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Customer reviews

Iszak writes on 20.02.2017
I am VERY satisfied with Saal Design and It is very easy to use, I shall be using this software to take my photography business even further.

I would refer this software to other people as they have to know about it!!

Very much looking forward to create other one for my personal and business use.

Kind Regards
Chester writes on 19.02.2017
Fantastic service, will be using a lot in the coming months.
Annemieke writes on 19.02.2017
I received a 60 x 40 canvas and I am so impressed. The quality is amazing - both the quality of the canvas as well as the quality of the print. I used the website to order the print. The website was super easy to use and very user friendly. The product was delivered in a week so that is very acceptable as well. I would definitely recommend this service to others!
Simon writes on 19.02.2017
As a wedding photographer and most of my clients wanting photo-books, I thought I would give Saal a try. I'm very happy that they don't limit the file size especially when printing A3 books. A lot of other companies limit your file size and hence you don't get the full quality of resolutions. I want to use all of my 42.2 MP so thank you Saal. The Prints, pages, delivery and customer services are excellent. My review is based on the Matt version, but i'm now ordering a glossy one and I'm sure it will be the same quality.
Sue writes on 19.02.2017
I got married in jan and wanted a memento of our day as it was small affair we didnt have a photographer so i set to with my camera tripod and remote release, I used saal as i had saw some fab reviews, uploading the photos was easy and also the ability to rotate and alter the image to fit the page was an easy process, and you get to review before sending your order, The book is hardbacked and no advertising anywhere to be seen, Hi quality printing and superb gift box i will definietly use saal digital again for all my photo needs. thank you so much x
Pete writes on 18.02.2017
I just received a 40x60 acrylic wall decor. Crisp, the colours are spot on and the whole effect of the acrylic is impressive.

The delivery was fast too. I ordered it late on Monday, it was shipped by end-of-day Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. The packaging was good, plenty of padding and no damage, even though it is fairly large.

It will definitely sell and I may have to reorder it to keep on my own wall.
Customer review from 18.02.2017
Photobooks review.

I was offered a voucher that paid for this book in exchange for an honest review.

I don't have much previous experience of using other professional printing services.

I downloaded SAAL's software to design the book. It seemed a bit clunky and overly complex to use at first but actually once I'd done a couple of pages was pretty quick and easy.

Although maybe there could be some kind of auto configuration for the gift market where the customer simply uploads X number of pictures and it simply puts the book together automatically, maybe with a couple of options.

The product overall is really nice. Very sharp printing with excellent colour reproduction. The book itself is also excellent nice thick pages that open completely flat.

There was some minor damage to the spine of my book caused in transport. SAAL were excellent and sent a replacement without any quibble. Although this still had very very minor damage in the same place, no doubt also caused in transit. Maybe the packaging could be a little better?

Overall I would recommend and I intend to buy another in the future.
A writes on 18.02.2017


have been looking for an interesting way to display and wall mount a picture, something a bit different from the usual. So when the opportunity came up to review a wall decor from I decided to give one of their products a test drive.

In this instance I opted for a black and white wedding shot taken recently at the wedding of two lovely local people. I selected an alu dibond print for my image.

I found the ordering process fairly intuiitve, once I had decided on my wall decour it was just a case of uploading the high resolution image file and selecting the custom size I required.

The wall decour was with me within a week.

Was I impressed with the item ? Yes I sure was, at 60 x 40 cm
this is a fairly large item, made from a 3mm thick aluminium composite panel I had no worries regarding its durabilty. Advertised
as 'stable, durable and weather resistant' I wouldn't argue with that.

There were several mounting systems available for this product the
simple fixing kit we chose was exactly that.

The printed image itself has a full range of tones and excellent clarity and sharpness.

Would I purchase one of these for myself ? Yes infact I want to try a colour image so I think I will be uploading one of my stag images in the near future. watch this space.

