Mini leporello - practical and refined

Professional presentation of your photos or portfolios

Mini leporello - practical and refined

Practical and versatile

Our special accordion card mini leporello is small and compact, the ideal way to present your lovely photos. It can be easily folded together and be carried with you wherever you go. It can be used as a little gift, as an extended business card or simply as a decoration on your desk or shelf.


The mini leporello is available in three different sizes and with three different types of paper. Depending on the size, it has 10 or 12 pages that can be freely designed.

Mini leporello 9 x 11 cm

Mini leporello 7 x 9 cm

Mini leporello 9 x 9 cm

Professional presentation of your portfolio

Present your photos or your portfolio in a lovely mini leporello! The accordion fold makes it possible to fold the card together and make it easy to carry. Depending on the size, there are 10 or 12 pages that can be freely designed with your wonderful photos. Different sizes and types of paper are available.

A wonderful thank you card

The mini leporello can be used in various ways. It can be, for example, a thank you gift for your guests. Add a nice photo from your wedding or from the communion celebration and thank the guests for their visit.

Types of paper available

Choose from a total of three card surfaces. "Classic" is one paper type for it.


Paper "Classic"

The paper „Classic" with 300 g/m² features a highly smooth and white surface. The colours are bright, natural and vivid on the paper.

Available as: cards, folded cards (left-right, up-down)

Discover another type of the card: "pearl"


Paper "Pearl"

The paper "Pearl“ renders a very elegant appearance, featuring an intensive radiant surface. The colours are bright, natural and vivid on the paper.

Available as: cards, folded cards (left-right, up-down)

The "structured" paper surface gives your card character.


Paper "Structured"

The paper "Structured“ with 300g/m² has a special touch and can be easily recognized. The colours are brilliant, natural and vivid on the paper.

Available as: cards, folded cards (left-right, up-down)

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