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Fujifilm's Flex photo paper surface is known for its mirror-gloss finish and the warm basic tone.

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Intense High Gloss Surface

This Poster convinces with its extraordinary properties: firstly the remarkable intensive high gloss surface. On the other hand the considerable robustness. The poster is made of 100% PET, making it extremely stable and tear resistant. With bright color power, your images are three dimensional.

Special Depth Effect

The enormous color space with high black density achieves an extraordinary luminosity and also inspires with a special depth effect. Fujifilm's FlexPoster surface is particularly suitedfor images where space is at the forefront.

The photo poster on Fujifilm Fuji Flex

Photo poster Flex with various applications

The Fuji Flex is particularly well suited for images with intensive colours. This effect poster underlines the spatial depth in the image and provides it with a special mirror-like high gloss. It is a good choice for fashion, architecture and product photography, as well as for portrait, studio and outdoor photography with high plasticity.

For professionals: ICC profiles for posters

Professionals can edit posters in Photoshop or Lightroom. In order to achieve an optimal color result, we provide you with a separate ICC profile download for each paper type and softproof.


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