If you want to have a look at this aluminium dibond wall decour yourself produced by Saal Digital UK call into the The Old School Tea Rooms - Essington by Cllr David Clifft.
Alan writes on 17.02.2017
I recently ordered a photo book from Saal Digital which was delivered to the UK four working days from submitting the order... excellent service!
I am delighted with the finished product which has been produced using quality materials, my images printed on a heavyweight matte paper which produced the colour and definition I hoped for.
I am now planning my next order but using the inside of front and back cover for text rather than images. The book is superb for panoramas across two open pages.... the design allowing the book to open flat with no crease down the centre.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company to reproduce your work using their superb book manufacturing facility ( my book has generated a lot of interest/enquiries at my local Camera Club )
Many thanks and kind regards. 10/10
Customer review from 16.02.2017
I ordered a 120x80cm canvas.
I had to use a software to create my order which was straigh forward and easy to use.
I made the order from the UK but the delivery was so quick. I made my order on Friday morning, they dispatched it on the same day and the delivery arrived on Thursday.

The packaging was impressive and very professional. They used several layers to protect the product from scratches and cracks.

When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised. As I have mentioned, the size is 120x80cm, so it is large. Yet the details are amazing and the quality of the canvas paper is excellent. Even the stitches at the back are all in straight line - yes, I pay attention to detail. Very precise work. I have showed the canvas to a few people and they all agreed.
I was particularly curious how the colours will turn out... and I am glad to say beautiful!!
German quality has good reputation for a reason!

If you are looking for professional quality I highly recommend you this product from Saal Digital. You will not get disappointed.
Aaron writes on 16.02.2017
Overall I was very satisfied with the service.
I would have liked the option to add the templates to multiple pages at a time instead of one by one in the software but that's my only issue.

The quality of the prints are superb and the service was very good, extremely quick from start to finish and I'm now waiting for my wall art to turn up.
Customer review from 16.02.2017
I am a professional photographer and a fan of the photo book personally so it is really important to me time wise to have a program that is quick and easy to use. This was both! Preparing the photo book was simple with lots of effects, finishes and designs available to use. Photos uploaded quickly and I was able to move them around with ease.
The book arrived within a week of ordering which was also a real pleasant surprise.
The book felt and looked great quality with thick pages, and a really vibrant feel.
The images for the first half of the book were really strong but did seem to taper off slightly towards the end seemingly less sharp but that may have been due to the glossy finish I chose and also probably not noticeable to anyone else. It would not detract from me using the company again and I would definitely recommend this company / product.
Glen writes on 16.02.2017
I decided to try out Saal Digital to print out my design portfolio, trick here is to take the time to take their advice and choose their colour profile and convert your images to said profile, I ordered on a Tuesday and today Thursday the folio has been delivered, I cannot express just how impressed I am fully, other than to say it's fantastic! The colours are exactly what I hoped for, and it's printed on very thick paper, my folio looks stunning, something to feel really proud of, I will definitely use Saal Digital again! A special mention must be said about their superb customer service, I had a voucher to help me, and it expired I had just lost my wife, and they immediately extended the voucher, I've never dealt with such polite and helpful friendly people before, they made the whole experience Excellent! And now I have a great looking designers folio, that will be a pleasure to show to prospective clients :) 11/10 these guys are fantastic!
andrew writes on 15.02.2017
For some time now shooting so many digital photo’s you need to actually get round to printing them off to see what you spend your time and effort doing. So far only seeing small 6 x 4 glossy prints has been very limiting, then out of nowhere came this opportunity.

After seeing a recent advertising scheme on Facebook for prints, I could not wait to try this product. Quickly registering on their website and writing a convincing statement to prove I would use their product for marketing their company. The chance to choose some wall décor that included aluminium was really great, after looking at this material choice for years.

Selecting the product is never simple, as you need to ensure you pick a suitable image, after debating this with the better half (my wife) we narrowed it down to a family holiday picture. This image was taken at Cromer, Norfolk and HDR technique was used (no tripod).

Quickly taking this parcel apart, the final product was simply divine, the image really matched the type of material, the clouds seemed to be pronounced like a 3D image.

The whole process as simple to follow, no software was even used, straight upload and then the usual address details. The package was delivered very swiftly, the packaging material was simple and protected the image perfectly.

