round appearance are first class. No exposure issues either. I sometimes find that my prints can be a little darker than they should be, probably because I expose for highlights and the fact that my monitor is possibly a bit too bright. One particular album provider under-exposed many of my images but the odd thing was that others were perfectly exposed when I would have expected consistency throughout. Saal got the exposure spot on. The book arrived very swiftly, indeed it was sent within a day or so of ordering it, and I was informed of this. On arrival I found it to be well packed and in unmolested condition, indeed the presentation of the package on arrival was first-class. Finally, - creating it: all the album suppliers use similar software but some are easier to use than others. I found the Saal software fairly easy to navigate, my only problem was figuring out the meaning of the terms provided for the design layouts, I went through all of them to see what they actually offered, when a picture illustrating the alternative designs would to my mind have made this more straight-forward. The album saved readily and when it came to order the album, that too was relatively straight-forward, the only confusion being the template in which to write a UK address. This asked for the street then the number, additional address information, zip code then a city. In the UK of course, we have a number or name, the street, town, County then postcode, generally speaking. I'm nit-picking! First class album, well pleased, - happy to recommend, - will I order another album? It's a "yes" from me!
Leanne writes on 07.09.2016
I have not yet received my photo book but the speed on the responses, the incredible customer service and the fantastic support and options on site is beyond what I expected.
Alice writes on 07.09.2016
I have just received my 26 page book - the quality is superb; beautiful very thick glossy pages, and the colours are spot-on. Some similar products tend to get the colours wrong but this one is perfect. I'm very impressed and will definitely recommend these products to my clients.

Just a couple of things to note: images are also printed on the inside covers, which is not very usual. This did not bother me, but some people may not like this feature. Also if you share your photo book to your Facebook page, you get the company logo as a thumbnail, rather than the front cover of your book, which is a little disappointing and doesn't encourage your followers to click on it. I did have some very prompt support on this issue but it has not enabled me to replace the thumbnail.
Customer review from 06.09.2016
Unable to comment as of yet on delivery time because the order has only just been placed but as far as creating the product and using the site and software goes i've been very impressed so far. Just hope the final product is as good as the rest of it so far. Top work, nice and simple and easy to use.
Donatas writes on 06.09.2016
Woow. Quality of the book is just amazing. Software so easy to use.
Thank you so much. Would recommend this for everyone.
Vivien writes on 06.09.2016
We were very happy with your website and the support we had from your team. We did find the quality of the black and white images superb in the tonal range especially as I use a digital camera and my husband uses analogue. The quality of the paper is very high however we do feel that by adhering the spreads to each other the resulting pages are very thick. This has also resulted in the pages being quite wavy.
Having ordered a photo book and not the photo book XT I am wondering if we have the correct product?
Niki writes on 29.07.2016
Amazingly easy to use the software, book was emailed across on Sunday evening and I received it on following Wednesday. Love the quality of the book, Thank you and I will return to do another one after my son's wedding.
Customer review from 29.07.2016
I will use them again super quality. Wow quick delivery, excellent quality, I did choose the wrong page layout, but that was my fault.
Customer review from 22.07.2016
Omg I'm so impressed with the quality of my photo album.the delivery took under a week which I could not believe how quick it was .Absolutely beautiful. I will definitely use saal digital again .
Thank you so much.
Customer review from 22.07.2016
So, its been a few weeks now since I received my 'free' photo book from Saal Digital UK and now several people have seen it I wanted to write my review. As you can imagine, the offer of something for free was initially met with some scepticism, would I actually receive the finished product and with it being free was it going to be a substandard product? I needn't have been concerned, within five days of compiling my book and submitting it for processing, it arrived from Germany.

Before opening the package, I was still of the feeling that I would be somewhat disappointed! How wrong I was. Having only ever seen my images printed poorly at home, to actually seeing the difference professional printing can make has made me want to have more tangible prints/portfolios of my photography. The pages of my book were luxuriously thick with a glossy finish that really did improve how my photos looked. Going forward I can definitely see myself getting more photo books just for my own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.
Mark writes on 20.07.2016
I'm really impressed with the quality of Saal-Digital albums, especially for the price point. I will definitely be using them again.

Read my review on the link below:
Customer review from 15.07.2016
seriously good service and quality, well pleased
Rafael writes on 14.07.2016
First of all, I must say that I'm really happy with the results.

