KODAK Metallic photo poster from Saal Digital

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Das Kodak Metallic ist bekannt für seinen Metallic-Look und der dreidimensionalen Wirkung.

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Poster Surfaces with a Metallic Look

Stand out from the crowd with your pictures and this posters surface. Thanks to the glossy surface and the metallic look of this paper, images with exceptional optical attractiveness and depth are created. You will be thoroughly impressed. Photographers have often described this look as "Chrome on Paper".

Three Dimesnional Effect

The Kodak Metallic Paper uses a special, Kodak proprietary combination of film laminate layers to achieve a 3D, outstanding, long-lasting image with an incredibly bright background. The professional emulsion provides extreme sharpness, brilliance and color saturation with an intense black density, which makes the picture even more appealing.

Effect poster of Saal Digital on Kodak Metallic

A variety of applications

Use the Kodak Metallic Poster for a wide range of applications - from portraits (sports, event, youth and wedding photos) to advertising, such as press materials, decorative photos, and special displays.

In addition to the Kodak Metallic, we offer five other Fujifilm surfaces as well as three FineArt papers from Hahnemühle.

For professionals: ICC profiles for posters

Professionals can edit posters in Photoshop or Lightroom. In order to achieve an optimal color result, we provide you with a separate ICC profile download for each paper type and softproof.


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1. Edit

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2. Softproof

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