Go try this company now and hope they impress you too!
Customer review from 14.02.2017
I ordered an A4 landscape book. The quality of the photo book is excellent with amazing colour, tone and clarity for each of the photographs which accurately reflected the detail and colour on my PC. I particularly liked the lay-flat design which allows one to include double page panoramas. The printed pages are also thicker than normal which gives the book a more luxurious feel.
The turn around time on the service from point of order to delivery is excellent as was the protective packaging used. Pricing is competitive and it was easy to see at every stage what the final product cost would be.
I would like to have the option to include a first and last leaf page so that the first image is not printed on the inside of the cover. I assume you could leave the first and last page blank.
I would also like to be able to share the book electronically either via own website or through dropbox and for others to be able to view and buy, if permission is granted, directly from Saal.
I would definitely order other books and products from Saal.
Customer review from 13.02.2017
Your servace was wonderful and the finished product was amazing quality !!! great value for money and I will use you again and recommend to anyone wanting a photo book you wont be disapointed with this company I give them 10/10 .... thank you :)
Customer review from 13.02.2017
Since I am a blogger photography plays very important role in my life. I enjoy to be creative with my photos. I do not want just caption the moment but even feelings. I have photos which I really like and of course I love to see my artwork around me. The easiest way is to transform my photos to a wall décor. It is very important to find a reliable company which is works on outstanding standard. I can confirm Saal Digital in Germany is pretty good in it. I ordered wall décor from this reliable company around one week ago and I was very impressed with the fast service, shipping and super safe packaging. Saal Digital really appreciate photo art.
Before you order your product you should download Saal Digital’s safe design software from their homepage. This software is very easy to use. There is nothing complicate or specific in it. The software even warns you when your photo has a poor quality. There is no disappointment. You can easily choose your design and even estimated delivery time.
My choice was UV direct print on Alu Dibond, which is extremely stable and rigid material – 3mm thick. Provides high resolution and sharpness through 6-colour, direct UV printing. It is water resistant!
There are different mounting options available. I was happy with the standard one, which arrived separate and is very easy to assemble.
Robert writes on 13.02.2017
So a couple of days ago I received a parcel from Saal containing my first ever 5mm acrylic print ready for the wall. I've dealt with those at Saal before when I tried out some of my photos printed in a photo book so I knew the quality would be first class. That didn't prepare me for the quality of their wall decor. Measuring roughly 35 x 60 there is no loss in quality or the colour on this print and it looks simply stunning. Still not sure where to put this on the wall but it won't be the only one I order from saal for the wall. Thank you for the ease and speed of which this got to me. Once again I am another happy customer thanks to Saal
Customer review from 13.02.2017
please check out my review of a alu dibond wall art
i was very happy with my product i think if im honest so far all products from saal have been great.
Customer review from 11.02.2017
I've enjoyed producing this book and will certainly use your service again for further projects. I look forward to the finished product but am certain it will be as good as the service so far.
Stuart writes on 10.02.2017
Excellent service all round
Customer review from 10.02.2017
Ordered a photo book from Saal digital this is the third time I'm using saal excellent service and products as always
Customer review from 10.02.2017
Great product! Highly recommended service, high quality and durable product and excellent customer service and communication. Thank you
Sergejs writes on 10.02.2017
Great product ! Highly recommended service, high quality and durable product and excellent customer service and communication. Thank you
Dan writes on 08.02.2017
Ordered a Alu-Dibond Print, arrived swiftly, extremely well packaged, no chance of it being damaged or bent in transit. Its always nice to see your work printed and for me this was my first aluminium print. The quality is exceptional, sharp image, good colours and blacks. matte finish really makes it stand out. Very pleased, will be using saal again. I do think the price for the mounting kit is rather high though.
Darryl writes on 07.02.2017
Really pleased with the Alu-dibond panel with the aluminium mount. Looks great in my studio and was very easy to order through the software, which prices the job as you select the different options available.

