Release notes

Highlights in the new version:

  • The list of holidays can be freely adjusted now. In other words, you can apply the whole list, remove some holidays and even create a new list of holidays and birthdays yourself.
  • Background for text fields - The text can be directly highlighted without manually adding another layer beneath it.

  • Line spacing can be customized - The line spacing can be now freely adjusted instead of being automatically calculated. As a result, it can be increased if the font is large, in order to improve the legibility.
  • Holidays according to country and region - It is now possible to directly apply the list of holidays for specific land (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France) and the respective regions.
Feiertage je nach Land/Region einfügen
  • Alignment on the single page - it is now possible to align and position the objects on the single page instead of the two-page spread. The size can also be freely adjusted.
  • Tab Designs / Layouts: there is now a tab especially for designs and layouts so that they can be more easily managed. The designs can be divided into categories and theme. The pages of each theme can be customized. At the same time, there are also categorized standard layouts available.
  • The support button is now also available in the software. You can directly contact our support if you have any questions or if you encounter any problems.
  • Color profile (AdobeRGB and ProPhoto RGB) is now displayed correctly in the software.
  • Adjust the background color of texts
  • Adjust the size of the calendar table

  • The tab Effects / Filters contains an extra setting of Shadow/Glow
  • The grid is now centered according to the line in the middle. It can be easily adjusted and the adjustment will be saved.
  • New dialogue to auto-fill the photobook: In order to simplify the process, you can now start the design either with empty layouts, designing and inserting images yourself, or with auto-fill layouts so that the images will be automatically filled in the empty fields.
  • Exchange images
    You can now easily exchange or move the images into empty boxes by pressing the middle button or wheel of the mouse, or alternatively by a long click on the image and move it until the blue frame is activated.