The software is good although not excellent. I found a problem not being able to resize with a proportions constraint (if there is one, I could not find how to use it). Another annoyance is that if I place a picture over the bleed, it does not allow me to crop it, and quite often I ended up just giving up on it and scrapping a relevant part of the image or going back to my edition software to process the crop prior to importing the image.
I found a workaround which is to place the picture on the top or the bottom where there is breathing space for the image to be placed over the bleed. However, it limits the layout of the page.
I find quite useful the ticks to let you know the images already used.

Let's review the book itself. I was surprised with the good quality, the pages thickness and consistency, and more over, the accuracy in the colours, which I was scared of. Great job overall. And the book is sturdy and really well made.

However I found some of my pictures had being changed a bit in the contrast. Most of them seemed to be as they were, but A couple of them lost a bit of contrast in my opinion, whilst some others had a bit too much. I wonder if they were treated a bit prior to printing or it is due to the printing process itself.

Well, to wrap up, really happy with the results, from now on a client, and amazed by the promptness of the process.

Thank you for a great job.
Jessica writes on 14.07.2016
I'm so excited I have received an amazing album realized by saaldigital with my wedding photos. It's so beautiful and professional, I love the glossy and unpadded cover, the colors and the paper are so nice. I'm very grateful for this precious album. Thanks you so much saal digital , I love it.
steve writes on 14.07.2016
Highly recommend this service for quality and delivery. Ease of use and communication.
Gwynne writes on 14.07.2016
I have just received my second ever photo album of my images from Saal Digital UK.

What an amazing experience from conception to delivery. The whole time, from submitting to receiving was 3 days. Unbelievable, from outside the UK.

The app they have designed has been well thought through, giving you all the options you will need to create your book. From a basic layout/style to a blank canvas. Every step of the way telling you how much it will cost (but also showing, what options cost less). One other thing I liked was that it showed you wether the image was of sufficient quality for the size required in the book.

The quality of the book is above what I thought it could be and the prints are crystal clear.