Some photos and full review are here
Customer review from 07.02.2017
Simply excellent! Got a book made of some of my Herdwick Sheep Artworks to show clients and art shop owners. Software was easy to use. Would definitely recommend to other artists and photographers. Thank You Saal.
sonya writes on 06.02.2017
The photo book i received from saal is amazing quality and the website is easy to navigate as is their software. I already have people asking me if i can get them one printed so i will definitely be back for more. Thank you
Simon writes on 06.02.2017
I have just received a photo book from Saal. The service was very easy to use and the online software to upload images really intuitive and straightforward to understand. The order was printed quickly as it was posted within a few hours of the upload and arrived at my home address in three days from dispatching.
The quality of the final product is excellent and the colours in the photobook are outstanding. The final product is very much a quality one. I would definitely recommend Saal and use them again and look forward to trying out some of their other products. Thank you for the quality of finish and speedy service.
Customer review from 06.02.2017
Highly recommended service, high quality and durable product and excellent customer service and communication. Thank you
Tamas writes on 04.02.2017
Amaizing ! I only received beautiful table calendar. Great quality and super fast delivery. Looking forward to place next order
Customer review from 04.02.2017
Saal digital is now my ONLY place to have photobooks designed. The software is a dream to use. It's so easy to place images and then alter them.
The quality of the books is outstanding. Thick, stiff pages that you know will not tear or damage easily. The pages I have always ordered are in the matte effect. These still produce a luxurious feel and look to them.
As for delivery each photobook is sent through DHL so you know that it is secure and I've found that the books usually reach me within a week of ordering.
David writes on 03.02.2017
Great quality, easy to use software.
Slight delay in delivery service, whether it is with DHL, Parcelforce probably needs sreamlined.
Apart from this excellent.
Alison writes on 02.02.2017
I ordered a 30 x 45cm Aluminium Dibond Butler finish with wall mounting. The software was intuitive and very easy to use. I picked out one of my photos that incorporated water and reflection and bright colours which I thought would pop.
I was informed of how the order was progressing every step of the way and delivery was speedy. Packaging was superb and I couldn't be more delighted with the results. The colours pop and the finish is perfect for the reflection in the water.
Oliver writes on 02.02.2017
Great products and service!
Customer review from 01.02.2017
Simply excellent! Hardest part was selecting the images to use. Software was easy to use. Would definitely recommend to other photographers. Thank You Saal.
Customer review from 31.01.2017
Ordered an acrylic print from Saal-Digital the software is easy to use and straight forward, delivery was super fast and the end product is of exceptional quality.

As a professional wedding photographer saal offers products Im proud to preset to my clients.

I also ordered a Photobook from saal which Im equally pleased with
Barbara writes on 30.01.2017
The software is fantastic and easy to use, really happy with the turnaround time of print and delivery. As a wedding photographer you always need a company you can rely on.
The final products were amazing in quality and something Im proud to show and present to my clients.
Suman writes on 30.01.2017
Brilliant product and brilliant service
Customer review from 29.01.2017
Very easy, professional Process
Juan writes on 29.01.2017
I was very surprised when I received my photo book. It was less time I expected. The team helped me to reset my password after 1 month out of date for the voucher promotion. The result is amazing, the quality, the colors, laminations. Everything is perfect. I am really glad to recommend them and hopefully work together with new customers. Thanks a lot
Dan writes on 27.01.2017
Print quality, delivery time, software = fantastic
Martin writes on 25.01.2017
Fantastic software and great looking pictures
David writes on 25.01.2017
I am a professional golf trip photographer and have tried a few companies in the UK, some good some not so good - service and quality.
This is my second order through SAAL and have to say the quality is simply outstanding. My main market is in the United State and Canada who as you can imagine expect high quality and they are not disappointed.
The new season is about us with more orders to come in 2017.
Thank you SAAL.
Customer review from 24.01.2017
Ref Order No. 501701192029441
This is my very first order with "saal" and upon receipt of my photo prints which will be used in photo competition, I can honestly say I am very impressed with the overall quality of the finished product.
The software is user friendly, paper quality is good and the colours and definition are very true to the original image file.
The turn around time on the service from point of order is excellent as is the protective packaging used. Pricing is competitive and I can say that you have just found another customer. I will be ordering again, that is for sure and furthermore I will not hesitate to recommend "saal" to both my professional photographic colleagues and other friends.
Thank you for your service. Vielen danke.
Philip Gott (Gottimages)
Customer review from 24.01.2017
I have just received my first photobook from Saal of one of my weddings and I am super impressed with it. The colours and the quality of the prints and the paper is outstanding, it looks completely amazing. I would definitely recommend this product to friends.
I found the design software really easy and quick to use. There was flexibility in the templates which I really liked.
The speed of manufacture does not impede on the quality of the finished product and Saal kept me informed on progress via regular emails.

