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Prince writes on 16.08.2017
i got the photobook 28 x 19. The quality of the product is absolutely astonishing including for the price, overall the service is great and the delivery time is crazy to think it gets from Germany to london within 5 days is mind blowing, i've experienced much longer waiting times with other companies. the software was easy to use, its pretty straight forward and there is a guide if you dont understand anything!
Customer review from 16.08.2017
Outstanding customer service, quick and safe delivery, and to top it all off - beautifully printed work! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
Rachael writes on 15.08.2017
I was recently given the chance to order a photo booklet from Saal Digital UK which I received yesterday as my first mini portfolio.
The quality is far better than I expected, with a lovely matt finish on each page and a protective cover for both front and back.
The spiral binding makes turning pages easy with no concern of damaging a spine.
To make the booklet itself, they have a platform which you download and import images. You can edit in various ways from crop to contrast within the building software which was very useful!
The only negative thing I could say about this is due to my own error. The quality of the pictures is brilliant, which I had overcompensated for by adjusting the contrast / brightness on the building platform.
The quality is 100% retained on the printed product. If you're confident with the exact levels on your pictures, they will be accurately portrayed in print, there is no need to make adjustments as Saal products reflect the digital image absolutely perfectly on paper.
Overall I'm very happy with my little book and will most likely order again in future!
Customer review from 15.08.2017
I have tried other software, which does not compare with Saal. The software was so easy to use and the flexibility was fantastic, allowing manipulation of photographs, merging, quantity change and the quality was fantastic. Maybe a little expensive at full price, but top quality product.
Customer review from 15.08.2017
I have just received my photo book, and am absolutely delighted! The whole experience of creating the book was so easy.! used the auto layout tool, which was very helpful.
I completed my order, and within a couple of hours it had been dispatched! I was a bit wary about the colours, but the photos in the book are fabulous, just the same as on my computer screen.
Thank you Saal
Terry writes on 14.08.2017
Absolutely fantastic service. The quality is also second to none. Will defiantly use again
Richard writes on 14.08.2017
Sorry for the delay in my review, i have just got back from holiday.

I must say that i'm very impressed with my Photo Book.

The quality of the paper is second to none and the option that i choose (matte) really helped to show my photos off very nicely.

The quality of print is very commendable, the colours came out very nice as did the Black and White ones. I was particularly impressed with the results of the photos that had been enhanced with filters, these came out very well.

The software is very adequate for it's purpose and was simple to use and ran very well on my old MacBook Pro.

I sent the files off on Sunday and i received my package on Tuesday via DHL, very impressed.

I showed my book to some of my friends and they too were very impressed and i hope that they will consider ordering their own Photo book from you.

I cannot honestly find anything to criticise about the whole experience, from placing the order to the creation and final the reception of the final product.

As soon as i can decide on my next Photo book project i will using your service again.

Your company is a credit.

Thank you kindly,

Richard Evans
Frank writes on 14.08.2017
Friends kept saying I should put my photos in a book, so with Saal-digital I did.

The reproduction quality and finish is excellent – the images are really punchy black and white and everything in between, not dull and flat, as with products from other companies I've used before.

The software was pretty intuitive once you start using it and the deliver was really quick and could be tracked.

So, a big thumbs up from me and I'll be using Saal-digital from now onwards.
Mike writes on 14.08.2017
I signed up for a free photobook and didn't have high expectations.
The software is so easy to use and you can choose to have it manage the layout or get really in depth with how you want things to look. I ordered my photobook on the Thursday evening and I am UK based. The photobook arrived on the Saturday morning using only the standard shipping terms!
The quality of paper is excellent and the book looks very professional.
I will definitely be using Saal again and again.
Thank you so much for the free trial. You will be hearing from me very soon.
Arusa writes on 14.08.2017
Love this book that I got printed from Saal Digital, the quality of the prints within each page are stunning and work really well to showcase the photos I have taken. It has certainly elevated my digital photography into something more tangible and I would definitely recommend Saal Digital.