I will say that I am certainly surprised I can recommend this company Saal-Digital so easily. The hardest part of the whole process - choosing my images. They have done me proud.
Malcolm writes on 13.07.2016
I recently ordered a book from saal-digital
The book is excellent
The ordering was straightforward. Software easy to use. Once the order was placed I was kept informed of the order progress. Delivery was very quick.
The book is of a good quality and the images printed to a high standard.
I highly recommend Saal-digital.
Thank you
Andrew writes on 13.07.2016
had a photo book from you which was great quality and excellent colours, so this is now my first print order,software is excellent and transmitting of data was quick
Customer review from 12.07.2016
The Quality of the paper is very high making the book feel a great standard. software was a absolute pleasure to use, making a wedding album was so much easyier. great stuff keep it coming only issue being the price but pay for quality. i am happy to use your service again.
Preslava writes on 11.07.2016
Great job! Thank you!
fiona writes on 11.07.2016
Amazing product. I am truly happy with this and cannot wait to share this with my clients.
The software was very easy to use and the delivery was very fast. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Neil writes on 11.07.2016
I have just placed an order for a photobook and so far have been very impressed. Though I cannot yet comment on the quality of the delivery time (first order quite literally placed about 10 mins ago) the software is very easy to use, the response times to any questions have been very good and information has been easy to find when needed.
Customer review from 10.07.2016
Stunning ,if you want a photobook remember the word Saal,if you want quality remember the word Saal, if your looking for the best in photobooks remember the word Saal. This was my first photobook adventure i was blown away, so remember Saal i will ! Thankyou all so much
samantha writes on 10.07.2016
I would like to thank you for the high, top quality photo book I received yesterday. It was truly amazing. I will now be using saal for all my work. The software was easy to use. The service was great and delivery from ordering to receiving was extremely fast. I will also be Endorsing you on my Facebook page. Thanks again.
Customer review from 08.07.2016
Photobook is just an amazing quality. I am photographer and I look for the best quality and service. Definitelly 5 star
Necia writes on 07.07.2016
Great quality. The printing is excellent. I chose the matt and it really is good quality. Some say the pages are too thick, I on the other hand see that as quality. The product arrived very quickly. Everyone who has seen the book is really impressed.
Wendy writes on 06.07.2016
I have nothing but praise with the service, the quality of the product is amazing, the software was easy to use and the delivery time excellent. I will be adding further photobooks as they are a wonderful way to showcase my photography.
Customer review from 06.07.2016
I recently came across Saal Digital on Facebook. I was looking for a new supplier for high quality photo books and I'm very glad I tried them. Everything about the product and service has been a delight. I'm absolutely thrilled with the quality of my book and the delivery time was super-fast. I wrote a full review on my blog Definitely 5 stars from me!
Customer review from 02.07.2016
19 x 19, 26 page glossy photobook
First of all, the software for producing the photobook. I was a bit worried to begin with in downloading and installing special software to produce the book. There was no need, as this is a modification of standard Adobe software and is perfectly safe. It was very easy and intuitive to use and I was soon under way in compiling the photobook. Nothing is uploaded until the work is completed and ready to order, so it is not necessary to even be on-line during the composition process, I was very pleased with the process and the preview appeared to be satisfactory. Uploading was simple, but did take a little time, even though I have a fast broadband uploading at about 10Mb/s. All went smoothly.
The result, when it came, was excellent. Production and delivery was relatively fast. The quality of the book(s) was excellent. The packing for posting was excellent. Very robust and easy to open. The quality of photograph reproduction and colour accuracy was very good. One of the two copies of the book was a gift and the person was very happy with it, complementing the quality of the photographs. I can certainly recommend this service and the product. The price is similar to its competitors, so I shall be placing other orders in future.
tracy writes on 30.06.2016
great quality
Customer review from 22.06.2016
Saal service is amazing, I used their own application which was easy to use with many features. I have prepared the book for the print after two hours, what is really fast.
I ordered book in the afternoon and Saal was starting printing my book the same day
Customer review from 21.06.2016
I just received my photo book and I must say it really is fantastic quality! the printing is top notch and the cover is superb. I found the whole process really easy and simple from beginning to end the website is great to use. I would recommend the company to all my photographer friends as I really am over the moon with the product and the postage was very fast especially all the way from Germany! Great product and great service.
Customer review from 18.06.2016
I have been very impressed with the service and product, a glossy photobook, from Saal digital. I received my invite to be a product tester through facebook from and from me sending the photos through their intuitive software I received the book in less than 1 week and that was from Germany to the UK. Fantastic service all round. Will use again soon. Thanks to
Paul Thompson Photography
Customer review from 18.06.2016
Easy to use and delivered so fast!
David writes on 18.06.2016
The software was easy to download and installed without any issues. As you create your product is very clear to specify what you want and this also informs you of the cost as you build. The software was easy to understand and I was soon able to put together my first photobook. There are templates to design your page layouts but you also have the ability to manually change these together with a good range of background colours and textures allowing you to be creative. Once you have created your product a PDF copy can be created to perhaps show your client before put to print and know this will be a well used feature. The steps to confirm order and make payment was very easy with a very reasonable delivery time. I look forward in receiving next week.
Graeme writes on 15.06.2016
I was impressed with how the photobook came out and with the turn around time. Will be using again.
Customer review from 13.06.2016
Very impressed with the whole process, from using the software to create a photobook with ease to the prompt delivery, first class service and the photobook looks fantastic, highly recommendedable.
Amanda writes on 09.06.2016
Just received my first photo book. So impressed with the quality I will be a returning customer. Easy to use software, great service, quick delivery very happy thank you
andy writes on 09.06.2016
really impressed, the software was really easy to use. The dlivery was really quick and the quility is outstanding 5/5 . will definetly use again :).
Customer review from 05.06.2016
I built a photo book from Saal-digital UK as a product tester, I saw the product tester post on Facebook. . The software is easy to use and the supplied templates are fully customisable so you can design the book how you wish. There was a glitch in that when I reopened my project, half of the photos would not display and I had to redo these particular photos; an update to Adobe Air appeared to fix the problem. I contacted Saal regarding this glitch and they were quick to answer - great customer service. The overall process is easy, my only negative is the limited frames and borders that are on offer.
I downloaded the icc profiles for the book that I was building and proofed my images in Lightroom and the images in the finished product were a very good match to my screen. The finished book was of a very high quality and the lay flat pages are great, no part of the image is lost in a gutter. The quality of the print is impressive and the pages have a quality feel to them.
I was able to track the process of my order from uploading to dispatch which I found very useful. Despite the minor glitch (which appears to be fixed)and lack of frames I would recommend this product and I will use Saal-digital again.
Customer review from 05.06.2016
Due to the fact that I have been using the same software for my photobooks for a number of years now, It took me a while to get my head around the new software , but once I got my head around it, it was really easy to use.

I do like the lie-flat version. The printing and everything else is of high standard and I would definitely use them again. My book was delivered within a week! Everything about it just speaks of utter professionalism.

