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Trudy writes on 15.03.2018
Amazing i really like it! i will print again :) very easy and fast shipping. tha quality is really good.
Danni writes on 13.03.2018
The software was so easy to use and the book came earlier than expected. I was so excited to see the finished book and I wasn't disappointed. The book looks professional and the quality is really good. I have some colourful photos and they haven't lost much vibrancy. I was worried about one photo going over the middle of the page but it still looks good, the middle crease is hardly noticeable. The paper is thick and i really like the padded cover. I'm in love with it!

I can't recommend this enough and i would love to order a second book from here.
Dave writes on 13.03.2018
Print quality is always brilliant, as is the quality of the print mediums and other products they offer. Best online printing service I've used.
Customer review from 12.03.2018
Never been happier with my wall art. The efficiency, professionalism, and the prints themselves are the best that I've ever seen! Customer for life. ;)
Customer review from 12.03.2018
I have used competitors but I have moved to Saal as the software is better and the printy quality is very good
Aneta writes on 09.03.2018
Great service! Lovely prints quality.
paolo writes on 06.03.2018
The beast!!
Maria writes on 06.03.2018
I always use Saal-digital . I'm very happy . its always very good quality what is very important for me and my customers. highly recommend.
Customer review from 06.03.2018
Another great wall decor, this will be my 3rd purchase now, 6 star quality as always, best print company out there.
Customer review from 06.03.2018
First time using the software and overall was very easy to use. Definitely looking forward to receiving my photo-book and hoping to order again very soon!!
Sean writes on 04.03.2018
So far so good, looking forward to seeing the final product, but the software is very easy to use. Well Done !!!
Customer review from 04.03.2018
I chose Saal-digital as I needed a digital album done ASAP, and I wasn’t disappointed. The album arrived today (Saturday) exactly 5 days from the moment I placed the order, and 3 days before the ETA.

I went for a soft-cover, small, square album and it’s perfect! The pages are thick, there are no visible fold lines, the print is great quality, and Saal-digital didn’t print their logo on the cover like other companies - which was so good of them!

The software is extremely easy to use, just keep in mind that everything past the bleed (red line) will get cut (I thought these were the margins - oops) and also, I didn’t notice the £15 welcome code that was featured in the main menu until after I placed the order. As the welcome promo expires after a couple of days - make good use of it.

I still can’t believe that the albums arrived so quickly all the way from Germany - when local companies give you an ETA of 14 business days. Thank you for that, I will definitely use Saal-digital again!
Daniel writes on 28.02.2018
After seeing an advert advertising for people to review photo books I happily applied. Being a photographer I am keen to find a good supplier for when I sell my photography. Saal-Digital hasn't disappointed. After downloading their product program it was simply to navigate and order my products, I ordered two canvas's to start with as this will be my main product for sale. I ordered a large canvas (80-120), the process was fast and the products showed up in no time. The quality is fantastic, the printing is solid with deep vivid colours. The pictures used had several dark areas and they have kept the detail during printing. Happy to recommend and happy to use them again. Cannot wait to try other products.
Erika writes on 28.02.2018
Thank you for an easy option to purchase one of your extra thick photobooks. As a photographer, it is great to be able to offer to clients a good alternative to many more expensive brands but still with a high-quality finish.
Paul writes on 28.02.2018
So Far SO good. I have used Saal previously and was VERY impressed with Image quality and service times.
I do feel that the templates should include single portrait image options, either bordered or full bleed. Maybe a photoshop template too?
Apart from that..AMAZING end result product! I look forward to using your services moving forward!!
Customer review from 27.02.2018
It was really easy to design the book. I wanted a professional looking book for my Formula 1 photographs and the quality of the booklet is amazing! I will recommend you to anyone who is looking to have a something Amazing made.
Customer review from 27.02.2018
Steve writes on 26.02.2018
Overall the quality and service received was excellent. I found the product creation not quite as intuitive as some services out there, but the quality of the end product more than made up for this. The speed of delivery was also excellent. Overall I would thoroughly recommend this service to friends and colleagues.
Katie writes on 21.02.2018
I was amazed at how easy it was to design the book and be able to choose from all the choices you can have! I wanted a professional looking book for my zoo photography and the quality of the book is amazing! I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a book
Mark writes on 20.02.2018
Great quality A4 photos received far quicker than expected and cheaper than the company I previously used. I would definitely recommend saal to anyone wanting prints.
More guidance on the website regarding pixel sizing resolutions required for standard print sizes would be useful.
Julie writes on 19.02.2018
I was very pleased to be able to review the Saal Digital software and photobook. I used the opportunity for a gift idea for a dementia patient who I'm close to. I wanted her to have a book of beautiful images of family and friends at various celebrations. The photos would have captions that included names and dates. It would be a picture book of wonderful memories that she could leaf through when she wanted, hopefully triggering happy reminders of the people who love her. Her daughter teared up when I showed her the book, it was perfect.