Please view images on my Instagram page:
Customer review from 12.08.2017
Abosolutly love the photo book! Brilliant quality and arrived very quickly! One quick suggestion for the software, when adding more than one photo, I couldn't find a way to make sure the two or more photos on one page were the same size? Did I miss a ruler option?

However, I will be purchasing one of these books every time I travel to another country to take photos!
Customer review from 11.08.2017
the software is incredibly easy to use, especially as it operates off-line until you need to download your project for printing. The software is really intuitive and also prompts clearly around bleed issues. The turnaround time is overnight from my experience so make sure that you don't make any mistakes! Time will tell if the final quality of the product matches my experience so far but I anticipate that it will
Mohsin writes on 11.08.2017
The product quality and dispatch time to receive my storybook was fantastic. However I was not keen on using your software to design storybooks. I personally would prefer more design options and a larger bank of design templates for drop and drag of photos. As a photographer I want to be creating storybooks quickly, so the more "auto" options and templates available to quicken the design process would be fantastic.
Customer review from 10.08.2017
i love this product and can not wait to order a new one.
Customer review from 10.08.2017
Great product, Great Service!
Stephen writes on 10.08.2017
I heard about this offer of £50 off a wall plaque on instagram. I thought it sounded to good to miss. How right I was. The gallery quality plaque is just that,and the non reflective finish is really classy! I downloaded my image in seconds and my order was with me two days later and with fifty quid off all I paid for was the postage!! What a bargain.
Now I am looking for a similar offer for a photo book
Stephen writes on 09.08.2017
I wasn't sure what to expect in the photobook I ordered as I've seen some poor quality ones in the past. First though the software to create the album was very easy to use and fairly intuitive so, top marks for that. Delivery time was good at 3 days plus I got emails keeping me up to date on the actual delivery time. First impressions were favourable the printing was good and the whole thing well put together. This was the basic photobook with a hard cover but, even at its basic level it's still a nice product. Would definitely order more in the future, well done Saal.
Customer review from 09.08.2017
just ordered online very easy site to use am waiting for it to arrive very happy with the online service
Adam writes on 09.08.2017
My photo book just arrive. Its amazing. the paper quality is great. I will be using you guys again. delivery was very quick.
Coreen writes on 09.08.2017
Wow personally, I think Saal Digital, all of the products offered and the software included are excellent, it is a very professional, fun, hands on, and a great way of getting things noticed whether it be a personal picture of your family or pet at home, to an advert or poster for your business; with excellent design and printing techniques and expert staff on hand to help through out the way. You cannot go wrong with Saal Digital...
Five Star For Customer Service throughout and an excellent service to work with through and through.
Thank You Saal, you have most definitely made my day, and Marley's too....:D (feel free to use my print if you want to also, many thanks.)
Faizal writes on 09.08.2017
Absolutely amazing! Customer Service was awesome, the product it self was really good quality and the delivery time was even better!
Customer review from 08.08.2017
Very impressed with the linen cover and the clean artwork quality despite the courser than paper surface. Gave me an idea for printing drawings on linen. Nice!

I was trying an experiment with drawn artwork and feel the paper is too thick for such but it would be suitable and hardy for photos, and their perusal over time, which the stock was intended for most probably.

I chose the matte finish paper but on seeing it I would have described it as 'satin' rather than 'matte'.

Overall it's a good looking and lovely feeling volume and would definitely pay full price if preparing a book of photos.
Vivian writes on 07.08.2017
As a keen photography enthusiast I am always on the look out for the latest in the photography world, be it equipment, software or printing facilities.
I recently saw an advert on Instagram for a free photobook in return for a product review. I filled in the form and promptly received a voucher code and the instructions to post an honest review.

I have designed a number of photobooks in the past for friends and family and have used a number of photobook printing services, with mixed results. This was an opportunity to try another service that looked quite promising.

