Saal Design Software for Windows and Mac

In order to improve our service and to ensure the individuality of our products, we have developed our own software, for both Windows and Mac users.

It is our goal to develop a software that is convenient to use while maintaining the variety of functions. We are trying to extend the features of the software for you. Here you can find the release notes of the latest version.

The features of our software:

  • exact positioning of all the objects
  • cross-platform for both Windows and Mac
  • import and export function
  • user-friendly interface
  • quick installation
  • optimized ordering process
  • new function of ordering photo prints
  • calendar: flexible starting month, editable calendar design 

Your feedback is very important!

Please inform us of your suggestions to improve the functions of the software. You can also participate in the developing of the software by sharing with us your ideas, expectations and requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail to software(at) or through our Support.
We are looking forward to your participation.

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Zum Download der kostenlosen Software für Windows
Zum Download der kostenlosen Software für Mac OS X

For Linux users

Unfortunately, Linux users can only use our direct upload function to place an order in the future, as our software will not be compatible with Linux any more. Our software applies an Adobe Air application, while Adobe does not support Linux any more. It is really a pity, but we are striving for the improvement of our direct upload functions at the same time. We have already modified the photobook uploader so that the pre-designed two-page spreads can be easily uploaded.