The quality of the Saal Digital photobooks is excellent and feels so luxurious. The pages are thick luxury card and the lay flat design means the it's possible to do a full page spread in any part of the book. The software was simple to download and there were many options for album covers, colours, sizes. I used a standard template design and added my own text. I needed customer service to help with the payment part (as my browser didn't support the popup) and they were quick and helpful with the reply. The product was printed, shipped and delivered quicker than I'd even hoped, so full marks all round!

I will be using Saal Digital for photo books again and definitely will recommend to my peers.

Thank you to Saal Digital for this opportunity.
Customer review from 18.02.2018
I recently built and ordered an 82 page photobook which cost me £85 with the discount.
It took me a while to perfect it with the software download but that's just me being fussy, I was a little concerned that having so many pages the book might have looked a bit bloated but when It arrived I was over the moon with it. I paid an extra £5 for a padded cover and I would encourage you to do this as it makes all the difference. The thickness of each page oozes quality and the lay flat style as standard makes all the difference when viewing a large image that stretches across two pages. I've tried other printing companies before SAAL but this is my third photobook from them and I would not hesitate in recommending them as the quality is outstanding.
Customer review from 18.02.2018
Thank you, the book is amazing quality and I appreciated the online help and quick delivery. Review here: https://www.facebook.com/16beasleyst/posts/1595830703799169
Customer review from 16.02.2018
Very pleased, first time user and it was so easy to compose my photobook to my requirements. Given to my best pal who is a man with everything and now he has the shared memories of the business family and friends a sure "Tear Jerker".
Customer review from 15.02.2018
Incredible software that is easy to use with great results
Customer review from 13.02.2018
Another fantastic service and delivery from this company as always. Very highly recommended.
Customer review from 13.02.2018
Excellent service quality and delivery time
Neeta writes on 12.02.2018
We were looking for an A5 photobook, and this was the best. The software made it a synch. Any queries we had were answered almost immediately and the delivery was much faster than anticipated. We were delighted to receive a high quality product and would definitely recommend without hesitation. This project allowed a very special birthday gift to be composed. Thank you Saal!
Customer review from 08.02.2018
Loved it! Delivered faster than expected. A very user friendly software - I thought it was a bit inconvenient that I had to download it, but it was worth it. Spent ages playing around with all the colours and background and - will use them more in my next order. Love the quality of the print and I am designing a poster to get printed next in the same matte paper.
Jeremy writes on 07.02.2018
What a top team, can't get enough of your printing options. Love it.
Markuza writes on 07.02.2018
Love saal digital amazing service and good quality
Conrad writes on 06.02.2018
Great print quality from 2MB jpg files and good accurate colours. Love the optional padded cover. Tried 3 or 4 times to upload images to their online web layout design service without success but found downloading the software and then uploading worked. My DSLR creates images at 3 x 2 proportions and when I post process them I crop etc and maintain those original ratios. Would have liked to use full bleed layout images to fit without the software cropping them to fit the limited range of available page sizes. Overall though it was straight forwards and fast to use and I will use it again.
Customer review from 05.02.2018
Beyond amazing!
Una writes on 05.02.2018
Beautiful photobook! Thank you, excellent service.
Una writes on 05.02.2018
The book cover is beautiful and all the details are perfect. Thank you!
Melvin writes on 04.02.2018
I am absolutely amazed by the quality of the photobooks! The software was easy to use and the photobooks are very customizable. The printing quality is amazing and the pictures look more alive than ever before.
Thank you Saal, for this amazing product and your great service.
Bernard writes on 02.02.2018
Rulers would be nice so I could place manual margins with accuracy, more single page layout options so I can change layouts when I require and not effect the adjoining page.
Customer review from 02.02.2018
Thank you for excellent prints ;)
Leanne writes on 01.02.2018
What an amazing book! I ordered this three days ago and go it today, such an amazing company, after going through a few personal things and not using the voucher they sorted me out and made sure I was able to use it! Beautiful book such lovely glossy pages amazing delivery! Couldn’t ask for much more!! Thank you so much saal- digital for letting me have a £25 voucher ❤️❤️ Definitely won’t forget this!!❤️
Customer review from 31.01.2018
Absolutely brilliant service and product. A really easy process from beginning to end. Fast delivery and a high-quality product.
Not my first order and definitely not my last!
tej writes on 30.01.2018
great tool, created my first art book on the website, bit slow to load pictures a but, got some fantasic work printer for good price.
Customer review from 28.01.2018
Awesome product, this is the second item I have order now an I am still amazed by their quality. An amazing company with a great system and amazing products
Customer review from 27.01.2018
The quality of the book on arrival was much better than expected, I was concerned about images that bridged the gap over 2 pages and not being able to see the centre part of the image, however due to page layouts this is not the case. The software did really confuse me to use - there seemed to be a lack of personalisation involved and I was unable to rotate images on the pages - so I have 2 landscape images small on portrait pages as opposed to being able to have them fill the page and rotate the book which I would have preferred. The quick designs make it easy to add your own images but I felt that it then tied you to their features
Shane writes on 26.01.2018
The software was a bit different and took a little longer to navigate, but it helped me create a great photobook. The saturation of the pictures came out stronger than the website showed, unfortunately, but the price was really affordable.
Overall I now have a hard-copy of our memorable trip, we will definitely create more products from here.
Customer review from 26.01.2018
Awesome as always guys, thank you so much :)
Customer review from 25.01.2018
The photo book is amazing. The book is so sturdy and the paper is glossy and clear.
Customer review from 24.01.2018
Overall very happy with how the product came out, The software was a bit confusing to use at some points but after a few minutes of use it because easy enough.
Customer review from 23.01.2018
I love the product! The entire process is nice and easy and when it arrived the quality was phenomenal.
pauline writes on 19.01.2018
I have done several photobooks from different companies (different countries too) and I dare to say that this is the best!