Photobook Creation
The Saal-Digital website had only two options, download their software or use a web based system. I downloaded the software. There were a number of template based designs and also a blank canvas to start from scratch with complete creative freedom. I used a template based design. The templates works but is limited in the level of customisation you can add. While I felt this was a disadvantage, it is by no means a deal breaker as the design does quite well.

There are a number of options for the cover, layout and photo finish and you can choose the one that suits your needs. I personally chose a lay-flat book with matte prints and a coffee-tablesque printed notebook cover. I chose A4 size with 40 pages and including shipping to the UK, it was well under £40.

Shipping and Delivery
The photobook arrived within a week, it was well and securely packed, shipped in a cardboard pack with a foam liner.

Proof of the Pudding
I was quite pleasantly surprised when I first held the book in my hands. Very high quality finish on the cover, superior colour reproduction with superb depth and detail. The photos themselves were printed on high quality matte paper. The paper was of acceptable thickness, not as thick as you would expect in solo prints, but much better than any of the other photobooks I have printed over the years.I wanted to test the lay-flat layout by incorporating a two-page centrespread and I couldn't be happier with the reproduction.

All in all, this is a service that I have been very impressed with. It has surpassed my expectations and for the quality, the pricing is competitive. It is a high quality offering which comes at a price, but for that special occasion, I wouldn't recommending going for a cheaper option.
Customer review from 07.08.2017
Fantastic quality photo reproduction , great paper quality all in all over the moon will deff recomend Saal and be using again in near future
Customer review from 07.08.2017
My photo book from Saal-digital was beautiful, so happy with the easy to use software, quality and delivery time. The only thing I would say could be improved, would be that they could notify customers before printing if they think something important might be cut off in the bleed area. As because of where I have positioned my logo I lost part of it.
Customer review from 06.08.2017
I really enjoyed the products and the quality of them is very good. Great that there is loads of choice both size and material to be printed on. Colours look great and printed perfectly. I would get more of these prints in the future and recommend them to anyone wanting prints and wall decor.
Customer review from 05.08.2017
great reproduction with superb enhancement. much recommended. use software very carefully double checking everything. much recommended plus very helpful service. ordered one book and ordered my own portfolio photobook looking forward to the results and leaving a review.
michael writes on 05.08.2017
Ordered the book Sunday night, Delivered from Germany to Scotland on Thursday morning, thats a phenomenal service!!!
Quality superb as usual, think im on to my 7th or 8th book now, always perfect!
Cheers Saal!
Sophie writes on 04.08.2017
The design process through Saal was very simple once I had downloaded and navigated my way around the system. It allowed me to use standard templates, as well as take complete control over image placement. The ordering was very easy through PayPal. Design and delivery took a total of just 6 days, which is a VERY fast turn around! The album itself is an A5 Portrait Album, with padded front cover and glossy pages. The binding is strong and neat, which ensures that pictures over a double page are not affected by a crease. The pages themselves are thick and durable, which makes this album perfect for continued handling. The colour of the images have come out bold and bright, exactly as designed, the printing has done them justice. I would highly recommend Saal Digital for Amateurs and Professional photographers
Jo writes on 03.08.2017
Ordered Alu-Dibond panel wall decor, using a £50 review voucher. The process or uploading the image to have printed is simple, select the size you want at the start I ordered two 10x15cm and a 20x30cm with my standard postage came to just over £60. I had previously had a portfolio lay flat photo book printed, so already knew which images I wanted reproduced. And really this for me was more curiosity about the quality and effect of the alu-dibaond with images.
The images are Matt covering as standard but to the touch is a slight texture. The image quality is up there with the best I really won't use anyone else now though after receiving my wall art panels and realizing the sizes I will adventure to larger prints in future, these are a little high in price especially as you have to add price of the hanging mount to the finished article I ordered the standard one not the metal rod that give a floating free look from the wall. With the aluminum composite this means I can hang them in my bathroom or kitchen without and concerns if damage.
Customer review from 03.08.2017
Very easy to download and install the software. Easy navigation throughout the software with full help in producing the phonebook if needed. I can't review the quality, service or delivery time at present as I am awaiting the product - but from what I have experienced so far - I think I am going to be pleased with the end result.
Customer review from 03.08.2017
Very pleased with the photobook. Excellent quality and finish. Thank you.
Customer review from 01.08.2017
Great quality A4 photobook. Everyone who has seen it has been really impressed. The ordering process was really easy and delivery time very fast.
Tim Joshua writes on 31.07.2017
As a keen Amateur Photographer with a strong creative background, I was thrilled when asked to review a photobook.
I have placed my order and await the book itself but my review is for the Software itself.
Initially I thought I might not get it, but the Software was easy to download, simple to use and really user friendly and interactive with no prior knowledge of this type of software.
I enjoyed using it and became confident after a few goes. Really looking forward to the photobook, the layouts and presentation look excellent on the screen.
Thanks Guys for the opportunity to review your product. A nice company and very helpful and responsive emails and customer service.
Mihaita writes on 30.07.2017
Thank you for voucher 50 , i like your softwer is very easy to work with it , the wall decor is verry nice , printing in high rezolution and verry good quality ,verry easy to fix it on the wall , delivery was very fast . Thanks
Kieran writes on 30.07.2017
Excellent quality and speedy delivery. Easy to use software.
Customer review from 30.07.2017
A very professional service through out.
Customer review from 28.07.2017
I really like using the application it's better then just using a portal

