The monthly calendar from Saal Digital

Self designed calendar in various formats

The monthly calendar from Saal Digital

Photographic calendar

This calendar is photographically printed on the matte photo paper Crystal Archive Paper Supreme of Fujifilm. It is durable and has a natural UV protection. Due to the intensive colour range, the prints present vibrant colours with excellent sharpness and precise reproduction of details. Tip: create your 2018 calendar  now as a wonderful gift.

Printed calendar

The premium paper used for this calendar has a natural touch and bright white. The vivid colours are brought by the high-quality of the paper and the colour printing technology. In high contrast to the paper, the texts enhance the overall appearance of the calendar.

Art print calendar

With the special art print paper, your photos will be elegantly presented on the calendar. The paper has a subtle texture with a weight of 250 g/m². The colours are brilliant thanks to the high quality printing.

Characteristics of the photographic calendar:

  • photographically printed on authentic Fujifilm photo paper
  • a wide selection of sizes from 20 x 20 cm to 45 x 30 cm
  • brilliant colours
  • durable with natural UV protection
  • typical curl of photo paper

Characteristics of the printed calendar:

  • first-class premium paper, high quality colour printing
  • a wide selection of sizes
  • writable paper
  • less curling compared to the photographic calendar

Characteristics of the art print calendar:

  • high quality colour printing, 
  • art-print paper with a grammage of 250 g/m² and subtle surface structure
  • various sizes available 12 x 35 cm to 45 x 30 cm
  • no curl on the paper compared to the photographic calendar
The photo calendar is available in different sizes, from 20 x 20 cm to 50 x 75 cm.

Try out different ideas

Learn more about the different design possibilities in the software and create a unique wall calendar. There are various formats, designs and colours for you to choose.

Try out different ideas to make your calendar really special. It can also be a wonderful gift.

Calendar design "rounded"

In this design, the calendar table is rectangular in shape with two rounded corners. You can design the colours of the background as well as text as you wish.

Calendar design  "rounded"

Calendar design "curved"

The curved line of this design makes it really special. The calendar table stands out from the background. With the help of different clipart, frames and background patterns, you can turn your calendar into an real eye-catcher.

Calendar design "curved"

Calendar design "classic"

In this classic design, every calendar day is located in a separate field, and thus distinguishes itself from other designs. The colours can be adjusted freely.

Calendar design "classic"

Calendar design "plain"

This calendar design is plain and simple, giving your calendar a tidy and elegant look. Your photos are at the centre of the calendar.

Calendar design "plain"

Calendar design "split"

Your photos are the absolute centre of this design with the calendar table around it like a frame. The colours of the design can be individually adjusted so that it suits the colours of your photos.

Calendar design "split"

Calendar design "circle"

The calendar table is presented in a circle here, like a round frame for your photos. This design is unique as well as elegant.

Calendar design "circle"

Define your own colour

The beginning month of the calendar is totally up to you. You can also freely adjust the colours of the texts, backgrounds, holidays and Sundays as well as their opacity.

Adjust the size of the calendar table

The size of the calendar table can be scale up or down according to your own needs.

According to the design of the calendar, you can adjust the size of the calendar table by percentages. You can scale it down to make the photo the main focus or scale it up to put the schedule and important days in the foreground.

Add holidays and individual schedules

Holidays in your calendar

In the menu "Holidays", you can find a preset list of holidays in the chosen country, mainly European countries and their corresponding regions.

The holiday list can be simply modified or extended. In other words, you can remove as well as add some missing holidays, birthdays or important schedules.

The photo calendar with the stable wire binding.

Photo calendar - binding and hanger

The monthly calendar has a classic wire binding, also known as wire-o or double-o. A stable hanger is also attached to the wire so that it can be easily hung on the wall.

The advantages of the wire binding:

  • The pages can be easily turned over so that you can have a clear view of each month.
  • The pages will not be folded while being turned over so that no damage will be caused.
  • The material is extremely durable and stable.