1. Good quality in terms of printing
2. Hardcover, good quality in terms of the book, and the pages (paper)
3. They reply email fast!
4. Delivery is fast as well~ even though its not domestic shipping. They even wrapped the photobook nicely so that it does not get 'destroyed' during the shipping process. So well done :))))
5. The software is amazing! Quite useful especially for those who do not have much time to design their photobook. They have variety of templates for you to choose, with regards to your 'taste'. Easy to use. You can edit the template or design your photobook from scratch! It's up to you~

I will definitely use it more often for my upcoming travelling trips. (and if there's discount code XD for students, or else I have to re-think abt my monthly budget)
Georgina writes on 19.01.2018
Fantastic Service, easy to use software, very please with the quality this is my 2nd book I will be ordering more in the future.
Customer review from 15.01.2018
I've lost count how many orders I've placed with Saal Digital now, but every time the results seem to get better and better.

By far the best print company in the photographic industry.
Customer review from 15.01.2018
Excellent service but make sure everything is perfect before you download your album as there is no going back.
Customer review from 15.01.2018
Great quality product and easy to use software!
Customer review from 15.01.2018
Excellent quality, service is quick.
Stu writes on 15.01.2018
As a provider of professional aerial photography to the construction sector, we have a need for not just media, but very high quality print reproduction that we can take, display and demonstrate when we may not have access to digital means. (We also love to have photo-books in reception!).
On several occasions, SAAL has provided us with exactly what we need. Having tried several providers of such products, we have no hesitation in recommending SAAL, their quality and accuracy of colour print, products backed by very quick delivery and exceptional service has demonstrated to us that they are the ones we will be working with in the future.
Kevin writes on 10.01.2018
Just received my photo book, wow it's really good, nice quality bright print, and very good quality paper, overall
Iam extremely pleased.

On the down side, one corner of the book is damaged, very possible in the post, which was disappointing as this
Is an advert for my work, so not to happy with DHL.
Customer review from 10.01.2018
The photobook is amazing and sturdy. There are alot of templates to choose from and paper types.
Vivian writes on 09.01.2018
Thank you for this great cooperation :)
Melanie writes on 05.01.2018
Just completed compiling a book on our trip to Scotland. The process was easy, liked the way you could move the detail within the images and the method of easily enlarging images.
Can't wait for the finished book to arrive. Would use again.
Megan writes on 03.01.2018
Overall very great quality. Lovely thick paper stock and hardback book very nicely put together. Fantastic customer service and communication from start to finish. A few of my images came out a little darker than I expected them to. Also found it a little frustrating that the photobook sizes aren’t standard sizes such as A4 and are different dimensions so I did end up having to start my design again, however the website is very helpful with all the Indesign templates there ready to download and use straight away (even if it did take a while to find!) Overall happy with the photobook received.

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