In terms of improvements. I couldn't figure out how to add text to the front page of the booklet also I wish there was a preview for each individual page rather than two at a time

I like the idea of layout styles and choices and the app is very easy to use
Barbara writes on 28.07.2017
Very Pleased with my Booklet.
I recently ordered a Photo Booklet from Saal.
I couldn’t be happier.
The ordering and upload process was excellent very easy to do.
Once ordered the communication was very efficient
The delivery was very fast.
Booklet quality was great the photos well printed.
Couldn’t have been better.
Thank you all the Saal Team
Customer review from 27.07.2017
Very happy with my photobook, beautiful print quality, very easy to use software and incredibly fast delivery. I won't hesitate to recommend Saal in the future for printing services.
Customer review from 26.07.2017
I used this company for a project and sent the book directly to the client, they were very pleased with the quality the turnaround time and it was easy for me to do all online . Highly recomended by D.W.F.Hallett of www.hallettphoto.com
Customer review from 26.07.2017
I had recently seen an advertisement on Facebook for any Photographers looking to create a Photo book/Photo booklet to enter a few details to receive a £20 voucher. The voucher is only valid for two weeks as I have been very busy I'd not had time to create my booklet and managed to get my voucher code extended, thank you Saal-Digital Team for this and I'm looking forward to receiving my A3 size booklet!
Donal writes on 25.07.2017
My photo book (open) measure 135mm high x 270mm wide.
It has a nice plastic cover front and back, outer face textured, inner face smooth.
Some photos are single page (135 x 135) and some are double page (135 x 270).
I am pleasantly surprised by the care and quality gone into its production.
It feels great and looks beautiful.
I look forward to sending more of my printing work to saal.
Customer review from 25.07.2017
Fantastic, happy I done the review.
William writes on 25.07.2017
I have ordered wall art and two photo books from Saal Digital. The service is good, quality high and delivery quick.
Lynne writes on 25.07.2017
Thrilled with my photo book of Scottish gins and their garnishes. The software is very easy to use and there are many choices to frame the photos and choose different backgrounds. The overall finish is very professional. Our guests in the Gin Tasting Room are very often so impressed as they can see in an instant the photos were taken in situ. I'd love additional copies, but they would be rather expensive. The finished book is wipe-clean which is very useful as it is used while making the Perfect Serve G&T!