Overall super satisfied!
Fam writes on 23.01.2017
I'm a professional photographer, site recommend by fellow photographer. I have tried several companies for photobooks from cheap to expensive ones. I found Saal easy to use and simple to create books.
There is good selection of sample backgrounds, layouts plus a tool that lets you know image quality is suitable for print. I included a range of images within the book, black and white as well as colour and used a variety of layouts. Number of different options on books and paper quality and real time price guide as you add or remove pages. The software was easy to install and fantastic to use. Best feature I liked was the auto populate pages, then you can add or remove images, or start with a blank page.
Attila writes on 22.01.2017
I'm a professional wedding photographer. I tried many companies and I work with one many years ago. They top albums better quality than the Saal made, but for the price what the Saal offer just amazing. The softwer much better what I used before, easy adjust the borders with the help lines.
I placed the order on Saturday and the album was in my hand on Thursday. Great service!
I already recommended for friends.
I will stick with the saal for my family albums.
Customer review from 21.01.2017
Very impressed with the software to create the book and the finished article, Certainly wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Customer review from 20.01.2017
I am very impressed with the quality and service. Very good printing, true colours, thick glossy paper. Software is very easy to use but I would like more designs and colour changing options. Ordered it as my mini portfolio looks really classy. It all took only 6 days from the moment I started to design my photobook to the moment I got it from a courier. Certainly will recommend Saal to all my friends artists.
Customer review from 19.01.2017
Easy to create a superb quality photobook with ease.
Mike writes on 19.01.2017
Other photobook software usually give a separate Cover/Back cover option so that you can put a photo on it or leave it blank, your software includes it in the pages build so (totally my own fault for not paying attention) I thought the first "page" was the inside cover but it turned out that it printed on the actual book cover which I wanted left blank, but hey-ho my mistake and I have to suck it up.

Having said that, this photobook is outstanding, the pages are a beautiful gloss finish and each page is very thick and oozes quality. I paid an extra £5 to have a padded cover and it's well worth doing as it gives the book a lovely classy feel and the free layflat option is amazing letting you see any photo that stretches across two pages in full without the normal interruption of a fold.

Overall I would give SAAL photobooks 10/10 for quality and service, just beware when building your book and remember the first two pages are actually the hardback cover.
Pete writes on 18.01.2017
The software is fantastic and easy to use, really happy with the turnaround time of print and delivery. As a wedding photographer you always need a company you can rely on.
The final products were amazing in quality and something Im proud to show and present to my clients.
Lili writes on 18.01.2017
I was really impressed when I received and opened my photo book!
Suman writes on 18.01.2017
It's really easy to use saal's software. wonderful . I am loving it.
Tony writes on 17.01.2017
Quick delivery time on the first order and amazing product quality.
I would have no hesitation recommending to every one.
Customer review from 17.01.2017
Used them for a 40th anniversary photo album for my partners parents, the quality and service was excellent and I cannot mark them down on anything. For a product that is so inexpensive the quality is faultless
Ollie writes on 16.01.2017
I just cannot fault these guys, I was in awe when I received the photobook from Saal.
It certainly did my work a great justice printed at A3 size on high quality gloss paper to suit my nightscape work. The lay flat binding is second to none meaning panoramas are shown in all their glory. The front cover extremely high quality and protective.

All in all the product matched its cost (£140) and you really can see how high end it is compared to other photobook suppliers (especially ones i have used in the past). It is a stunning visual masterpiece that will grace the gallery where my work is displayed for the rest of this year displaying what can be achieved with my work to a high standard.

claire writes on 16.01.2017
Lovely quality books where the flat lay works so well with planning the layout of the book.
Suman writes on 16.01.2017
I'm literally happy with product quality and service of Saal digital.
Customer review from 16.01.2017
Well pleased with the booklets After I initially messed up the order everything was sorted
Marie writes on 16.01.2017
Once you've downloaded Saal's own software, which is quite easy to use it didn't take too long to put the photobook together. The hardest part tbh was choosing the images .
Once finished I added it to my cart and it uploaded straight to Saal very quickly, this was at 9.30pm... By 11am the following morning I had an email to say it was shipped. WOW
My book arrived on Saturday 4 days after ordering, I can't complain about service or delivery, erythromycin impressive . and neither about the quality of the book. Its stunning.. Ive been looking for a format and a photobook that i would be happy to pass on to my customers so quality was foremost in my mind..
I went for the hardback cover and lustre (matt) images as my prints are normally printed on fine art paper so I thought lustre would be best for my images.. the pages are nice and thick and the colours vibrant and true to my images tbh my images have really popped and come alive in this book.
My only bug is that there was no first leaf page, so my first image is printed on the inside of the cover. In hindsight it's the only thing I'd change.
I'm very happy with the quality of the photobook and I'd definitely use #SaalDigital again. (And have already done so since reviewing my first book)
Thank you again to Saal Digital UK for a fabulous product. Received my next 4 books today, I have very happy customers.
Ash writes on 09.01.2017
Found the Facebook advert £40 offer, used the voucher towards a test wedding album, excellent quality and service through out. Paper quality was great and images printed well, binding wasn't bad either and very well priced. Will definitely use services in near future.
Richard writes on 07.01.2017
Great products with fantastic quality. absolutly wonderful.
Customer review from 05.01.2017
Rarely rarely do I write reviews/leave feedback.. however, the world needs to know about Saal Digital.

