Photo prints in first-class quality

Photo prints on FUJIFILM Crystal Archive DPII or Hahnenmühle FineArt paper

Photo prints on Fujifilm photographic paper

Thanks to the many years of experience in the field of photographic processing, Saal Digital is able to provide photo prints with the reliable quality. Of course, the photographic paper must also meet our requirements: we are in favor of the first-class special paper from Fujicolor, the Fuji Crystal DP II Professional Paper. It is exactly the combination of the high-quality photographic processing and the first-class photographic paper that ensures the reliable quality of Saal Digital.

Colour reproduction at the highest level

This special paper is specially developed for digital exposure and assures the exceedingly broad colour space. It is perfect for professional prints, available in matte, glossy and silk finish. The colours are brilliant, pure and vivid, and are extremely long-lasting. ICC profile is also available for the finishes.

FineArt Prints on Hahnemühle FineArt paper

The FineArt prints also have to meet our high standards. We use exclusively the classic and high-quality Hahnenmühle paper with three different types, namely, Hahnemühle PhotoRag®, FineArt Pearl and FineArt Baryta. It is exactly the combination of the quality paper and our highend printing technology that brings about fantastic colours and impressive spatial depth. 

FineArt prints in custom size

Turn your photo into a piece of art. Discover the standard sizes available and also do not forget to try out a custom size that suits you best. We also provide ICC profiles for soft proofing.


The glossy finish of the Fujifilm Crystal Archive DP II Professional Paper is especially suited for B/W photographs with fantastic contrast.
The glossy effect also brings about impressive spatial depth.




Photo prints on glossy FUJIFILM paper

With its impressive thickness and stability, the FUJIFILM Crystal Archive DPII Digital Professional Paper is especially developed for professional photo prints.

The silver halide paper presents excellent colour reproduction and high DMax value for deep and saturated black tones and sharp fonts.

Features of glossy Fujifilm paper

  • smooth and glossy finish
  • white base, brilliant and vivid colours
  • precise reproduction of details
  • extremely long-lasting
  • for pros: ICC profile available

Perfect for B/W photography


The matte finish of Fuji Crystal Archive DP II gives the prints a natural and elegant look.
There is no reflections or disturbing finger prints on the surface.


Photo prints on matte FUJIFILM paper

The matte finish of Fuji Crystal Archive DP II paper gives the prints a natural and elegant look. There is no reflections or disturbing finger prints on the surface.

The paper is white base. The colours of the prints are brilliant and vivid, and are extremely long-lasting. Ideal for professional prints. 

Features of matte Fujifilm paper

  • matte finish
  • 234 g/m²
  • classic and fine structured surface
  • finger prints hardly visible
  • precise reproduction of details and extremely long-lasting


The silk finish is especially suited for portrait and commercial photography.
The silk surface is difficult to scan, providing protection for the photographers beyond the copyright backprint.

FUJIFILM Silk | Portrait

Photo prints on FUJIFILM silk

The silk structure on the surface gives the paper a special touch. It is perfect for portrait, wedding and commercial photography. 

The intensive colour space results in vibrant colour reproduction and natural dark details. The fine silk structure makes the prints difficult to scan, and thus providing further copyright protections.

Features of Fujifilm silk

  • silk surface
  • 232 g/m²
  • natural complexion
  • special smoothing effect through silk surface
  • difficult to scan
  • copyright backprint

Perfect for portrait, wedding and school photography

FineArt Baryta

The glossy and bright white Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta has a grammage of 325 g/m².
It is especially suited for B/W prints with extremely high density and finest grey tone.

FUJIFILM Silk | Portrait

FineArt Baryta

A new paper from Hahnemühle. It sets the benchmark for high colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition. It is perfect for B/W photography due to its extremely high density and finest grey tones. With its glossy surface, it is a perfect alternative to the matte PhotoRag®.

Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta

  • glossy and bright white surface
  • 100% α-Cellulose
  • 325 g/m²
  • extremely high density and finest grey tones

Perfect for B/W photography

FineArt Photo Rag

The Hahnemühle FineArt PhotoRag® has a soft and smooth surface texture, 100% cotton.

Photo Rag

FineArt PhotoRag

It is 100% cotton and has a very soft and smooth touch. The printing results is nontheless sharp and full of details. The colours are vivid and impressively deep.

Hahnemühle FineArt Photo Rag

  • matte finish, 100% cotton
  • fine and soft surface structure
  • perfect for B/W photography and art reproduction
  • impressive spatial depth

FineArt Pearl

The FineArt Pearl is especially suited for art-oriented photography with its fantastic contrasts and special depth.

FineArt Pearl

FineArt Pearl

FineArt Pearl has a similar look and touch as art paper. Therefore it is very popular for art-oriented photography. The pearl effect is a result of a speical coating. It presents vibrant colours with fantastic contrasts and spatial depth.

Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl

  • pearly effect through special coating
  • 285 g/m2, 100% cellulose, bright white
  • impressive contrasts and spatial depth

Select between the pro-prints for professionals...

The pro-prints would be the choice of professionals. You can edit your photos in other programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. The automatic image enhancement function is disabled here. In order to realize the ideal colours, we provide you with an ICC profile for soft proofing.

  1. Take pictures and edit them with a certain software
  2. Softproof the image with the help of ICC profile
  3. Order "pro-prints" in the Saal Design Software
Pro-print with ICC profile

...and the premium prints with image enhancement

The premium prints would be the right choice, if the photos are not edited in advance. In order to improve the quality of the images, we provide the automatic image enhancement function. Flaws like underexposure, overexposure and red-eye effect will be automatically corrected, and shadow details will be adjusted and background noise reduced.

  1. Taking pictures
  2. Order "Premium prints" in the Saal Design Software
Premium photo

Bleed mode in the Saal Design Software

Trimmed and untrimmed photo prints

If the aspect ratio of the image does not correspond to that of the format, there are two options: to center the image in the middle of the page, or to trim off two opposing edges.

The Saal Digital Software helps you find the right option on different occasions. You can select the default bleed mode at first, and cut the image in the edit dialogue, or adjust it to any valid size.

Bleed options of photo prints in the Saal Design Software

The satisfaction guarantee of Saal Digital

Your satisfaction with our products and service is the key component of our mission statement.

Therefore we guarantee:

  • high quality of our photo products
  • ready for delivery in 1-2 working days as a rule
  • secure payment with PayPal or credit card
  • without detours, directly from photo lab Saal Digital
  • all photo products without logos

If you are not satisfied with the photobook, it is our pleasure to help you solve the problem. We will do our best to find a satisfactory solution that meets your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat.

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