I've also ordered cards and folding cards to promote our Gin Tasting Evenings. The cards are also wipe-clean and look very professional. I would welcome an A5 size to create a breakfast menu for our B&B.
Customer review from 25.07.2017
Checking out with PayPal takes you on a loop, very annoying.
Website is an endless loop and doesnt actually explain how to order.
Otherwise, very good.
Customer review from 24.07.2017
I was introduced to Saal via a blog post, I have literally just ordered my photobook, so cannot yet comment on the quality of that.
However I can say that for the most part the photobook software downloaded from Saal is one of the easiest that I have used so far and ordering process hassle free.

After around 5 minutes, controls became intuitive and ordering direct from the program is a nice bonus. My only gripe would be that I could not find an easy way of re-ordering photograph's within a template; but that may be user error!

If the photobook is as good as the ordering process I will definitely use Saal for other products.
Jo writes on 24.07.2017
I take photographs as a hobby, and always wondered what one of my photographs would look like printed in a really big size!! When I saw the Saal promotion I jumped at the just to give this website a go, and I am so glad that I did, the picture is FAB!! I couldn't believe that I had an email the following day to say that my print had been dispatched, wow that was quick! I went for the pvc foamboard which is great quality, the photograph I chose looks great! As you can tell I'm thrilled to bits with the end product and will most definately use Saal again, will also be recommending to friends!
Customer review from 24.07.2017
Whilst it took me a while to sort out the product I wanted and time taken to arrange photos for the book, I had good communication with Saal and they extended the voucher code expiry date. The software was really user friendly and enjoyable to use and also very creative with its edit tools.
I've just put the order in and await a photo book . If the product is anything like the software and company in general, thus far then all will be good. Much recommended!!
Chris writes on 24.07.2017
Was very displeased when I ordered 19x19 I presumed it was inches as in my country when you are talking about image size you would go by inches not centimetres. So was very displeased when when I saw the package was tiny and there was no notification about it being centimetres on either the site or software that I could see
T.M. writes on 23.07.2017
I tried their offer with a medium sized landscape book and chose the non glossy finish. Equivalent to the old luster type paper, this i thought was a very good finish. However, one of the prints was not up to standard as it appeared to have vertical lines running through it, such as the ones you sometimes got from a medium range ink jet printer. The software was far from ideal and not very user friendly.
Riwaz writes on 22.07.2017
Loved the service and the design applications, Would recommend to any photographers that want professional image printing services . Great Value for money and excellent products.
Madhur writes on 22.07.2017
I ordered wall decor from saal digital and was amazed with the quality. Great Job..!!
I am very satisfied with the quality and service from Saal Digital. Would love to order repeatedly.

Rajat writes on 22.07.2017
Great product, great service. We received the voucher for wall decor and tested the quality of product. The finished product quality is very good... 5 stars to it.
Would definitely recommend going with Saal Digital.
Customer review from 21.07.2017
Fantastic products at great prices. These are some of the best photo products I have seen.
Kevin writes on 20.07.2017
I wanted to get a large print of a photo I took in the spring so jumped at the opportunity to test the saal digital product wall decor.

I selected the option to print on a 50 cm by 50 cm Alu-Dibond board and am very happy with the product. The image is very clear, a very high standard and displays the detail in the image perfectly.

I have no complaints whatsoever with the product or service and from ordering to delivery was quick. I was Initially wary of downloading the software but it turned out very easy to use.
Customer review from 20.07.2017
This is my second time using saal, first was for a book and now for some wall decor and yet again they did not disappoint :) highly recommended .... :)
Customer review from 20.07.2017
I purchased a 120 page photo book and was very impressed by the superb quality of the end product. Really impressive. Very happy. Ordered product on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday! Incredible turn round time, fantastic product.
Customer review from 20.07.2017
Saal Digital have been a pleasure to work with and a great experience.
Communication with the team was always prompt, useful and stress-free.
I created a Photobook using the very simple, user friendly software which is also easy to save projects and come back to.
The delivery was very quick and well packaged.
I am very pleased with the extremely high quality photobook and have had nothing but positive comments from clients.
The high gloss finish on thick pages with a very high quality finish gives the book a really professional feel.
I will definitely be using Saal Digital again in the future and look forward to making more photo books and trying out other products.
Thank you

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