Absolutely astounded. Was recommended by a friend who had some LF Prints sent over to Scotland for a gallery, so decided to get a Wedding Anniversary album done, and I have to admit, for the price, and book size/style.etc I was sceptical at the price I was quoted on the Mac Desktop App, then the book arrived and my jaw dropped. I am in the process of writing an article about your services for my site ( - to let as many people as possible know about your work.
Have just ordered a large 28x28 book for a band I toured with a few times in 2016 as a late Christmas present for the 5 of them, and I simply cannot wait to see their faces.
I will of course be using your services for future clients, and hopefully weddings should I get into that area.
10/10. Incredible Products.
Customer review from 05.01.2017
Saal Digital UK Photobook Customer Review
I found an advert on Facebook - a £40 voucher for a photobook in a 14 day period, in exchange for a review. The design software is quick and simple to install and very easy to use. There is good selection of sample backgrounds, layouts plus a tool that lets you know image quality is suitable for print. I included a range of images within the book, black and white as well as colour and used a variety of layouts. I chose a matt hardback cover that was ideal for my chosen cover image; inside pages were of good quality gloss reasonably heavy paper. Book opens flat, images are printed to edge of pages as well as across gutter allowing you to effectively use the page area. I chose not to add any text on inside pages but the facility was available if required. Delivery to UK was really quick considering it was over the Christmas period. The book was well packaged and quality of final product was outstanding. Overall I was very impressed with SAAL; excellent user experience, speed of production and final product.
Customer review from 05.01.2017
I was really impressed with the quality of the photo album sample I ordered, and the software is so easy to use to create a beautiful layout. It's a great value option for wedding photography for couples on a budget but without compromising on quality
Customer review from 05.01.2017
I was very impressed to receive my leather album. I wanted to order a small, stylish album that a bride or groom could put in a handbag to use when meeting friends for coffee. Rather than showing their wedding pictures to friends from a phone this is the perfect solution. Sleek, modern with lay flat pages I am very happy indeed. The leather and design of the album are brilliant. I have already had great feedback on it and I look forward to purchasing an album for clients. Thank you Saal-Digital
Customer review from 02.01.2017
About a week ago i was reading through my Facebook feed when i noticed an AD that grabbed my attention, it was from a company called Saal Digital, a print company & they were looking for people to review their photobooks the deal was they send you a photobook to the value of £40 in exchange for an honest review of what you thought about the product.

This was perfect timing for me, i had been in the market for a book of some kind to display all my favourite work for that year, with plans to do one each preceding year to build up a collection of books to look back on in years to come and see how i have progressed as a photographer.

When I received the book I was so impressed with the quality of the book and the digital images!! I was so taken by the product that I showed all my family and friends who where also impressed!! Since ordering the book as a trial I have ordered a photo print to hang on my wall. I have received the print and all I can say is OMG what a print and it was packaged really well!! The whole process was very quick in the time of ordering to the time to receive the product.

I will be using this company for all my photo's and in the near
future for my business!

Thank you Saal your digital products are awesome!!

Rie Ramsey-Charles
Rana writes on 02.01.2017
My photo book order was matt finish lay flat A4 book.

The photo-book arrived on time. The quality of the printing was beyond my expectations. I downloaded the Colour Setting for my Mac from your website which helped me determined the colours and the contrast on my Mac screen. Very handy!

The SAAL book design software was good but it was a bit slow on my Mac other than that, I’m extremely pleased with the product and the service.
David writes on 02.01.2017
Beautiful interface in creating a photobook. Very simple, lovely options to choose from. Outstanding :)
Customer review from 02.01.2017
The software was easy to use . Plenty of templates to choose from . Print quality was brilliant and had the product delivered quickly . Love it. Thanks