Really pleased with my book. Thank you very much.
Customer review from 02.06.2016
This is the 3 item I have ordered
Customer review from 01.06.2016
I received a free sample Extra Thick Photo book the other day from Saal Digital UK and I am Extremely pleased with it. It is excellent quality, right from the luxury padded cover all the way through. The pages are really sturdy and thick and I have no doubt they would last a lifetime without creasing. The gloss finish really adds something extra to the overall feel and look of the book and really brings the images to life.

The design process was really simple, but effective and the book arrived promptly and well packaged.

I would happily recommend them to any of my customers.
Wayne writes on 31.05.2016
I could not recommend this any higher. The software was easy to use and fast on the upload of pics too. I am so happy with the quality of the Matt prints in the book. The speed of delivery too was amazing. You may have noticed I have no negative comments for this at all. Thank you so much.
Customer review from 31.05.2016
I very positive surprised with quality and delivery service and prices. Grid net would be helpful at software working area. Thank you Saal I will use your service more often I guess.
Darryll writes on 30.05.2016
Just had a photo-book done as a product tester by 'Saal Digital Fotoservice GmbH' you may well receive adverts from them within Facebook. Although based in Germany service was very quick & I had my item delivered in under 5 days. The propriety software that you use to create your book is both easy & intuitive. I definitely recommend this company, the quality of the product is totally A+
Bob writes on 26.05.2016
The software is really easy to use there are also a lot of personalization options if needed . The ordering system was also easy to use and very fast. The delivery time was within a 3 days.
When I unpacked the book from its packaging I was blown away with the quality the book feels like quality as soon as you touch it. It has stiff pages with a high gloss finish.

I ordered an A4 horizontal lay flat book

I would defiantly recommend saal

As a photographer, the quality of a print or album is very important

I am already ordering my next book and have more plans to use this company
Chris writes on 24.05.2016
Having used other software for creating phonebooks etc, I found the software easy to use and it didn't take me long to make the book up.
When the photo book arrived I was very pleased with the quality of the pages, the glossy pages showed off my photos very well. My only gripe is that the cover with my name on, the name has been moved on the cover and you can see an outline of where it was originally. Apart from this minor problem overall a fantastic service and will use again for sure. Thanks
Customer review from 23.05.2016
First class product and service
Customer review from 21.05.2016
Excellent service as always!
Customer review from 20.05.2016
I found the software very user friendly, and the photobook was great quality, the images looked crisp and bright. Professional quality. There was slight damage to the presentation box, but this was rectified swiftly with no quibbles by the customer service team. The presentation box is bigger than the book, but has a sponge insert to keep it in place, which is nice, but I'd rather of had a box that fitted the book, but would definatley use again as overall good value for money. Thanks!
Customer review from 20.05.2016
Received my hardcover photo book today, it's is so amazing to have your prints in a book with amazing quality and the service was faultless. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you guys
Customer review from 19.05.2016
Just received my padded cover photobook and i like the HIGH STANDARD
Customer review from 18.05.2016
the software is easy to use on either auto fill or manual fill and there are a plethora of options in page designs, upload speed was quick as was the ordering/payment system. The delivery time was within a week, yes within a week, it's brilliant to know that I can offer books of this quality with short delivery times.
Now we come to the quality,it's simply brilliant, the book I ordered was an A4 horizontal lay flat book, the colour reproduction was spot on, the stiff pages with gloss finish are of high quality and feel expensive. I chose a couple of photos to span 2 sides to see what the lay flat pages could do and they are superb.
Would I recommend saal? yes definitely, for quality,delivery and price they are hard to beat and I will be using them again.
Customer review from 13.05.2016
O M G !!!
Just received my hard cover photobook and i was in shock for this HIGH STANDARD QUALITY!!! STUNNING QUALITY!!!

Customer review from 13.05.2016
Dear Saal-digital.  Thank you for the chance to try your services. The software was simply brilliant and easy to use. Delivery super quick and the quality of print is outstanding. It's the 1st time I've had some of my images printed professionally and I'm overwhelmed by the quality and detail. Thank you and I will completely endorse your service on Facebook as promised and look forward to using your wonderful service again soon.
Customer review from 09.05.2016
Just received my hardcover photobook ......... OMG .... WOW. I knew it was going to be of a high standard but the quality of the printing blew me away. I am so chuffed.
From the beginning, the order process, right through to the final product has been a pleasure.
Easy to use website and great design software. All stages of the process was un-complicated and easy to do.
As a photographer, the quality of a print or album is so important. I now have faith that my brides are going to get an amazing photobook or album .... all thanks to Saal-Digital.
Would highly recommend.
Brian writes on 25.02.2016

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